SWN Meets… Alexander Darwin MacAllan

Photo credit David J Wilson

Welcome to another interview on Scottish Wrestling Network. Today, we had the opportunity to chat to the reigning Source Wrestling Champion and member of The Violence Institute, Alexander Darwin MacAllan. ADM will of course be one of 30 entrants in Sunday’s 8th Annual Square Go! Match for ICW, a match that could change his entire career.

First off, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to conduct this interview. How busy have you been as of late, from your reign with the Source Championship to your upcoming return to ICW?

In short, very. Strong end to 2018 with appearances for Reckless Intent, SWA, Respect Pro Wreslting, ICW and 3 defences of MY Source Championship in November.

Let’s go back in history a bit – what first brought you into professional wrestling?

I’ve loved professional wrestling since I was a child and it never went away. I saw a poster for ICW at the old Apollo years ago. Went to the show, wondered if I could do it myself. Eventually ended up at Source and the rest is history.

Who did you enjoy watching growing up, and who do you enjoy watching nowadays? Did any of these names inspire you in the way you work?

Growing up, Shawn Michaels. Massive Shawn Michaels fan. His arrogance and charisma, couple with his unmatched ability just for me makes him the greatest. Nowadays talking further afield, big fan of Aleister Black, Kassius Ohno and my former coach Killian Dain of course. Closer to home always been a fan of Jimmy Havoc’s. Loving what Joe and Mark Coffey are doing just now, both NXT UK and elsewhere. And of course Mikey Whiplash. As far as inspiration goes, I’ve taken a lot from Ohno, Havoc and Whiplash from that list.

What made you decide you wanted to start training? Where and when did you start?

As I said, saw it, wondered if I could do it. Went to one PBW training session, which was of course great but unfortunately at the time I couldn’t train on the particular day they trained. Found Source’s times suited me. Started in 2013, got an injury and was out for a bit before coming back with renewed determination around the end of 2015.

Your main promotion right now is also your home promotion, Source Wrestling. What have been some of your favourite matches and moments from your time here thus far?

I honestly have not had a match I didn’t enjoy for a number of reasons. The match where I won the Source Championship will always be special to me. Mike Bird is simply phenomenal. That same weekend getting to wrestle Joe Coffey was one I had on my list for a while. Always fondly remember wrestling Jimmy Havoc being how much a fan of his work I am. Don’t think I’ve ever had a bad match wrestling Chris Renfrew. Beating Ravie Davie in his hometown though… that was something special.

Last July saw you enter the Source Championship Tournament, a tournament you would go on to win. How gruelling did you find this, seeing as it was over one weekend?

Four matches and attending two seminars in three days… pretty gruelling but heavily rewarding. Especially in my case.

Who would you say has been the biggest threat to your Source Championship so far?

Grant McIvor has come the closest to ending my undefeated singles streak in Source Wrestling twice now. That said though… he failed twice.

When you’re not defending the championship, you’re part of The Violence Institute. How did this group first come about?

Before he was weak minded, MATT DALY had the idea of bringing together individuals in Source that felt they were being overlooked by the promotion. Naturally, cream rises to the top and I became Source Champion and being overlooked isn’t a problem anymore. And what’s left is Xero and myself with Matt on the fringes. Luke Matthews just wasn’t cut out for it, so we dropped him.

Over the last year or so, your name has been popping up in other promotions across Scotland for the likes of SWA and Respect Pro. Do you find working for these other promotions different to what a Source show is like in terms of the crowd and environment?

Funny, get asked this a lot and don’t really give it much thought and I think it’s because I like to take it a show at a time. Someone once said “wrestle every show like they don’t know who you are” and I find this advice invaluable.

On to the matter of business now – Insane Championship Wrestling. Your last appearance for the company was in tag team action last November. What’s your mindset going into ICW this time around as opposed to last time?

This time, it’s all on me. I have the chance to leave a scar in the biggest company in Europe in my first solo outing and it’s a chance I very much look forward to taking. Win or lose…it will be memorable.

Apologies if I’m wrong here, but I can’t find any records of you competing in many Rumble-type matches. What would be your usual strategy for this sort of match?

I have been in a few Rumbles with SWA and Reckless Intent. Quite simple really. Violence.

Have you got any final words you’d like to issue towards your 29 opponents for Sunday’s match?

Beware the wolf among the sheep.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully everywhere with a body of work that is memorable and that I can be proud of.

Where can fans find you on social media?

Twitter – @d_macallan
Facebook – Alexander Darwin MacAllan
Instagram – @admacallan

Lastly, are you able to give us any sort of indication regarding the whereabouts of Steven Wilson?

Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

Our thanks to Alexander for answering our questions.


If you wish to see ADM leave a scar in ICW, you’re out of luck as tickets have sold out. The show will however be available to watch on ICW On Demand the next day!

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