Show Report: Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash

By Louise Westie


An absolute first I’d never been in the Pavilion before in my life, literally like two minutes’ walk from Buchanan Street Bus Station.

I managed to get brilliant seats right down the front in the fourth row and a brilliant view of the stage, the ring looked high from where I was (mainly that’s because I was sitting down) I went with a pal, because it was his birthday as well and I had a spare ticket as my date couldn’t make it.

Wrestling event wise, I’ve been too a few family friendly shows like Disco, GPWA etc, but mostly over 18s promotions like ICW, so I had to watch and moderate my language as it was a family show. Now I was too busy enjoying the show, to try and get proper notes on the matches itself, only from what I could get. It’s basically a rundown of the show play by play. I tried the get the details as best I could.

The start time was 14:00.

Our host Grado came out to Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ with a spectacular entrance complete with indoor X Factor like sparklers (which nearly killed our resident favourite wrestling photographer Mr David James Wilson – who nearly jumped out of his skin, bless him).

Grado did the introduction and also go the crowd warmed up by stating that Sha Samuels in the building and was a dafty and we were to boo him, followed by various celebrities by VAR offering their support to Grado. Then he introduced our amazing wrestling MC (Master of Ceremonies) Simon Cassidy who was absolutely buzzing in his tuxedo as he introduced the show.

Simon went through the usual introductions – boo the people you hate, cheer the people you love, stamp your feet, clap your hands, make some noise and introduced our referee for the festivities – no nonsense Sheriff Sean McLaughlin.

Justin Sysum vs Martin Kirby

First time seeing Sysum live, more known as the current WOS Heavyweight Champion, and he was the face in this matchup. Kirby was the heel (which he was brilliant at) and got a brilliant response from the kids (I wasn’t sure if they were calling Kirby “baldy” or “Blobby” judging by his ring gear).

It was a great opening match, with lots of comical moments such Kirby crawling under the ring to try and surprise his opponent (we could see him, lol) . After the match, there where chants of ‘please come back’ for Sysum, who I hope will be around at more wrestling events.

WINNER – Martin Kirby by pinfall.

Crater’s Open Challenge

As we kick off the intro for the match, Mark Dallas came out first to introduce and put over his client and got a lovely welcoming response from the audience (mainly boos and being called a jobby, Mark Dallas has slipped into the panto villain manager role well). If any of you follow social media, you’ll have seen various posts all over social media about how he was going to ‘ruin it for all the smelly weans’ (I thought he would have walked through the audience and take away foam fingers etc.) even adding a stipulation to the match and how if anyone couldn’t beat Crater then the show was cancelled and proceeded to wind up the audience.

First up was Kieran ‘Shotgun’ Kelly, (the boy put up one hell of a fight with lots of superkicks and fast moves) but was no match for Crater, but nearly had him, after some ringside interference from Dallas, Crater defeated Kieran Kelly. Then BT Gunn came out to answer the challenge. BT was getting fired up to take down the Mountain, but with Dallas up on the apron, Crater accidentally took out Dallas and BT used that to his advantage take the win.

*TopGunn both have history with Mark Dallas in ICW, so fingers crossed it comes into play with the King of Hawners Tournament 26th – 28th of May.

WINNER – BT Gunn by pinfall.

After the match, BT and Dallas faced off in the ring and while distracted, Kieran Kelly sneaked back into the ring and superkicked Mark Dallas clean out with a technical knockout, leaving Crater to carry his manager out.

(However, Dallas swore on social media that this was not that the last that we would be hearing from him…)

*Sha Samuels Segment *

Before we got to the first half main event Sha Samuels interrupted, calling out Grado walking through the audience, saying that he was gonna find him. Grado appeared on the big screen taunting Sha from one of the backstage dressing rooms.

Jack Jester & Jokey vs Iestyn Rees & Angel Hayze

One of my favourite matches of the show, and an absolute first (team Jokester as I called them) aka ‘Big Kink’ Jack Jester and Jokey – who were the heels against the ‘Alpha Male’ Iestyn Ress and the ‘Young Lioness’ Angel Hayze, (the Alpha Lions as I called them) were the faces.

Jester came out with his big metal chain wrapped weapon (Big Shiny – not seen him in ages) a bit unusual seeing him as a heel, as I’ve only seen him as a heel and a face in ICW, but never much at family shows only from what I’ve seen online and the odd show.

This was interesting as I’ve only seen Iestyn as a heel and not as a face and the man is an absolute machine when it comes to his wrestling talents. Angel Hayze, only 18 years old and has done amazing so far, she’s deffo one of the standouts to watch for the future.

The match had some classic moments such as Jester’s Undertaker impression, taking the slap of the wrestling post and the reaction to the “dafty” chants from the kids. ‘The Italian Nightmare’ Jokey was excellent as always.

Jester tried to use Big Shiny, but the confiscation of the item caused Iestyn to take the win while Angel took out Jokey.

WINNERS – Iestyn Rees & Angel Hayze by pinfall.

As we kicked off the second half of the show, Sha turned up on the right-hand side of the royal box saying that he was looking for Grado and Grado quickly appeared on the balcony of the left-hand side of the royal box, the pair were hurling insults at each other, even as Grado was hurling sweeties from his famous bum bag into the audience.

‘Just Justice’ Jackie Polo vs Joe Hendry

‘Just Justice’ Jackie Polo came out first, who was the heel and Joe Hendry was face. Joe used his old Impact Wrestling theme, I thought he would have made a video on his opponent.

It was quite a tough match to call as Joe is an MMA enthusiast, took part in the Commonwealth Games, and a high accomplished grappler. Jackie Polo, former rugby player standout and a former ICW Champion. With Justice even attempting to use the referee’s belt as a weapon!

There was a spot where we all thought one of them was going to go through the announce table, because Simon Cassidy moved like a whippet.

Justice hooked the tights for the win.

WINNER – Just Justice

Adam Maxted vs Red Lightning

Adam Maxted came out first, then Red Lightning came out next to Welcome to the Jungle, complete with microphone in hand. He wasn’t wearing his traditional red, yellow and black inspired wrestling gear, but wearing red, white in blue (which I learned later was tribute to Rollerball Rocco) and a sleeveless leather jacket, and the jobby chants started, Red shouted that any children called him a jobby, he’d be having words with their parents and the kids would be going to their beds at 7 o’clock!

As the match got underway, Maxted demonstrated why he is a superstar in the wrestling ring.

Red tried every trick in the book to get the win, even as going as far as to attempting to choke out his rival with his own wrist tape and attempting to be biting his ear off! Towards the end of the match Red distracted the ref and low-blowed Maxted, getting the pin.

WINNER – Red Lightning by pinfall.

Main Event – Sha Samuels vs Grado – Glasvegas Challenge Match

Now I was absolutely petrified and scared about this because I had no clue what this entails or what was going to happen – the Pride of the Clyde vs Pride of The Thames. At first, I thought it was going to be something like a flag match or a blindfold match, or a match where literally anything could happen or be involved, but it was an England vs Scotland match. Sha came out first to Vindaloo (which got belters from the crowd) then Grado came out to (Like A Prayer).

The lads put on a belter of a match. Sha trying to do an over the belly to belly supplex. At one-point when Sha chucked Grado off the stage, he landed near me and my pal, with Sha not close behind, Grado got a hold of Sha letting fans give him a chop. Then it got back into the ring, (Grado and did a perfect John Cena style slide back onto the stage)
Later on, during the match, a fired up Grado had the straps down, the diddies were out, it was time for the Roll N Slice. Sha kicked out at two! How?!

Grado had thrown every finisher he had at him – wee elbow, R-Grado, Wee Boot, Roll N Slice and Sha kicked out at every finisher at two! (How was he doing this?!)

However, Sha got hold of a microphone, he told Grado that he couldn’t beat him and that he was a loser, Glasgow was full of losers, Scotland was full of losers. Putting the microphone down and charging towards Grado, Sha bounced off the ropes and Grado took the win.

WINNER – Grado by pinfall.

*After the match Sha warned Grado that for the next show when they come back he might be bringing some friends …. *

The show was amazing, for Grado’s first time running a wrestling show in the middle of the day on a Saturday afternoon, it had everything and was a brilliant event for children and adults of all ages. I’m glad that I went and that they’re doing another show. If you’re a wrestling fan, I’d honestly get myself along and buy a ticket, cause it’s going to be a show you don’t want to miss it!

Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash 2 – October 5th.

Balcony seats are all sold out!