Johnny Lions Retirement Update

Photo credit Johnny Lions’ Facebook

As we all know, current W3L Heavyweight and WrestleZone Tag Team Champion Johnny Lions will be retiring before the new year. While we don’t know the exact date of his final match quite yet, The Tenacious One has provided us with a bit of an update as to when the WrestleZone fans will see him for the last time.

In a video posted on the WZ Facebook page, Lions and current tag partner/best friend Scotty Swift spoke to the camera regarding their upcoming title defence against The Outfit on August 17th at the 2019 Battle of the Nations event. While Johnny did say that he would stick by Swift until they lose the titles, be it tomorrow morning or 10 years from now, he said that he’ll hang up his boots in WrestleZone once they do indeed lose the championships.

A WrestleZone veteran, Johnny Lions has done it all up north. He’s headlined Aberdeen Anarchy at the Beach Ballroom, he’s won the Undisputed Championship, he currently holds the Tag Team Championships, he’s been in Ladder Matches, Steel Cage Matches, Iron Man Matches, Street Fights, the lot. He’ll be sorely missed by the WrestleZone faithful.

You can watch the entire video from WrestleZone below;