Five Picks To Face Nick Aldis For The NWA World Heavyweight Championship

When current NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis sent out that tweet it got my mind racing. Who, in Scotland, could face Aldis over the #TenPoundsOfGold? To do that I’ve put together a wee list of five picks that automatically come to mind.

I set one ground rule, no NXT UK talents. So with that taken into account, who do I think could be contenders to face Nick Aldis when he heads over to the UK?


My first pick, the veteran of Scottish wrestling. Lionheart successfully defended his BCW Heavyweight Championship against Aldis back in 2011. Since then Lionheart has went on to become ICW World Heavyweight Champion and is searching for the best talent in the world to defend his championship against. A showdown between the two with both titles on the line is a moment that can’t be missed.

Andy Wild

Funnily enough, Andy Wild and Nick Aldis have clashed before. Back in 2012, Pro Wrestling Elite were crowning their heavyweight champion in a tournament. Eventual winner Wild defeated the then Magnus, to move on in the tournament. The match itself was marred with interference in the conclusion. A lot has changed in six and a half years with Magnus going on to become the first British World Heavyweight Champion by winning the TNA World Heavyweight Champion then going on to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion two times. Andy Wild has evolved into the sherman tank with the Ferrari engine, picking up titles across the country including a very successful career up in the North East. A rematch would certainly be worth watching.

Joe Hendry

Another pretty easy choice. Joe Hendry, British wrestling champion, Commonwealth Games competitor, has wrestled the likes of Kurt Angle, Doug Williams, Jack Swagger. Wrestled on television for Impact Wrestling, World of Sport Wrestling and Five Star Wrestling. Joe Hendry is a natural born entertainer in the ring, on the microphone and has put in a body of work in the UK to more than deserve a chance at a title with such a prestigious lineage.

Liam Thomson

Liam Thomson, when he isn’t fixated on his sink, is one of the best wrestlers in the country. He’s held titles everywhere. Thomson has experience against Aldis, way back in 2012, Thomson teamed with Mikey Whiplash in a losing effort against Aldis and Wolfgang. But that was seven years ago and a lot has changed since them. Thomson is naturally gifted in the ring whilst being one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the country, he is a wealth of natural charisma and would put on the performance of a lifetime against Nick Aldis over the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Johnny Lions

Maybe an odd choice for some but 2019 will be the last year we see “Tenacious” Johnny Lions as an active wrestler. A talented guy that has been around for over 14 years, an underrated performer who always puts in everything to put on a show for fans. It’s a match that I would want to see.

So who do you think should be getting a crack at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship?