SWN Meets… Zach Dynamite (Aberdeen Anarchy 2019 Special)

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Welcome to another interview right here on the Scottish Wrestling Network. This Saturday night will see the stars of WrestleZone descend upon the Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen for their annual Aberdeen Anarchy extravaganza. The guest this year? None other than former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and current Dragon Gate Open The Dream Gate Champion, PAC! Today, we had the opportunity to chat to PAC’s opponent for the evening. He is a graduate of the WrestleZone Training Academy, a former two-time and greatest Tri-Counties Champion of all time, one third of WrestleZone’s newest faction The Foundation of the Future – it’s Zach Dynamite!

First off, how did it feel when you found out you would be the one to go toe to toe with The Man That Gravity Forgot?

When I was told I would be facing PAC at Aberdeen Anarchy I felt excited at the opportunity to wrestle one of the very best in the world. I’m grateful to WrestleZone for giving me this opportunity and it’s one of those situations that you feel a ton of pressure but it’s the good kind of pressure. It’s time for me to back up everything I say and prove that I am WrestleZone’s elite.

Were you at all surprised at the opportunity from WrestleZone management, especially given your recent string of losses?

I was not surprised I got the opportunity as for the better part of the last 3 years I have dominated WrestleZone as it’s most must see rising star and greatest Tri-Counties Champion.

How much has this opportunity driven you to do your best in both the gym and at the WrestleZone Training Academy?

I have been at the WrestleZone training academy 3-4 nights a week every week since I found out I was wrestling PAC and have increased my gym days to 4 times a week on top of that. This match with PAC means everything to me and I’m going to make the most of this opportunity.

Your offence in the ring is primarily based on strikes and submissions. How do you plan to use this style to combat PAC’s outrageous athletic ability?

My style is more strike and submission based and the mentality is very simple – how can he fly around when I keep him grounded? Make him wrestle my match. He is an athletic marvel no doubt but that will mean nothing when he is trapped in the move I have mastered, the anaconda vice.

On occasion, you have been known to bust out the old high flying move when the time is right, such as the Tri-Counties Championship Ladder Match two years ago. Do you enjoy working this style, or do you prefer to keep it on the ground?

Everyone talks about PAC’s ability to fly but when the time is right I’m no slouch. I can fly with the best of them. Just because I don’t use a high flying style as my primary style, it doesn’t mean I can’t.

Last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy saw you compete in a Fatal Four Way Match. Even though you’ve only got to fend off one opponent this time, is your strategy any different heading into this year’s Anarchy?

My strategy is always changing depending on the situation of the match and my opponent. That’s why I have had the success I have, I don’t get complacent. When it comes to Aberdeen Anarchy the goal is always to win and steal the show, and prove that I’m the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in WrestleZone.

Speaking of last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy, that night saw you realign with Bradley Evans. Do you feel as if having The Mad Dog in your corner (aswell as your new ally Ryan Riley) gives you any sort of advantage here, or will you be going into this one on your own?

Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley will be on hand at Aberdeen Anarchy to watch my back just like always. But I don’t care for your insinuation that I need an advantage over PAC, they will be there for moral support. I became the greatest Tri-Counties Champion of all time through my sheer talent and will to win. Trust me, PAC vs Dynamite will be fought one on one. So when PAC loses to me he has no choice but to tell everyone I am the better man.

A few months ago, you had the opportunity to face current ICW World Heavyweight Champion Lionheart, who is undoubtedly one of the best in the UK at the moment. How do you feel this match went?

I felt my match with Lionheart went very well and he truly is one of the best in the UK hands down. I wish the match wasn’t so last minute and I had proper time to prepare for him. The most important thing was he came to my house just like PAC is going to and tried to beat me but just like PAC will at Aberdeen Anarchy, he failed. When it comes to Lionheart, I’m up for a rematch.

Do you feel like this match with PAC, regardless of the outcome, could put you on the map throughout the rest of Scotland, and open up more opportunities for yourself?

I truly believe this match with PAC will elevate me to the next level in the minds of the fans. However, I feel that I’m already at that level and I just need the right stage to showcase that. PAC vs Dynamite at Aberdeen Anarchy is the perfect stage to shine on.

And finally, should you come out victorious, what would be the next logical step in the career of Zach Dynamite?

The next step on my journey is the same one I set myself when I started at WrestleZone nearly 10 years ago and that is to be the very best there is and to do that I need to become the Undisputed Champion. The future is inevitable as is my destiny to become Undisputed Champion. Myself, Bradley Evans and Ryan Reilly are the foundation of the future. This is our time, we are taking over WrestleZone and it starts when I defeat PAC, April 13th 2019 at Aberdeen Anarchy.

Our thanks to Zach for taking the time to answer our questions.


If you wish to see PAC vs Zach Dynamite aswell as the whole host of other exciting matches on April 13th, tickets to Aberdeen Anarchy are available from http://www.ringsideworld.co.uk, priced £27 for a ringside ticket and £17 for a general admission ticket. General admission tickets can also be bought from Forbidden Planet in Aberdeen. Doors for VIP ticket holders open at 5pm, with general admission ticket holders gaining entry at 6pm and the main show kicking off at 7pm. This is a night not to be missed!

You can find Zach on Facebook here and on Twitter here.