Where Are They Now: WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2013

watnaberdeenanarchyLooking back at previous events in professional wrestling can lead to either good or bad memories, depending on what you like. Nevertheless, it gives you something to remember. Whatever happens on that fateful night will remain in the history books forever. On Saturday evening, it’s WrestleZone’s Aberdeen Anarchy supershow from the Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen, featuring the debut of the one and only PAC. Today however, let’s go back to 2013, to the first time Aberdeen Anarchy emanated from the historic Beach Ballroom. That year would see Crusher Craib come out on top in the main event to capture his first Undisputed Championship, but what about some of the other names featured on the show, the ones that perhaps are no longer on the WrestleZone roster? Whatever happened to them?

Bryan Tucker

Aberdeen Anarchy saw Bryan Tucker team with WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and fellow Granite City Hotshot Shawn Johnson in a winning effort over Aspen Faith, James Midas, and Scott Maverick. Following this, Tucker and Johnson would go on to become four-time Tag Team Champions before disbanding in November 2015 following Shawn’s defection to Sterling Oil at Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!). After making a surprise return in the following year’s Regal Rumble Match to prevent Shawn from being victorious, the former allies would go to war for the remainder of the year, ending with Tucker powerbombing Johnson through a table at Christmas Chaos 2016. In 2017, Bryan became one of four finalists in the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament alongside Bingo Ballance, Zach Dynamite, and eventual winner Aspen Faith, with the whole tournament culminating in a phenomenal Ladder Match at that year’s Aberdeen Anarchy. After he teamed with Scotty Swift, Johnny Lions, and management representative Chris McDonald to put an end to Sterling at last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy, Tucker hasn’t been seen in the ring too much, with his most recent bout being a victory over Ryan Riley last September. No official word yet on whether or not he’s retired or if he’s just taking some time off.

Carmel Jacob

By the summer of 2013, Carmel Jacob had established herself as one of the leading faces of women’s wrestling in the UK. She was holding gold all over the place, from the W3L Women’s Championship down in Fife to the GSW Ladies Championship overseas in Germany. With regular appearances for promotions such as Insane Championship Wrestling, Fierce Females, and Pro Wrestling Elite, it was difficult to deny the abilities of The Pipebomb Princess. Her rivalry with real-life husband Liam Thomson in ICW was arguably one of the best in recent Scottish wrestling history, kicking off in March 2015 when Carmel was defeated by Layla Rose in a Loser Leaves Town Match followed by the betrayal post-match from The King of Sink Style. As we rolled into 2016, Carmel captured the ICW Women’s Championship from Viper in a Fatal Four Way Match, and would go on to hold the gold for a record 322 days. She was able to see off challenges from the likes of Xia Brookside, Nikki Storm, and Sammii Jayne, before eventually losing the title to Kay Lee Ray at ICW’s first show at the Hydro. It was here that Carmel announced her retirement from active competition but she has made the odd appearance here and there, and was also the inaugural inductee into the ICW Hall of Fame in 2017!

James Midas

After teaming with Aspen Faith at the first Beach Ballroom show, James Midas and the future King of Catch formed a team later that month known as Team SMASH – Superior Moves and Submission Holds. The duo had some success whilst aligned, capturing the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships in their first official match under the SMASH name. While they would lose the titles the following month to Scotty Swift and current ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, Midas and Faith would continue teaming into 2014. At that year’s Aberdeen Anarchy, the former Holyrood Blond wrestled his final match on the pre-show against Zach Dynamite, before being one of Aspen’s seconds for his World of Sport Rules Match against Len Ironside. After this however, James Midas would hang up the boots in favour of becoming a football coach. To this day, I’m still waiting for him to make a return to the ring. A guy can dream, right?

Mr Malice

Mr Malice was always the punching bag of sorts when it came to the WrestleZone roster, and would play a number of roles. He was the bodyguard to Sterling Oil (although I’m not really sure if bodyguard would be the right word to describe Malice), then he became the coach of Alan Sterling during his days as a mixed martial artist, before becoming the Vice Executive of Butler Relations to Alan when he became a Lord. For a brief time, Malice was banished from competing in WrestleZone after losing a Dog Pound Match to Scotty Swift at Battle of the Nations 2014, during which he would enlist the help of his pet project The Malystos to combat Los Cystos. What a rivalry that was! After being reinstated to the roster, he too would become a lord by the summer of 2015 after being driven head-first into the mat by Alan Sterling. While being WrestleZone royalty, he became a massive fan of fish guts, would be seen trespassing at the house of Shawn Johnson, and would often get people’s names wrong, such as Cruncher Craib for Crusher Craib and Stan Johnson for Shawn. After hanging up the cape and crown in 2017, The Greatest of All The Malices made a brief return at the 2018 Regal Rumble as the one night only manager for Lord Michael of Graham. These days, he’s usually seen playing the wrestler’s music before they come through the curtain, although he did make a resurgence in the 2019 Regal Rumble Match under his Lord Mr Malice guise. That match would see him be essentially killed by Caleb Valhalla.

Rob Cage

Following his defeat to recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee Billy Gunn at Aberdeen Anarchy, Rob Cage found quite a bit of success elsewhere. He was the winner of the 2013 SWE European Championship Tournament, besting Big Damo, Stallyon, and Ian Ambrose en-route to victory, and would also go on to capture the Pro Wrestling Pride Tag Team Championships down in England. After competing around England and Germany, Rob made a return to Scotland in 2016 for Discovery Wrestling, where he would be seen teaming with Gene Munny as Buffet Club. Although they may have appeared to be a comedy act, the pair were highly successful, beating The Fite Club, The Comix Zone, and The Wild Lions on their first night in the company. Throughout this time period, Cage would still be winning championships, capturing the British Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and both the European and Cruiserweight Championships in Germany’s Deutsche Wrestling Allianz. After qualifying for the Discovery Uncivil War with a win over The Headbanders, Buffet Club would go on to defeat The New Age Kliq, Kid Fite and Krieger, and Dave Conrad and Deviation to be crowned the 2017 Discovery Tag Team Champions. After a loss the following month though, Buffet Club would be no more – I’m still not over it. As far as I’m aware, his final match came at Over The Top Wrestling’s Being The Elite show in December 2017, where he defeated Paul Tracey. While he may be enjoying his time after wrestling, I’ve got my fingers crossed he returns to Discovery and joins Gene Munny as some sort of parody Brothers of Destruction. We’ve already got The Munndertaker – we just need The Big Buffet Machine!

Scott Maverick

I’ll be honest, Scott Maverick and Scott Renwick are two guys I always get mixed up, and I’m not even sure why. Most likely because they’re both called Scott. Anyway though, Maverick was on the losing end of a six man tag team match at Aberdeen Anarchy alongside the soon-to-be Team SMASH as they lost to Jim Duggan and The Granite City Hotshots. After this show, he wrestled almost exclusively for Premier British Wrestling, bar an appearance or two for British Championship Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling. He tangled with some of the UK’s very best, including Andy Wild, Stevie Xavier, Kay Lee Ray, and BT Gunn. In March 2014, Maverick was even part of a Triple Threat Match for Great Bear Promotions opposite two guys fans of the UK scene will be very familiar with – Chris Brookes and the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate. He would have just one more match after this, a loss to current CPW Undisputed Champion Lucha DS at a PBW show in Maybole in January 2015. Maverick hasn’t been seen in a ring since, according to cagematch.net at least.

In full results from this show, taking place on June 1st 2013 at the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen;

Pre-Show Triple Threat Match – Blue Thunder def. Cysto 1 and Mr Malice
Bingo Ballance def. Stevie Xavier
Scotty Swift & Ross McTavish def. The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling)
Damien def. Zach Dynamite
Jim Duggan & The Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker & Shawn Johnson) def. Aspen Faith, James Midas & Scott Maverick
Billy Gunn def. Rob Cage
Lumberjill Match – Kay Lee Ray def. Carmel Jacob
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship with Len Ironside as Ringside Enforcer – Crusher Craib def. Johnny Lions (c)