Preview: PBW Live In Larbert 2019


Premier British Wrestling’s first big show of 2019 is this Saturday evening, taking place from the Dobbie Hall in Larbert. This is a venue steeped in PBW history, with several shows being held here over the years. Saturday will see a number of Scotland’s top athletes, as well as some of the very bets up and coming talent from the PBW Academy!


PBW Tag Team Championships
Lou King Sharp & Krieger (c) vs Grado & Lucha DS

The Tag Team Championships will be defended at the weekend, with Grado and Lucha DS the next team to step up and try to take the straps from around the waists of Lou King Sharp and Krieger. As of writing, Sharp and Krieger have been champions for 851 days. They won the titles on October 29th 2016, and haven’t let go of them since. Chris Ridgeway, Wild Boar, Kenny Williams, Stevie Xavier, Aaron Echo, the list goes on. The Blood Tourist and big Scudmaster Sexy just can’t be beaten. This match will be a rematch of sorts from when they won the titles – they defeated Grado and Kenny Williams to lift the gold but with The Lucky Yin unavailable, Grado has enlisted the help of the 2018 King of Cruisers winner Lucha DS. DS last eliminated Sharp to win that match, something that surely hasn’t sat well with Lou seeing as he was the victor in 2017. If Lucha DS is in the mindset he was in when he won that match, then we could very well be looking at brand new PBW Tag Team Champions on Saturday!


BT Gunn vs Dylan Angel

This is a match that could be both hard-hitting and high flying. BT Gunn faces Dylan Angel, a clash of styles really. While Gunn is no stranger to flight, he’s more known for his vicious chops. It genuinely sounds like some sort of explosion whenever your chest gets chopped by The Oddity. Dylan has the perfect plan to counteract the strikes though – his speed. As you can see in the match graphic, Angel is known for busting out a gorgeous shooting star press of the ropes, a move not often seen in Scotland. If he hopes to leave Larbert with his heart still beating, he’ll need to use all the speed he possibly can to evade those deadly slaps to the chest.


Jack Jester vs Paxxo

It’s Big Kink vs The Italian Nightmare at the Dobbie Hall. I don’t need to tell you how big a name Jack Jester is in Scotland. Chances are if you’re a fan of Scottish wrestling then you’ll be familiar with the kinkier half of The Kinky Party. A former PBW Heavyweight Champion, Jester knows exactly what it takes to reach the top of any promotion he steps foot in. While he’s an established star on the Scottish wrestling scene, Paxxo has been making his name known to crowds up and down the nation. Originally from Milan, The Italian Nightmare is slowly becoming one of the more well-known names to the scene. He’s a joy to watch and has a terrific character to back it up – the total package some might say. Will it be enough to get past The Big Ride Machine in one piece though?


Triple Threat Match
Craig Anthony vs Davey Blaze vs Andy Wild

This is a match I’m personally quite excited to see. A Triple Threat Match between Craig Anthony, Davey Blaze, and Andy Wild. A match and a half right here folks! Believe it or not, this match will mark Craig’s one year debut anniversary – his first match came on March 3rd 2018 in a loss to Lewis Girvan at a Source Wrestling show. He’s called The Natural for a reason, having picked up wrestling at an incredible rate. Every time he wrestles, it’s typical to see someone commenting online about how good he is for a newbie. While he’s making waves, someone you don’t hear too much about these days is Davey Blaze. The Scottish Savage used to be one of the most prominent members of the ICW roster, but is now only really seen in a PBW ring. That doesn’t change the fact he can cut you in half with a Sparrowhawk spear though. Finally, we have Andy Wild. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the finest talents in the whole of the UK right now. The Stovie Superman will be more than ready to demolish his way through both Anthony and Blaze in Larbert. Worth the price of admission alone really.


Aaron Echo vs Jesse Santana

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you’ve been waiting for. This is The Jesse Show. A knee injury has kept Jesse Santana sidelined for a short while now and although he’s been keeping his face familiar thanks to Kings Road Warriors, it’s about time we see him back in action. It’s not an easy first match back though – he’s got Aaron Echo to deal with. The King of Benidorm is one of the finest graduates out of the PBW Academy which, to be honest, is something I always forget – I always think Echo began with the GPWA. Nevertheless though, a win here for Santana over a star the calibre of Aaron Echo would do wonders for his confidence, although I don’t he really needs to worry about that in fairness.


Liam Thomson vs Kieran Kelly

A match between a veteran of the business and one of the brightest stars rising through the ranks – it’s Liam Thomson against Kieran Kelly. At this point last year, we were unsure if The Bad Boy was ever going to wrestle again, with injury keeping him on the shelf for a year. Now that he’s returned to action though, the owner of that particular sink is making his presence felt in PBW once again. Unfortunately for young Kieran, that comes at his expense. 2018 saw Shotgun make a name for himself throughout the UK, with a training experience at Fight Club: PRO seemingly playing a big impact on him ever since. After coming up short in October’s King of Cruisers Match, Kelly will look to pick up a win in Larbert and then who knows, maybe he’ll go for the PBW Tag Team Championships alongside Craig Anthony.

General admission tickets can still be purchased from, priced at £14 for adults, £10 for children, and £43 for a family of four ticket. Doors open at 7pm, with the action set to kick of 7:30.

Announced Matches
PBW Tag Team Championships – Lou King Sharp & Krieger (c) vs Grado & Lucha DS
BT Gunn vs Dylan Angel
Jack Jester vs Paxxo
Triple Threat Match – Craig Anthony vs Davey Blaze vs Andy Wild
Aaron Echo vs Jesse Santana
Liam Thomson vs Kieran Kelly

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