Preview: ICW ‘Drippin’ Like A Knackered Fridge’ | The Ride Returns

Hola friends. After a successful debut in Aberdeen last year, Insane Championship Wrestling have packed up their gear, grabbed some pals and have decided to return to The Granite City. This is a chance for those that can’t travel down to Glasgow to see some of the top wrestlers in ICW and, by extension, NXT UK duke it out at The Assembly, just off Union Street. There’s a nice KFC (as far as KFC goes) around the corner for those planning to grab a quick and cheap bite before or after the show. There’s also Chopstix up the road which is my favourite place to get some food in Aberdeen…

You’re not here to read about my eating suggestions are you?

I enjoyed ICW’s debut overall last year, it didn’t scream “INSANE” but it had great wrestling and great stories. Almost like a WWECW to the ECW of yesteryear, which isn’t meant as a determent but as a note of the different direction that ICW has gone in, sure they’ll bring back the chaotic extreme-ness, blood and barbarity when required, that brought ICW to prominance, but also conducts business like a “professional” wrestling company which would be acceptable for television which is where it needs to be to expand further. It’s hitting a nice sweet spot of a WWE post-attitude era, pre-ruthless aggression era which I enjoyed. It clearly hasn’t deterred me from going back as I have my silver seated ticket ready to go.

Last time out it was nice to see some faces that were previously only seen on the social media like a Twitter, a few of the good folks at Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet included (check out their interview and podcasts and the like on iTunes, Spotify and wherever else you get your podcasts).

Enough about that though, let’s take a look at the matches that have been announced for the show.

The Dallas Mavericks (Joe Hendry, Leyton Buzzard, Ravie Davie & Kez Evans) vs Bad Company (Wolfgang, BT Gunn & The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar))

A big story centric bout with BT Gunn and The Purge being very much at loggerheads with Mark Dallas’s boys. The Regulator, Wolfgang, makes his way back to Aberdeen after a long absence (5 years according to not counting NXT and WWE stuff, even then that was Stonehaven but it’ll count for the sake of this bit). This will be a big brawl that has all the chances of hitting the streets of Aberdeen. Eight guys battering each other, what’s not to enjoy? It won’t be pretty, it’ll be chaotic, it will be wild, it’ll be insane…

Kenny Williams vs Jason Reed

NXT UK wrestler, and former ICW Zero G Champion, Kenny Williams is making it his mission to rid ICW of “forever trainees” that are ruining ICW. He comes up against the debuting Jason Reed who is a familiar face in Aberdeen in his quest to “Make Wrestling Great Again”. Reed has been very passionate in response to being pegged as a “forever trainee” and will be coming into his ICW debut with a point to prove. Reed has something that is gravitating, it will be strange seeing him look to garner crowd support that doesn’t involve him receiving boos. I suspect Agent W will be hanging around… somewhere in the shadows. It’s a big test for Reed, coming in against someone that is very much part of the paintwork of ICW in Kenny Williams.

Aaron Echo vs Scotty Swift

Finally! Scotty Swift makes his ICW return. Swift was recovering from injury late last year which likely saw him not picked up for Granite City Fight Club but now we get “The Red Haired Warrior” come back to, no doubt, a huge reaction in his territory. He comes up against “The King of Benidorm” Aaron Echo. Swift has a pretty straight-laced, good guy personality in his character although he had a bit of an edge in his last ICW appearance at the 2016. I’m excited to see Scotty in action, he’s one of my favourite wrestlers and encapsulates family friendly, larger than life wrestling. Seeing him enter a more hostile environment with fans travelling up from Glasgow it is going to be interesting to see. I’m not the biggest fan of Aaron Echo but he’s clearly building himself a reputation in ICW as of late but Aberdeen is Scotty Swift’s city.

Kieran Kelly vs Scott McManus

For those unaware, ‘Shotgun’ Kieran Kelly and ‘Mr Hap-Jistu’ Scott McManus are a tag team, at Source Wrestling primarily, called The Underdogs. So with that, they should be very familiar with each other which could see either adapt their style to compensate. Kelly has been on a wave of momentum across the country with big matches and big debuts just about everywhere. He’s been embraced into the hearts of the ICW fans through his association with Andy Wild and his role in defying Mark Dallas’s authority. McManus last appeared in ICW, officially, over two years ago in a losing effort to Iestyn Rees and will have a chance to carve himself a spot if he puts in a good showing against his fellow underdog.

Viper vs Aivil

Aivil makes her debut in Aberdeen to take on former ICW Women’s World Champion Viper, another that has recently signed for WWE NXT UK. Aivil has been getting on an enormous tear as of late, wherever she turns up there are plenty of tongues wagging after her matches. This will be my first Aivil “experience” and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been talking about. Viper is Viper, you know what you’re getting with “The Vixen of Violence” and that’s a hard-hitting, barbaric battering from “The Babe of Brutality”. I’m looking forward to this one.

ICW Zero-G Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs Andy Wild

Shortly after Fear & Loathing XI, Andy Wild defeated Mark Coffey to earn himself a shot at the Zero G Championship. Hours after the Square Go, Wild requested his title match to take place in Aberdeen. As I said in the last preview, Aberdeen is a special place for Andy Wild. It’s a city that really embraced him during the “wilderness years” when he was evolving into ‘Big Dad Bod’ and using Stovie Power to blitz his way through competition. Wild is familiar with the ICW Zero G Championship having been a former champion but Joe Coffey has been remarkable between his NXT UK exploits and his appearances in ICW and Discovery Wrestling, he’s seemingly untouchable right now in the ring.

Personally I’d love to see Andy win the title in Aberdeen, but he will have an upward battle if he plans to leave The Granite City with a piece of gold.

ICW Tag Team Championships – The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) (c) vs The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels)

The NEW ICW Tag Team Champions, The Kings of Catch, have their first title defense and it had to be in Aberdeen didn’t it? Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan defend their newly won ICW Tag Team Championships against former champions, The Kinky Party. This will be fun, with two charismatic teams. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Kings of Catch receiving a heroes welcome in The Granite City now that they are future champs no more.

No doubt this will be one of the most entertaining matches of the night and another that will likely be chaotic. Girvan and Faith are so in sync as a team that it’s difficult to look past them, even if I offer an obvious bias towards the Kings.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Lionheart (c) vs Mark Coffey

Prior to this match being announced, Mark Dallas apparently had a special guest to take on Lionheart until Mark Coffey used some Jedi mind trick to nab himself a title shot. The former Zero G and Tag Team Champion is one title away from a treble in ICW. One third of Gallus on NXT UK, Coffey has been poised to head to the heavyweight ranks for a long time and has often been waiting in the shadows of his brother Joe. With Joe in the Zero G division it’s the perfect time for Mark to step forward.

Grado Confirmed To Appear

All that and Grado has been confirmed to appear. With eight matches already announced I’m struggling to see where Grado can fit into all this unless he’s brought into the big eight man tag or calls out for an open challenge.

The card looks fantastic, last time it was fun but it felt like ICW brought up a skeleton crew, maybe it was because they were testing the waters for coming up to the North East more regularly but with a huge line up featuring five NXT UK wrestlers, it’s a good way to see them in action at a fraction of the cost of a WWE ticket.

Tickets are still available from Ticketmaster and probably at the door but don’t take that chance!

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