The Bedlam Report | Insane Championship Wrestling ‘So’s Yer Maw 2’ Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam


Greetings readers, it’s me, the Medic of Mayhem, the Surgeon of Sarcasm, your good Doctor Bedlam and before you ask hell no I have not seen Rogue to Wrestler and never will if I have any say in the matter, why? Well I don’t like these sort of reality programs in general (“oh no I can’t believe I’ve been eliminated” really? Never seen a reality show before? it’s what happens, boo hoo go home). My only hope is that BBC finally give ICW a deal for Fight Club because the fact is, call me crazy, but I would much rather tune in to watch wrestlers… y’know… WRESTLING! I get the feeling the BBC are still unsure of ICW, I mean even the logo for it was very generic, plain and devoid of ICW’s logo, it’s like, I get it’s the BBC, no advertising but still and its almost like they want ICW but they don’t want it… if that makes sense. I’m sure its good ratings will get it another season (though considering what else is on the channel is it any surprise it’s doing decent numbers). But I know I’d rather see a proper TV deal, c’mon BBC it’s just the BBC Scotland channel, what have you got to lose?

Oh, as you may or may not know, Shug’s Hoose Party is only a few months away and it will be a full year I have been covering ICW as your good Doctor and I feel like celebrating that fact, if you dear readers have any suggestions (keep it nice people) as to what I can do to mark my first anniversary of The Bedlam Report either comment on the Facebook link or contact the Scottish Wrestling Network Facebook page with suggestions.

Also I seen there was someone enjoying a birthday night out, well, a (belated by the time this is released) birthday to Maggie Stewart, I won’t ask your age as its impolite to ask a lady such a question, just hope you had a good one.

Now before I get to the matches, the Red Lightning/Lionheart promo was… interesting, basically Red is gonna try and cash in when Lionheart’s at his most vulnerable and Lionheart accepts that but warns him basically that he may live to regret it and Lionheart will beat the crap out of him if he tries. It was a good promo as both men were on the same level, it was all basically, yes we respect each other but one of us has a shiny belt the other wants and he ain’t getting it, simple and effective. Just a pity there is no match up happening between them, it would have been amazing.

The Sinky Party vs The Wild Boys – This was one of two “King of the Hawners” showcase matches (okay you know what, it’s a bloody trios match and that’s what I’m referring to them as), the pairings for the matches were interesting but more on that later. I have been aware of these types of matches and how they are popular in Mexico (though I found out through WCW) and CHIKARA would regularly host these types of tournaments, but again more of my thoughts on that later. A few things I noticed, while The Sinky Party has the more established guys with the more years of combined experience, The Wild Boys seemed more cohesive, it didn’t help that Liam cut his thumb on his sink before the match. If The Kinky Party are splitting, it’s Sha that’s turning heel, I can just see it. If there was one standout it’s Kieran Kelly, unlike other lightweight wrestlers (in terms of size and build, not slagging the guy off) he doesn’t seem as out of place as other similar styles guys have been in the past, he reminds me of Falcon back in the day actually, knows he’s not the biggest dog in the fight and knows he doesn’t need to be either, the match served the purpose of showing the crowd what to expect.

Jody Fleisch vs Leyton Buzzard vs Ricky Knight Jr – Now this was a gret match, one of the two standout matches of the night and it was great to finally see Jody win in ICW and to see Ricky Knight Jr in ICW but
the real story of the night was Leyton Buzzard. If I am honest, his face turn was overdue, he could only be the fall guy for Dallas’s people for so long and I really want to see how he does as a face though the beat down went a bit awkwardly long and it wasn’t quite clear exactly where Dallas stood with it all.  He didn’t try and go out of his way to stop Joe Hendry, but wasn’t overly crying out for Leyton to get beat up either, it’s hard to follow what they are even trying to do any more with this angle to be honest.

Kings of Catch vs Nine9 – The Nine9 are maturing nicely as a team and genuinely could be a threat to the Kings if this evolves into a feud (though this being ICW, chances are they won’t be seen again for months knowing our luck), The Kings of Catch were amazing as always and picked up a much deserved win.

Craig Anthony vs Charlie Vyce – Interesting match from two fresh talents, not sure about the “No Charlie No Party” chant… nothing to do with The Kinky Party, just more the drug reference. Craig Anthony picked up the win in an impressive way.

Rampage Brown vs Angelico – Now this was a good, but odd match, why odd you say? Well it was two non-regular ICW wrestlers against each other which is something you don’t see much, and while Rampage picked up the win, Angelico, as ever, stole the show. I will make an observation, I would like to see Angelico and Paxxo face off, they have very similar style and flair in their performances and I was initially perplexed as to why Ashton and not Rampage was chosen to face Lionheart out of The P.O.D. but it was all to become clear later.

Jackie Polo vs Kez Evans – If Kez Evans is Dastardly… does that make Ravie Davie Muttley? (please someone get that joke) Polo picked up a convincing win after “slapping the jackass”. Is it just me, or does Coach Trip get into the country and western spirit of the gimmick a lil too well, the guy looks like he’s having a great time at ringside. Of course this was to set up Jeff Jarrett’s Shug’s announcement. Y’know it’s not a complete surprise Jeff Jarrett has taken such a big interest in ICW, the guy loves wrestling so much, he set up TNA from nothing and gave the people (Vince didn’t want from WCW) a place to go and to showcase new talent, I have a lot of respect for the guy and he always seems genuinely happy to be here, it’s not just an import collecting a paycheck, it’s a wrestler doing what he loves and I admire him for it.

Kasey vs Isla Dawn – This match wasn’t bad but I dunno, just didn’t have… it. It was a solid match, both wrestlers giving it their all. I just think the crowd were a lil’ drained from the last two matches being so good no-one seemed really into it. It happens, no-ones fault, Kasey won in what was actually a close fought match.

Fite Network vs Bad Company – Now this was the second trios match. What I found interesting about this was that this match had two established stables, whereas the first match had makeshift teams, but oddly this match seemed to have an odd disjointed feel. Something you would have expected from the other match, The Fite Network won but it was a close match-up that could have went either way.

Lionheart vs Ashton Smith – Okay, apart from the scene at the end to set up Rampage vs Lionheart it was another technically sound yet ultimately forgetful match. Do ICW not see just how secondary they are making the belt look? At no point did you fully believe Ashton was gonna win, even with the interference, that was more to set up Rampage as his next opponent. I’m not belittling Ashton’s ability by saying that but let’s be honest, in ICW we have only really seen Ashton used as part of a tag team (in fact apart from a one off against Lionheart last year every time I seen him he has been part of the P.O.D.) so it was never gonna happen for the poor guy. The guy is a great talent however putting the belt on him would have been puzzling all things considered (yes he’s signed up to NXT UK but that’s a cynical reason to put the belt on a guy, yes hes a great talent but you could say the same about guys that have been in ICW longer). The sad fact is it feels like Lionheart’s title run is happening in another reality from the rest of ICW. I hate to say it but Lionheart needs to either get involved in a decent feud or drop the belt, simple as that, its a running joke now, which “world class talent” is losing to Lionheart this time? At least next time with Rampage there has been SOME sort of build, but think on it, he’s been the champion for nearly five months and this would be the first match with any build up in any way whatsoever? Come on ICW.

Y’know… I don’t get this notion that as champion Lionheart gets to choose his opponents, I know on occasion in the past champions have referred to the belt giving them some power (Red Lightning as champ used to refer to it and to an extent so did Polo) but this does seem a bit of a strange thing for any companies babyface champ (using the belts power has always been a heelish thing and while he’s not a full on sucking up to fans babyface he’s not a heel either). It, to me, just seems weird like surely they aren’t saying Lionheart can veto who he faces? Really? It needs clarified, though, in my opinion, this has not been on of the better or memorable ICW title reigns. There is literally no reason for people to have believed in any of his matches so far that Lionheart was ever in any true danger of losing and THAT, my dear reader, is a bigger problem than you may think. Even Red Lightning having the Square Go briefcase hasn’t livened up the title scene from Lionheart’s perspective because even if and when Red cashes in the main focus is on Red versus Dallas, Lionheart will just disappear down the card like so many ex champions before him.

In general the storytelling in ICW has been.. how to put it, as I said in my previous special Insane… But not in a good way, while yes the storylines progression didn’t always make sense but you could always see what they were trying to achieve and what the ultimate goals of the feuds were. But recently ICW has seemed like a rudderless ship, no-one is feuding over any of the belts the Mark Dallas heel storyline seems to be stalling with no clear end, Red Red Lightning has the briefcase but the most logical member of Dallas’s cadre of men to compete against him is Joe Hendry. Whom, since joining Dallas, has just… they seem to have stripped away everything that made us love him as a face and love to hate him as a heel and apart from the Square Go has shown no real desire to be champion. You just can’t see where they even want to go with that, hell Ravie Davie seems more pissed off at the Square Go outcome than Joe… who seems more intent on beating up Leyton Buzzard. Also, who’s gonna take the Zero G off Joe Coffey? Does anyone WANT the title? That title in the past year has seen more of the interiors of the Coffey households than an ICW ring, and when we do see the belt it’s in meaningless matches. I mean c’mon ICW used to be second to none in terms of story telling, I am almost loath to say it but ever noticed the storytelling has went downhill since Renfrew was kicked out the company? Could be a coincidence but probably not.

Also were the fan REALLY crying out for a Trios tournament? Obviously ICW couldn’t get The Barrowlands this year (and it’s not because we are “outgrowing it” or anything because we are back at The Garage) and while yes it’s something new for Scottish wrestling but, it’s not the fact we are having it, it’s two factors that are genuine bones of contention. The two night schedule. We already have a two night event in Shug,s. It’s eight teams, they could easily have a one night tournament like the early WWE King of the Ring events with the time limits and with it being a tag event the wrestlers won’t be as tired as if it was a singles tournament, having it over two nights seems a cynical move for more money and ICW’s general bizarre thing about being different just for the sake of it. This one will sound nitpicky but the bloody name “King of the Hawners”, yes we know (or should know) what a “Hawners” is and what it means, but in this context and when you see it in print it just doesn’t sound great. There are times adding a Scottish/Glasweigan slant on titles works, like Square Go, its a double meaning as it is literally a fight in a square ring, it works. This one… no… just no. I’m sorry but.. no, but that’s just my opinion.

In summing up, the matches themselves were sound, just ICW needs to get its storylines sorted and put focus back on the belt.

Hope you enjoyed my thought and opinions.

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