ICW Drippin’ Like A Knackered Fridge | Five Talking Points

Less than 24 hours removed from ICW’s return to Aberdeen. A fantastic show that we’ll get more in depth with into the week. For now, let’s take a look at five talking points coming out of Drippin’ Like A Knackered Fridge:

Jarrett In Demand

Grado made his entrance to a loud crowd. He got on the microphone to challenge Jeff Jarrett to a match, since Jarrett hit him twice with a guitar and ruined their friendship. Jarrett appeared on screen from the set up of WWE Fastlane to tell Grado that he needed to prove himself worthy of facing Jeff Jarrett and he could do so against his handpicked opponent. “Just Justice” Jackie Polo arrived. A competitive match followed with Polo squeezing out the win.

After the match, Polo told Grado that he didn’t need the approval of an american import and that the fans loved him and even ol’ Just Justice loved him. Polo went on to challenge Jeff Jarrett for Shug’s Hoose Party, because he didn’t want to be a pawn in his little games.

With Grado and Jackie Polo both out for Jarrett, “The King Of The Mountain” might have a busy weekender coming up.

A Successful First Defense

The Kings of Catch looked to make sure that their ICW Tag Team Championship win wasn’t a fluke by getting past their first defense against former champions, The Kinky Party. The Kings entered to a heroes welcome in Aberdeen, they came in hand with all their tag team gold, it was a beautiful sight seeing the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships in an ICW ring. After an even contest, Faith and Girvan were able to land the Apter Burner on Sha Samuels to retain. The Kings of Catch continue to reign supreme.

The Big Bad Wolf Is Coming To Blow Down Doors

Following a chaotic eight man brawl, which saw Bad Company victorious, Wolfgang spoke candidly about his limited appearances in ICW and having to make them count. He wanted world class competition and if he wasn’t going to be given that competition then he would have to go knock on some doors to get it.

Wolfgang, as part of NXT UK, is a world traveled and world class wrestler. ICW World Heavyweight Champion Lionheart is always looking for a challenge and it looks like he’ll have a Regulator on route.

RUDO Reveals His Intentions

Following Joe Coffey’s hard fought victory against Andy Wild to retain the ICW Zero G Championship, the 2019 Square Go winner RUDO Lightning made an appearance. Lightning went on to confirm that he won’t be using his Square Go title shot for the Zero G Championship but knew a guy that deserves a crack at Joe’s belt.

Bad Boy Steps Up

Enter Liam Thomson, after the Square Go event, Joe Coffey told Thomson to step up. Thomson challenged Coffey to a match for the Zero G Championship. Coffey agreed, then followed up with a clothesline to deck Thomson. Liam Thomson versus Joe Coffey over the ICW Zero G Championship is on the horizon. Thomson believes that Coffey knows that he can defeat “The Iron King”. Now he just has to prove it.

What were your highlights from Drippin’ Like A Knackered Fridge?

Inflatable sheep? Aivil defeating Viper? The debut of Jason Reed? The return of Scotty Swift, and Scott McManus? Or Billy Kirkwood’s tiny hands? Let us know in the comments below.

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