The Bedlam Report | Insane Championship Wrestling ‘The Eighth Annual Square Go!’ Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam


Greetings my loyal readers, good to see you back again, well it’s was a new venue for the Square Go and lots of speculation on who would walk out the winner… so shall we get started?

The venue, while not the easiest to get to, has amazing potential, the three sized room could potentially be used for various sized shows, the Poetry Corner for Fight Clubs, the Galvanizer for medium sized events and the TV studio for the bigger ones like Fear and Loathing, everything under one roof, think on it.

I would like to give special mention to the very helpful security guard who spent the afternoon keeping an eye on things, even allowing fans to use the SWG3 toilets if needed, whomever you are my good man you are a star. Also for future reference McDonalds and Pizza Hut WILL deliver to SWG3 if you are hungry and in the queue.

Oh and I know there are some of you, dear readers, trying to work out my true identity? Who is this Doctor? Where is he (or she) from? Is everything I report on things I have seen firsthand or information given to me by one of my manic medic helpers? All these questions and more… won’t be answered by me, so don’t ask however, if you do have messages for me, feel free to post them on the Scottish Wrestling Network Facebook page or contact SWN direct and they will gladly forward your messages to me.

The Kings of Catch vs The P.O.D. – Finally the Kings get the tag team championships, something that I felt should have happened at Fear and Loathing, while it was the best of the regular matches at this event, there were a few moments I did think “oh far crying out loud ICW surely you can’t have the P.O.D. retain”, especially when The Wee Man interfered and when Lewis went crashing up the ramp way at the end but thankfully the right guys won and I hope it is a long and memorable (for the right reasons) reign.

Kay Lee Ray vs Toni Storm – Ended in a no contest when Kasey interfered, here’s an Idea, have Kasey in the match in a three way? The other singles matches were predictable exhibition matches, a three way would have helped this one (yeah we all knew Toni Storm wouldn’t have won but Kasey might have) hell make it a four way with Aivil too, this match needed something. The problem with this and the two matches after is if you believe there is no way the challenger is ever going to win the belt, sure you may still watch it and maybe enjoy it, but something will be missing, the drama, the heart in the throat moment, just that feeling there may be a chance the champion may not walk away with the belt, without that the belt might as well not even be there.

Joe Coffey vs Ilja Dragunov – To the Harry Potter fans out there.. Did Dragunov’s entrance music sound like he had just came off the boat from Drumstrang? This was a great match with the two wrestlers styles complimenting each other, Dragunov is a truly amazing talent, though I will admit still don’t see how his name alone would of brought others in but that’s just me, however I believe now if he was announced to return people would come to see him. We all knew Joe was going to retain, but unlike the matches just before and after it did not detract too much from the spectacle. I will say two things though, ICW crowd control was shocking especially when the fight went into the seated section, people couldn’t and/or wouldn’t move back and they still persisted, with Dragunov nearly, just nearly, connecting full force with his foot to a fans wrist as he dived in. This is just as important as fans not hurting wrestlers, the fans should feel safe from things like this, there are far too many incidents like this and it needs to stop. Another thing is the new Zero G belt, I’ve dabbled in design myself in the past and even have had some well known clients but I have to say that the people that design a lot for ICW, yes are talented when it comes to onscreen graphics and suchlike, but there are times the stuff comes across as bland and generic, and the new belt is exactly that. What I liked about the ICW belts in general was that, for a good while, the only belt that was gold was the world title, the Zero G in its white and silver stood out as different from it but now it just looks like a smaller version of the world belt… not a fan. Other than these small gripes, this was a great match.

Lionheart vs Angelico – Now, before I have mentioned a lot about how I felt Lionheart’s title reign would suffer with these matches “against world class talent”, if you look at the match on demand without the sound on you would see a brilliant technical match that was almost flawless and lovely to watch but if you were there, the majority of the crowd for most of the match were not very engaged. There was a lot of private conversations, it seemed relatively dead, only picking up near the end, there was no reason to believe Lionheart was going to lose, no drama, nothing. This is not how a title match should feel, I felt bad for both guys, they put on a great display and the crowd just didn’t seem into it. I also wish he wouldn’t do these speeches after every bloody match, they are as bad as the ones Drew Galloway where he’d verbally put his opponent as being awesome despite losing, it just came across as awkward.

The Square Go – RED LIGHTNING WINS!!!!!!!!! The man I said would be our savior as far back as Fear and Loathing upsets Dallas with a trademark opportunistic win, to be fair, there were only ever going to be one of two winners that the fans would have truly accepted, Joe Hendry as the heel choice and Red Lightning (surprisingly) the face choice. As much as some people said Andy Wild, I don’t think he is as over with the general fan base as some think. He has his loyal fans yes, but not enough to warrant such a big win. As usual and Royal Rumble/Battlebowl/Square Go type battle royals allow us to sample the most amount of talent that particular company has at its disposal, there were some notable standouts. Leyton Buzzard, I thought he would go in, get (at best) a Daniel Puder style beat down off the veterans Red Lightning and Liam Thomson but no, he acquitted himself well. Paxxo once again showed why he is such a rising star in ICW with such a spirited performance, he didn’t back down from a fight ever. Alexander Darwin McAllan, in his debut for ICW made us curious to see more of his ability. Iestyn Rees is a man whom I feel is a future ICW champion if done right, he was a machine in that ring. Krieger is a man I’d like to see more in singles, hes a solid big man and could be put to good use in the mid-card. Kieran Kelly should be Zero G champion by the end of the year, he’s an amazing talent. Lou King Sharp… found creative ways to stay in the ring such as getting a piggy back off one of the ringside security. Mark Coffey is always someone I feel can be a main event threat and with, what it looks like to be, Grant McIvor and the masked men at his disposal, he could be a force to be reckoned with. Viper was able to perform solidly in the ring even with some of the bigger guys like Iestyn Rees without looking out of place. Aaron Echo’s use of the beer to distract The Kinky Party was genius. Jeff Jarrett being a surprise entrant was a genuine joy to see as was his interaction with Just Justice Jackie Polo. Don’t get me wrong everyone performed exceptionally well but these guys were the standouts beyond the two favourites.

A few points to bring up:

ICW really needs a neutral commissioner type if they insist with this Dallas being a heel owner thing, why? Okay was it really THAT important for Joe Hendry to win the Square Go title shot? Who owns ICW? Dallas, who books the shows? (probably) Dallas. At any time Mark Dallas wants he can simply book Joe Hendry in a match with Lionheart at any time. I know Lionheart is doing his very vanilla “fighting world class talent” bollocks but think on it, surely you can have Dallas come out and say “Lionheart, you say you want world class opponents to face, but here’s the thing… you don’t get to choose, I do, but have no fear Lionheart I’m sure you will find your new opponent prestigious”, then Joe Hendrys music hit, see… not that hard. BUT if there someone else in charge of booking (in the storyline and kayfabey sense anyway) like a commissioner or general manager or some contractual reasons why Joe Hendry isn’t simply allowed to get a title shot (I seriously doubt that Lionheart has THAT much say or even should have say over who he faces as champion). Yes, he must be upset and annoyed that now Red Lightning has the ability to make a challenge at any time but the point I’m making in very real terms Dallas didn’t need Joe Hendry to win it for any other reason than to stop Red (or anyone he doesn’t want winning it) but it wasn’t put that way and even then you have to admit it is a bit odd, it’s like Dallas has decided “yeah I wanna try the whole evil owner thing” without really thinking it through.

Lionheart’s title reign is, in this fans opinion, not really engaging is it? As I said before, people were having private conversations. Yes, the matches are technically sound solid matches… but no-one cares, the outcome is more or less obvious (Lionheart winning). Add to that the way that it seems to be happening completely independently of anything else. It’s like Goldberg’s WCW title reign back in 1998, apart from his initial win, the one match with DDP and when he lost it to Kevin Nash it was completely forgettable and the focus was on the nWo and Hogan the whole time. I just think that there need to be more focus on the champion, have feuds, drama, y’know, as opposed to what we are getting.

VIP once again seemed pointless, they only were allowed in the ringside area literally five minutes before general admission started coming in and, I am sorry but, it might as well just be a priority ticket that lets you get to the front of the regular queue for all the good it does, in fact that’s why most people want it, it’s not for the t-shirts or to meet the same damn wrestlers they can meet at any other UK promotion, oh you MAY meet the special guests… sometimes, but if you ask why the majority buy VIP, it’s to get in early it’s simple as that, if ICW actually asked them why they even get the tickets that’s what most would say. At a similar SWA event for example, you get in early, you get to meet a wide array of the talent on that night, you get settled in your seat and relax usually as a pre-show match is put on then the general ticket people come in. Now you tell me, how the hell is ICW’s idea of get them in, quick meet and greet with a handful of wrestlers then made to queue to get into the main ringside area better? You tell me, the only company that done VIP worse was TNA back in the day, after the meet and greet you were sent to the back of the general queue, it’s lunacy.

Fans lashing out at talent, I agree with ICW’s stance on this. It’s happening too often these days and needs to stop, yes wrestlers get in peoples faces and stuff if they are heel but if they don’t lay a hand on you don’t bloody dare lay one on them, what’s it going to take? What’s gonna be the consequences? How many of these attacks are alcohol fueled? We have largely stopped drinks getting thrown in, which was a major issue a few years back, what will they do here? Make steps to have the fans further away from the ring/talent? Stop serving alcohol? I am glad ICW are taking a zero tolerance policy on this from now on.

Pre-show parties… WHY? After show parties I fully understand, getting to sit and relax and chat to other fans and even wrestlers as they wind down from a busy night and is a nice way to end a good night. Pre-parties, especially ones nowhere near the venue (that part is especially annoying to me it’s like you gotta get from the party to the venue on a Sunday) there’s no need for them. It another example of ICW just trying to “be different”?

Now this is something I will admit will seem to some people nit-picky, especially considering what I have just commented on, but it needs saying none the less, over the years ICW has not only had interesting performers but some fans as well. In the early years there was the big guy in the lionsuit, we all know Signgirl and at the Square Go there were were two ladies of what I can only assume were The Kinky Party police, it all done for fun but there had been a section whom, how to word it, it FEELS like they are doing things with the ultimate goal to draw attention to them in the hope they will get special acknowledgment from Billy Kirkwood, or the wrestlers, as opposed to just as part of the carnival atmosphere ICW has. Be it dressing as the Easter bunny or as the Santa/Grinch/elves, it’s not my thing and while it has mildly annoyed me (and other fans too) in the past it has been, well, harmless really (in the sense of while it has annoyed me personally I did not wish to bring it up in my reports as while yes this is about my opinions on the company, I did not want to use it to air my own personal opinions on fans) but at the Square Go, during the ladies match, these people wore umbrella hats “in honour” of Toni Storm (never done it for Nikki Storm when she was at ICW, but never mind) but what got me was they then proceeded to keep them on during the whole match with seemingly no consideration for anyone behind them. I don’t get it at all, if they had only wore them for the entrance, fair enough but it was for the whole match which is what really got me. All I’m saying is in the future have consideration for the people behind you.

I hope you enjoyed my report, as always please remember, it’s just my opinion.


  1. I find myself having to respond to statements made in the report by Dr. Bedlam on the 8th annual Square Go.
    As one of the guys who has dressed up at previous shows & who wore an umbrella hat in honour of Toni Storm.
    Had anyone behind us had an issue with us wearing said hats we would have took them off, but seeing as we knew the people behind us there really wasn’t an issue, wasn’t done for Nikki Storm when she was in ICW as she was Nikki Cross when she was in ICW.
    The dressing up at previous shows is just a laugh and the majority of fans loved it,
    The reason we do it is for a laugh, fun it’s part of who we are, certainly better than getting MWI and fighting with crew, wouldn’t you agree?
    Why bring up previous shows?
    When you are doing a report on the Square Go!

    It’s called having fun & to go back to last year Mark Dallas has said it himself ICW is for everyone no matter what or who you are.
    We will continue to be who we are same as you will continue being who you are.

    • Also…please use spell checker and check for punctuation mistakes before posting.

      Many thanks
      The Easter Bunny, The Grinch, a Blow up sheep carrier and umbrella hat wearing guy

      • If you think that excess alcohol may be involved in the costume wearing at ICW shows then why do they sell it? Some people with excess alcohol in their system just want to fight with eveeyone, some throw up everywhere and others just have a laugh. For the record said people who have dressed up as Santa,Grinch, Elf Easter Bunny and wore umbrella hats are non drinkers and are just having a laugh whilst out for a night amongst friends to enjoy a wrestling show. Also if it was that much of a problem then Mark Dallas would call for a ban on anything like that.

  2. My bad about Nikki Storm, she didn’t deserve umbrella hats, plus the 3 of us who did that weren’t pals then.
    I got mixed up coz I am raging that someone is hiding behind this so called report & doesn’t have the Vince McMahon’s to say anything to us.

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