Starter For 10 #27 | Darrell Costello


Welcome to Starter For 10. We ask professional wrestlers 10 questions so that you can find out a bit more about your favourite real life superheroes.

On this edition, Darrell Costello answers our questions.

What drew you into professional wrestling?

For me it was watching the audience and how excited they were to be a part of something as addicting as wrestling. I honestly couldn’t believe how electric it was to see people so passionate over something like that in my life and just how passionate the wrestlers themselves were. After seeing that, I knew I had to find what I wanted to do and when I found out I could train to do wrestling, I wanted to start right away.

Who were your favourite wrestlers going up and who are your favourites now?

To be honest wrestling wasn’t ever a massive part of my life growing up, I was more content just being an introverted, video game loving child. But one that I always seemed to pay more attention to when I was young was Rey Mysterio, just watching him move around the ring and taking on these giants like Big Show and Undertaker was mind-blowing to me. But now after seeing who else is out there in the wrestling world, possibly the best I’ve seen all round for me would be Kenny Omega, just inspiring to watch and is among some of the top wrestlers to set the bar for today’s wrestling scene.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

I’m sure it was during the 2015 Royal Rumble that me and my best pal Jason Hyde were watching and seeing he was the only wrestling fan in the room at this point, this was the first time I’d properly sat and watched a wrestling event. After the PPV finished we then talked about how the WWE stars got
started and how we’d even get started as he had always thought of doing it and after watching that I was keen to start as well. A quick Google search later we then found the PBW Academy and agreed to start the following Sunday and it took off from there.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling, as a fan and as a wrestler?

One of the biggest influences for me as a fan definitely would be Kota Ibushi, the man’s insanely good. In fact it was his match vs Omega in DDT that really showed me a different aspect and level of wrestling, and it’s motivated me greatly to step up my game in this industry. As a wrestler I would say Liam Thomson, he’s one of many wrestlers within the British scene who I’d definitely say every aspiring wrestler should follow by example.

Who has been your favourite opponent(s) and do you have a favourite match?

My favourite opponent so far within my wrestling journey would have to be Jason Hyde, we’ve been training together for so long now that we know each other’s styles very well and enjoy sharing a ring together because of that. Favourite match for me would be from making my W3L debut just before the end of December against Taylor Bryden, it was in front of a really great crowd and it showed me how far I’ve come so far in terms of progression for myself personally.

What has been your career highlight(s) so far?

Biggest highlights for me so far are taking myself over to Denmark to attend DPW’s Fake or Break 2018 with coaches Chaos, Zack Gibson and Screwface Ahmed, and having the opportunity to learn and train with some of the best up and coming talent in Europe. As well as travelling down south to train in front of World of Sport legend Marty Jones, and learning from All Japan Pro Wrestling’s Atsushi Aoki last October. Debuting for multiple companies this past year including Respect Pro Wrestling, W3L, PBW, DPW, Squared Circle and even getting to wrestle my best pal at Edinburgh Comic-Con. And of course having the chance to be a part of The Sensational Scenebirds which I’m sure will have much more highlights in store for me down the line.

Who would be your dream opponent, past or present?

As much as I’d like to give a full list as there’s so many I want to share a ring with someday, if I were to choose anyone it would either be Kenny Omega, Jimmy Havoc or Jonathan Gresham.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hoping to be waking up every day getting to wrestle or being involved with it in any way I can and enjoying every second of being passionate about something I really enjoy and hope to make my full-time job someday.

Where can we find you on social media?

Twitter: @DCostelloPBW
Facebook: Darrell Costello

And finally, why do you do what you do?

I do this because it gives me a chance to express who I am in a way I’ve never felt before and feel I can connect with others. It’s been a major improvement in my life and it’s made me a better me from day one. And I aim to keep improving for as long as I physically can.

Thank you to Darrell for answering our questions.