Preview: SWA Rock N Wrestle ‘Inverness Incoming’

Last year Scottish Wrestling Alliance announced that they officially merged the Rock N Wrestle promotion in the Highlands under the Scottish Wrestling Alliance banner. Not much further was known, other that the Highland Championship, held by Jack Jester, would be re-branded as the SWA Highland/Hyland Championship along with the Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Championships, held by Just Uz, we’re quietly dropped. So as we awaited further announcements it wasn’t clear whether the next time wrestling came to Inverness it would be Rock N Wrestle or Scottish Wrestling Alliance. Meanwhile, the former Rock N Wrestle owner created the annual event Carnage in Caol to add further confusion to proceedings. Anyway, SWA presenting SWA Rock N Wrestle Inverness Incoming was officially announced so it looks like it’s still Rock N Wrestle but with SWA at the front… I think that’s what’s happening.

It will be very interesting coming into this event to see how the set up is. The last time I attended Rock N Wrestle, it was a bought in Premier British Wrestling show so it had lots of PBW talent and would like have a trainees match which sometimes was really good but could be a mixed bag but it’s all part of the experience gaining process. Other than that, Rock N Wrestle would regularly have a special guest, in the past it included; Chris Masters, James Storm, Mr Anderson, Rob Terry, Davey Richards to name a few. So I was curious to see what would be in store when SWA took over and had their first event.

SWA confirmed six matches for their March 22nd, 2019 event at the Mercure Hotel in Inverness. The last show to be held there, while still under the sole Rock N Wrestle banner, featured former WWE star Ryback against Kid Fite.

From what I can gather there aren’t any stories coming into this event as SWA, generally, seems to operate on show by show basis with condensed stories throughout the evening. This will be my first SWA event, so it’s nice to tick off another company from my list. Not many to go until there’s a full house!

A sold out event is on hand when SWA hit the hidden city, the capital of the Highlands, Inverness.

Let’s take a look at the matches announced.

Dean Ford & Owen Jakks vs Ian Skinner & Danny Edwards

A tag team match featuring four students of the PBW Academy, I’ve seen Dean Ford and Owen Jakks in action before but their opponents will be totally new to my eyes. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Ian Skinner, who has been making away around the country for PBW and Reckless Intent Wrestling. Dean Ford, from my limited time seeing him, is one that I really liked and wanted to see more of. I’m keen to see how far Owen Jakks has come as it has been literally years since I last saw him wrestle. Danny Edwards I’ve only seen the name so looking forward to finding out what he’s all about.

Angel Hayze vs Jokey

For me, this is the match I’m looking forward to most. Two new faces (well kinda for the latter) to me but the reputation they come with is making this match must see. Angel Hayze, another out of the PBW Academy, has been picking up titles down South, making her debut over at Discovery Wrestling and one of the Kings Road Warriors on the YouTube’s. She’s coming in with a bit of buzz thanks to that along with being under the wing of Sammii Jayne, one of my favourite wrestlers. Jokey is a wildcard, I saw her alter ego a couple weekends back, Aivil, at ICW and I was enamored by her character and how she operates. Jokey is the lighter side to this twisted priestess.

She reminds me of Switch; for those that don’t know about Switch, he was a PBW wrestler that came up for Rock N Wrestle a few times. Switch was this evil clown that would come out with his best friend, a teddy bear called Flick, he was in orange prison overalls, facepainted and was very methodical in his movements. It was creepy. But he also had this rarely seen other side, still called Switch, that was this happy go lucky clown who was excited to be doing some wrestling and to entertain, he would bust out splits and had a very different moveset to that of the evil clown. It was an amazing character.

Anyway, Jokey/Aivil has that down but has her own little twists to it that makes her unique. Hopefully her balloon pal Penny will make an appearance.

I’ll have my eyes glued to this one.

Grado vs Kid Fite

This will probably be one of the most entertaining matches of the night. Kid Fite is consistantly the most reliable wrestler in the country. He has an unquestionable charisma that has him playing the crowd magnificently to boo him at will. He comes up against someone that has that same power but uses it for cheers, Grado aff the telly. There’s not much to write about, it should be a very fun match between two that are top class at their craft.

Timm Wylie vs Craig Anthony

I’m really looking forward to seeing Craig Anthony in action for the first time, it’s a shame it’s against a wrestler I am not a fan of and it often baffles me that he has the top title in SWA, one Timm Wylie. The last time Timm Wylie was on a Rock N Wrestle show, he defeated Jack Jester in the second ever official Rock N Wrestle main event in Forres then never returned, that was a wild night with Jester being the baddest baddie that ever baddied. I’ve heard so many great things about the development of Craig Anthony, who captured the SWA Tag Team Championships very quickly after making his wrestling debut. He’s certainly picked up fast and hopefully we get a good taste of his style against the juggernaut Wylie. This is a non-title match but a win could put Anthony into singles title contention in the future.

SWA X Championship: Kieran Kelly (c) vs Robbie Solar vs Lucha DS vs Jack Morris

Four young and highly talented wrestlers, all after the SWA X Championship. After years of chats and Twitter tagging, I’ll FINALLY get to see Lucha DS do some of that wrestling. Kelly’s opponents favour a high risk style whilst Kelly himself is no slouch in the ring. This could very well be a showstealer. Will be fun to see Solar and Lucha DS of Lucha Scotland tangle it up along with the fantastic Jack Morris. A great match lined up on this stacked show.

SWA Highland Championship: Jack Jester (c) vs Dickie Divers

The main event sees Jack Jester return with his re-christened SWA Highland Championship to defend against Dickie Divers. Divers is a former SWA X Champion, when it was the Junior Heavyweight Championship, and has plenty of championships in his history from across Scotland. Jester is King in the Highlands thanks to his frequent trips for Rock N Wrestle in the past, from memory he hasn’t lost in Inverness in a while, if ever. The only two-time Highland Champion, he’s held the title since December 2016 and has defended the belt against the likes of Sabu, Doug Williams, Bram and Wolfgang. It looks near impossible for Jester to lose that title so the ever wily Divers will have to hope that he can find a way to make his way past Big Kink by any means necessary.

It looks like a fun show with plenty of young talent on hand along with a few veterans of the Scottish wrestling scene makes for a solid show with plenty of great action. The show has sold out so no tickets available but if you’ve missed out we’ll have a review up a few days after the show.

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