Five Scottish Picks For The AEW Roster

aew-rally2All Elite Wrestling is without a doubt one of the more interesting developments from wrestling in 2019. Announced on January 1st via the Being The Elite YouTube show. As of writing, the upstart promotion has put together one hell of a roster, featuring huge independent names to some lesser-known stars. They announced yesterday that their upcoming event, Double or Nothing, will air in the UK via the ITV Box Office, making it much easier for us Brits to tune into what will surely be the beginning of a new era for professional wrestling. So, what better time to take a look at some UK names who could join the roster?


Stevie Xavier

Once he’s back from injury, you have to imagine Stevie Xavier (or Stevie Boy, whichever he chooses) will reclaim his spot back in the Scottish wrestling scene. But why stop there? He’s arguably one of the biggest names in Scotland, he’s had appearances down south, he has the TV experience with World of Sport Wrestling, his list of accolades is endless. I could say more, but do I really need to? There’s no debate over whether or not Stevie could make it in a massive promotion like AEW. All it takes is one signature on the dotted line.


Joe Hendry

When you talk about stars making a name for themselves in Scotland, Joe Hendry is top of that list right now. Appearances on Five Star Wrestling and World of Sport Wrestling, going to the Commonwealth Games, becoming the Men’s World Champion in the upstart promotion Fight Forever Wrestling (very promising things coming from these guys). Joe is more than deserving of the massive opportunities. With his persona and accomplishments to his name, Joe would easily be a perfect fit for the roster. Imagine his custom entrances with the level of production AEW will have. Prestigious to say the least.


The Kingdom of Catch (Aspen Faith, Lewis Girvan & Sammii Jayne)

Would you believe it, a list that features The Kingdom of Catch. Shock fills the room. Seriously though, I was obviously going to be putting them on. Aspen, Lewis, and Sammii are all some of the finest talents in the UK right now, as I’ll remind you of time and time again. Faith and Girvan are regular members of the rosters in top promotions like ICW and Discovery Wrestling, while Jayne has been lucky enough to have the chance to work in Japan. With the way they’re going at the moment, it’s not really a bad shout to have The Kingdom of Catch on this list.


Andy Wild

When you speak about some of the best talent in the UK at the moment, Andy Wild comes up there. Having been on a career resurgence over the last few months, The Dad Bod God has been on the receiving end of some huge opportunities, which has meant he’s faced the likes of Zack Gibson and Joe Coffey from NXT UK. Honestly, I could see him blending right into the roster. As it stands, the roster doesn’t really have many proper heavyweights that can toss people around the ring. Thus, sign up the leader of The Wild Boys. He’ll even do the catering for the events in the form of stovies!


Proper Mental (Lou King Sharp & Krieger)

Last but not least, Lou King Sharp and Krieger. The PBW Academy graduates recently lost the company’s Tag Team Championships at the end of April to I-Gen, ending a reign of 910 days. AEW have a pretty interesting tag team division at the minute, with the likes of The Young Bucks, The Lucha Bros, and The Best Friends all signed. It sounds like a great group of teams, but it needs that extra bit of spice to make it a proper mental division. With Krieger’s ability to make towns and scud towns and Lou’s experience around the world as The Blood Tourist, it’s time to sign these lads to contracts.

Who would you like to see join the roster?