Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – March 2019


Oh, we’re a quarter of a way there, woah, it’s Wrestlers of the Month time! March continued on from February’s trend of having Rumbles all over the place, with three taking places this past month at Discovery Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, and WrestleZone. Elsewhere, we had new champions being crowned, some cracking matches, and the return of Lord Mr Malice. What more could you really ask for?

Honourable mentions go out to Angel Hayze, Chris Lamb, Christopher Saynt, Craig Anthony, Jack Morris, Jesse Santana, Joe Coffey, Joe Hendry, Scott McManus, and Theo Doros.


10. Jason Reed

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to Make Wrestlers of the Month Great Again! Jason Reed makes his first ever appearance on the series following quite a good March for the future President of WrestleZone. Although a loss to Luke Aldridge for the W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship kicked off his month, he bounced back to winning ways at WrestleZone’s Regal Rumble event as he teamed with Zach Dynamite in a winning effort over Tri-Counties Champion Mr P and then-Undisputed Champion Damien. Later that same night, he entered the Regal Rumble Match for the second time in his career, entering at number five and being the 22nd man eliminated from the contest. With that, he lasted the longest in the match. Still heartbroken he got dumped out. A final victory rounded off his month this past Saturday as he teamed with Zach Dynamite and new Undisputed Champion RUDO Lightning to defeat the team of Damien, Mr P, and Shawn Johnson in Westhill. Making Scottish Wrestling Great Again one step at a time.


9. Paxxo

Adding a bit of spice to this month’s list is Milan’s very own Paxxo. The Italian Nightmare kicked off his March with two losses sadly, first at the hands of Jack Jester at a PBW show in Larbert and then in mixed tag action in Carlisle for Target Wrestling where he teamed with Jokey in a losing effort against Kris Kendal and Chelsea Blaze. He bounced back to winning ways two weeks later though with a huge win over BT Gunn in Cumbernauld, and then ended up being a surprise entrant in the 2019 Elite Rumble Match for Pro Wrestling Elite, but ended up as one of 29 combatants thrown over the top rope. A sad end to the month for Paxxo, but that win over The Oddity will do wonders for him going forward.


8. Michael Chase

One of the first shows of the month was a Reckless Intent Wrestling event in Livingston, with the main event featuring Michael Chase unsuccessfully challenging Chris Renfrew for the UK Championship in what turned out to be an early match of the year contender for Reckless Intent. After the two teamed up in a losing effort to The Nine9 pairing of Dickie Divers and Jack Morris at the 2019 Disco Derby, Chase would gain retribution over Morris with a singles victory at a Reckless Intent event in Hamilton to end his month on a high note.


7. Chris Renfrew

As mentioned, both Michael Chase and this month’s number seven Chris Renfrew had an excellent contest over the Reckless Intent UK Championship to kick off the month (a match that can be viewed on the Reckless Intent YouTube channel). A return to Discovery Wrestling was next for the former New Age Kliq member, as he teamed with Chase in an unsuccessful encounter opposite The Nine9, while a victory over TJ Rage in his Respect Pro Wrestling debut ended his month with a positive note.


6. Aspen Faith

One of last year’s highest point earners makes his second appearance this year as Aspen Faith ventures into the sixth spot for March. The Lost Boy’s first match of the month was a Fatal Four Way Match against BT Gunn, Kid Fite, and Chief Deputy Dunne at the Disco Derby, a match that was won by Gunn and a match that I’m dying to put up online somewhere. After losing his Respect Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship to Kings of Catch partner Lewis Girvan in a brutal Submissions Match, the duo teamed up to defeat The Kinky Party in Aberdeen to mark the first successful defence of their ICW Tag Team Championships. A Triple Threat Match at the Regal Rumble for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships opposite Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions, and The Thunder Buddies ended in a no contest due to referee Dennis Law losing control of the bout, while two wins capped off the month for Faith as he defeated Scott McManus at Source Wrestling Origins, before then defeating Andy Wild in Westhill via disqualification due to the interference of William Sterling. But hey, a win’s a win at the end of the day.


5. Ashley Vega

Ashley Vega sure is racking up the points this year. Her first match of March was the second annual Disco Derby Match with Sammii Jayne’s Discovery Women’s Championship up for grabs – she came in at number five and was the fourth person to be tossed out at the hands of eventual runner-up Kasey, but not before she got an elimination of her own in the form of Angel Hayze. Vega then lost to another rising female star Anastasia at Source Apex, but got her own back the following at Origins by defeating both her and Angel Hayze in a Triple Threat Match. Her final match of the month came just yesterday as she made her debut for Tidal Championship Wrestling at their Hell Hath No Fury 2: Angels With Dirty Faces event, losing to Eliza Roux. A sour end to the month for Ashley.


4. Kieran Kelly

“Shotgun” Kieran Kelly had quite the month in March, kicking things off with a huge win over the veteran Liam Thomson at PBW’s Larbert show before answering Joe Hendry’s open challenge at Discovery Wrestling’s last show prior to their hiatus. Even though he came out on the losing end here, it was a massive opportunity for young Kelly, and one that he made full use of. Things remained on a high for this Source Wrestling graduate, as Kieran picked up further victories over his Underdogs partner Scott McManus at ICW’s second show in Aberdeen and then over Davey Blaze when PBW made their way to Cumbernauld. Speaking of The Underdogs, they lost to Kai Williams-King and King Killa at Source Wrestling’s Apex event due to Kelly refusing to tag McManus in throughout the match, with a submission loss to Xero following the same day at Origins. The Scottish X Champion made a successful defence of his title in Inverness over Jack Morris, Lucha DS, and Robbie Solar in an Elimination Match, and then teamed with his I-Gen ally Craig Anthony to defeat BT Gunn and Liam Thomson at PBW’s return to Greenock in a match that’s received rave reviews over the last week. Although he ended the month with a loss to Chakara at the Tidal Championship Wrestling event titled Demolition Dancing, fans can watch highlights of the previously mentioned tag match here.


3. Lewis Girvan

Lewis Girvan’s first match of March was an absolute clinic, as he took Joe Coffey to the absolute limit in a bid to become a two-time Discovery Wrestling Y Division Champion. But alas, The Iron King continued his reign and will as a result, break Lewis’ record reign of 666 days. Sad times. He would however have championship success the following week, regaining the Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship by forcing Aspen Faith to submit and then teaming with Faith to make a successful defence of their ICW Tag Team Championships against former champs The Kinky Party. The Kings of Catch would then also go on to retain their WrestleZone Tag Team Championships after a Triple Threat defence ended in a no contest. That same weekend, The Renegade outlasted MATT DALY, Luke Matthews, Taylor Vite, Grant McIvor, and Griffin in an Elimination Match for Source Wrestling to end his month with another victory in the bag.


2. Jackie Polo

That there Just Justice was quite the cheeky devil last year, appearing just twice on the entire series but racking up 19 points. He’s already on the same sort of track here, taking nine points from his debut appearance in 2019. Jackie’s first match of the month was at a Target Wrestling event in Carlisle where he defeated Prince Ameen in a match that was undoubtedly something truly special, while also defeating Grado the same weekend in Aberdeen for ICW at Drippin’ Like A Knackered Fridge. He would then go on to lose to Aaron Echo at Pro Wrestling Elite’s Elite Rumble VI show, but he would come out victorious in the annual Elite Rumble Match after lastly eliminating Joe Coffey. A pinfall loss to Jack Jester in Maryhill for Wrestling Experience Scotland spelt the end of March for him, but Jackie Polo now goes on to July to challenge for the PWE Heavyweight Championship.


1. RUDO Lightning

For the second month in a row, RUDO Lightning is crowned the Wrestler of the Month, and he only wrestled three matches to do so. He won the WrestleZone Regal Rumble Match in his return to the promotion after disposing of both Zach Dynamite and Johnny Lions, and then challenged Damien post-match to have their Undisputed Championship match then and there. A ref bump allowed RUDO to whack The Revolutionary with the championship belt to mark a new champion in WrestleZone. Historic scenes. He again pinned Damien this past weekend in Westhill, where he teamed with Zach Dynamite and Jason Reed while Damien was aligned with Mr P and Shawn Johnson. Lightning now goes on to the main event of this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy as the defending Undisputed Champion. Who saw that one coming?

Wow. What a month. This year has already been a hard one to narrow down, with the coming months looking to be even more challenging judging by some of the matches and events being announced. That’s the fun thing about doing this. Some months will be better than others, meaning different wrestlers will have the opportunity to get on the list. We’re only three months in and already, there are 22 individual wrestlers with points in the bag. Let’s see what April brings when it comes!

Point Standings as of April 1st 2019
1. RUDO Lightning (20 points)
2. Joe Coffey (19 points)
3. Lewis Girvan (18 points)
4. Andy Wild (15 points)
5. Aspen Faith and Kieran Kelly (12 points)
6. Sammii Jayne (11 points)
7. Ashley Vega (10 points)
8. Jackie Polo (9 points)
9. Lionheart (8 points)
10. Viper (7 points)
11. Damien (6 points)
12. Jack Morris (5 points)
13. Chris Renfrew and Kay Lee Ray (4 points)
14. Jack Jester and Michael Chase (3 points)
15. Lucha DS and Paxxo (2 points)
16. Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Angel Hayze, and Jason Reed (1 point)

Thanks to Wrestle Ropes,, and @BritWresAwayDay for match info.