Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – February 2019


Well, what a busy month February was for Scottish wrestling! Three Rumbles up and down the country, several huge championship contests, big money matches, the announcement of NXT UK coming to Glasgow in April. A lot went down this past month, making it hard to choose the best 10 for this very list (well, technically 11 as you’ll soon find out). As you can imagine, plenty of honourable mentions for February!

Honourable mentions go out to Angel Hayze, BT Gunn, Chris Lamb, Craig Anthony, Darren Blair, Emily Hayden, Jack Morris, Jayla Dark, Kez Evans, Leyton Buzzard, Paxxo, Ravie Davie, and Viper.


10. Alexander Darwin MacAllan

Kicking things off is Alexander Darwin MacAllan (who we recently interviewed). He began the month with a retention of his Source Wrestling Championship against Ravie Davie in Govan, the hometown of The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square. The ending of the match came after Zander McGuire turned his back on his cousin, allowing ADM to pick up the scraps. Then this past weekend, the Violence Institute representative made a return to ICW when he entered the 8th Annual Square Go! Match. Despite being an impressive force within the match for the time he was there, MacAllan’s time came to an end as he was dumped out by Mark Coffey, who had the help of three masked men in all black.


9. Lucha DS

Lucha DS’ month began with a debut, as he and Lucha Scotland ally Soldato made their way to Southside Wrestling Entertainment in a losing effort to Blake and Big Guns Joe. Following this, DS and another of his Lucha Scotland pals Robbie Solar headed to Caithness Pro Wrestling where they failed to defeat Contagion members Corvyn Cameron and Connor Rose. That very same night though, the high flying sensation was victorious in the 2019 CPW Rumble Match, lastly dumping out Corvyn to capture his first Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. After pinning Davey Blaze at a Premier British Wrestling event at Berryhill Primary School, DS and Solar then lost to the I-Gen team of Kieran Kelly and Craig Anthony with the vacant SWA Tag Team Championships up for grabs. A special mention to referee Thomas Kearins here, who quickly reacted to an injury suffered by Robbie Solar. More promotions need referees like him.


8. Sammii Jayne

After a hectic January for Sammii Jayne, The Main Event Empress didn’t wrestle quite as much as the previous month but still a great month nonetheless. She kicked things off with a loss in tag team action at Source Wrestling, teaming with Ashley Vega in a loss to Angel Hayze and NXT UK star Isla Dawn. That same weekend show, Sammii picked up an impressive victory over Japanese sensation Yuu at a Revolution Pro Wrestling show, before falling at the feet of Sienna in her Target Wrestling debut. February for The Championship Huntress ended in fantastic fashion, defeating both of her proteges in the form of Ashley Vega and Angel Hayze in a four-woman tournament, making her the next contender in line for Jayla Dark’s Scottish Women’s Championship. What a match that’s set to be!


7. Kay Lee Ray

Kay Lee Ray was on top form in 2018, capturing her third ICW Women’s World Championship, and now she makes her 2019 list debut. After retaining the aforementioned championship over Little Miss Roxxy at an ICW Fight Club taping, The Queen of Insanity made her way to Pro Wrestling: EVE. Here, she defeated Jetta and Mercedes Martinez as part of a tournament to earn the right to challenge for the EVE Championship. Following her official NXT UK debut as part of the recent tapings in Coventry (click here for the spoiler-filled news piece), KLR made another defence of her ICW Women’s World Championship as she defended against NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm at the 8th Annual Square Go! this past Sunday. Kasey interfered to cause a no contest, but there’s no denying the war both ladies put each other through.


6. Kieran Kelly

Kieran Kelly disgusts me – a man that young shouldn’t be able to be that talented in the ring. He pinned MATT DALY at a Source Wrestling show in Govan, before he and new best pal Andy Wild were victorious over Leyton Buzzard and Ravie Davie, which not only got his ICW contract back but also earned him a spot in the Square Go! Match. After facing off against Leyton at a show for Megaslam Wrestling, Shotgun was unsuccessful in his return to Target Wrestling as he and Spyda lost to Johnny Phere and Joshua James, but it didn’t halt his willingness to do his absolute best. This was shown this past weekend on two separate occasions, the first of which saw Kieran and Craig Anthony defeat The Scottish Luchadors tandem of Lucha DS and Robbie Solar to capture the vacant SWA Tag Team Championships. Then in the Square Go! Match, Kelly entered at number 17 and lasted a good while before being the 21st person eliminated at the hands of eventual runner up Joe Hendry. I spy the Zero-G Championship in the near future of young Kieran.


5. Andy Wild

The Stovie Superman blasted his way through all who stood in his way throughout February. He and Kieran Kelly were able to score a pinfall victory over Leyton Buzzard and Ravie Davie to cement their spots in the Square Go! Match, while a return to WrestleZone the following week saw him fail to overcome Alan Sterling and his bodyguard Caleb Valhalla in a Handicap Match. Wild’s next bout didn’t come until two weeks later, where he entered as the 15th entrant in the ICW Square Go! Match, suplexing people left, right, and centre. Despite making it to the final four, The Dad Bod God was the penultimate man eliminated from the contest at the hands of rival Joe Hendry. The emotion on Wild’s face as he walked back up the ramp was tear-jerking.


4. The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

I just couldn’t put one of The Kings of Catch higher than the other. It was impossible. They began their month with a loss to The Purge (a team that are improving at an increasing rate for the record) at Source Wrestling’s event in Govan, before Lewis was defeated by Ashton Smith in singles action at ICW. After Aspen was pinned by Ravie Davie at a Wrestling Experience Scotland event in Bathgate, The Kings were back together for the 8th Annual Square Go! to challenge The P.O.D for their ICW Tag Team Championships. This will forever go down as one of the most emotional matches in Scottish wrestling, as Aspen and Lewis both pinned Ashton Smith to lift their first set of titles in ICW. You could tell how much this meant to the pair, and just about every person inside the venue that night. What a touching moment it was.


3. Lionheart

Lionheart’s February kicked off in grand style, as he made a successful defence of the ICW World Heavyweight Championship against British wrestling legend Jody Fleisch in what was quite the contest. He then teamed with Leyton Buzzard to defeat Jack Jester and RUDO Lightning at Scottish Wrestling Alliance’s show in Clydebank, followed by a singles win over Aaron Echo in Bathgate this past Saturday for Wrestling Experience Scotland. The ICW Square Go! would see Lionheart make another defence of his World Heavyweight Championship against another world-class competitor, with South Africa’s Angélico failing in his mission to end the reign of the hero. Lionheart better watch his back though, as a certain Artful Dodger may be coming for him in the near future…


2. Joe Coffey

He is a wrestler, a mightly wrestler. It’s Joe Coffey lads. He saw off a challenge to his ICW Zero-G Championship from Paul Robinson at the start of the month, followed by another successful defence at the Square Go! over the debuting Ilja Dragunov. That turned out to be one of the best wrestling matches I’ve ever seen with my eyes, as both The Iron King and Unbesiegbar tore into one another. Coffey was part of the NXT UK tapings in Coventry (matches from there begin airing this week or next week I believe), but previously taped matches did air this month. One episode saw him defeat Ashton Smith in singles competition (taped January 13th), while another saw he and brother Mark victorious over Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster (taped January 27th). After being Wrestler of the Month in January to second place this month, it’s quite the start to the month for Joe Coffey.


1. RUDO Lightning

I’m honestly amazed that RUDO Lightning has made it on to a Wrestlers of the Month list, let alone being first place. This time last year, we thought we’d seen the last of RUDO in a wrestling ring. He got himself back in shape though and bounced straight back into the swing of things. Lightning went to a no contest at the start of the month with Aaron Echo following the interference of Kez Evans, Leyton Buzzard, and Ravie Davie, but this only made RUDO that more intent on winning the Square Go! to throw a dart in Mark Dallas’ plans for a new ICW. Before then however, RUDO was at SWA where he teamed with old Black Label partner Jack Jester in a losing effort to Lionheart and Leyton Buzzard. We finally arrived at the Square Go! however, with RUDO drawing the number two position. After all was said and done, the man who was formerly the most hated individual in ICW walked away with the 2019 Square Go! contract as he eliminated Ravie Davie, Sha Samuels, and finally Joe Hendry to win the match for the second time in history. This makes RUDO the only two-time Square Go! winner in history and, correct me if I’m wrong here ICW historians, the first man to win by starting the match. I’m almost certain I’m wrong there.

Once again, another enjoyable month for all involved in Scottish professional wrestling, and certainly a busier month than January.  It’s a great time to be a fan of wrestling in Scotland – no matter where you live, there was bound to be a show within a reasonable distance. March looks to be another great month – Check back on April 1st for the next instalment of Wrestlers of the Month!

Point Standings as of March 1st 2019
1. Joe Coffey (19 points)
2. Andy Wild (15 points)
3. Sammii Jayne (11 points)
4. Lewis Girvan and RUDO Lightning (10 points)
5. Lionheart (8 points)
6. Aspen Faith and Viper (7 points)
7. Damien (6 points)
8. Jack Morris and Kieran Kelly (5 points)
9. Ashley Vega and Kay Lee Ray (4 points)
10. Jack Jester (3 points)
11. Lucha DS (2 points)
12. Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Angel Hayze (1 point)