SWN Fan Art Corner #4

Welcome to this months Scottish Wrestling Network Fan Art Corner.

It’s been a busy old month of wrestling action across the world and the Scottish Wrestling scene was no different.

With great events including PBW’s ‘Breaking Limits 14’, Fierce Females ‘Goddess’s Of War’, ICW’s ‘So’s Yer Maw 2’, BCW at Kilmarnock Grand Hall and WrestleZones biggest show of the year ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ both of which offered an appearance by former WWE superstar now AEW and all round amazing talent PAC. By all accounts it’s been a hugely successful month.

And that is why with inspiration like that to get our artistic juices flowing we are very proud to deliver you some of the best pieces of Fan Art we could find. And what a haul. We’ve even managed to pinch a pic from Mark Dallas. Honoured sir, honoured.

We would like to thank everyone who has either taken the time to send in their work or have given us permission to use them and a special thank you to Zoe @_scottish_kitty_ (Twitter and Instagram) not only for her work but for giving us an insight into her passion for wrestling with an interview. If you haven’t checked it out please go back and do that (here). It’s great.

We will have another new interview coming very soon too with another very talented artist in @the_mac_maniac (Twitter and Instagram) so keep your eyes peeled for that one as well.

If you would like to submit your Scottish Wrestling Fan Art to be featured on our page in a future edition, then there’s a couple of ways to get in contact with us.

Twitter – @TEmbroiderer
Instagram – @themaskedembroiderer

Or use the hashtags


Hope you enjoy and thanks again.

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