Five Reasons Why Lou King Sharp Should Enter The CZW Tournament Of Death


So recently, Lou King Sharp has been on a mission to prove he’s as tough as they come. He’s been doing everything he can to prove that fact, calling out the likes of Mikey Whiplash and the actual New Jack. Now, he wants to be entered into the annual deathmatch tournament at Combat Zone Wrestling known as the Tournament of Death. Why does Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler deserve a spot in wrestling’s most dangerous event? Well, here’s five reasons!

He’s Been Thrown Off Balconies

In ICW, Lou is no stranger to high-risk spots, such as a few times where he’s crowd surfed to avoid elimination in the Square Go! Match. On the night before Fear & Loathing X though, Stevie James tossed him off the balcony of the Garage into the crowd down below. What a mad man LKS is!

He’s A Ripped, Jacked, 8 And A Half Stone

You don’t get many wrestlers these days as ripped and jacked as Lou King Sharp. Who needs to workout as much as Simon Miller when you can be Lou’s size and still have success everywhere you go?

He Stands At A Staggering 5 Foot 4

Last I checked, Rey Mysterio stands at 5 foot 6, two inches taller than Sharp. If he can be a small lad and have all the success in the world, then why can’t Lou?

He Once Faced Hornswoggle In A Battle Of The Big Men

WrestleZone’s 2017 Aberdeen Anarchy event saw LKS face former WWE star Hornswoggle in a much dubbed The Battle of the Big Men, with both men known for their imposing heights. Dave Meltzer rated it higher than all the Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada matches combined, and has called it an early Match of the Century contender.

He’s The Blood Tourist

When he’s not booting baws and pumping maws in Scotland, he’s doing so around the world. The Blood Tourist isn’t just a fancy nickname – it’s who Lou King Sharp is.

Make sure you head to any and all social media platforms and make your voices heard. Get the hashtag #LKSForTOD trending, and ensure CZW management make the right choice!