Full Results: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment ‘Uprising’ May 2019

The following results are from Scottish Wrestling Entertainment’s ‘Uprising’ event at the Coldside Parish Church in Dundee, Scotland on May 25th, 2019:


SWE Tag Team Championships – Dead Cell (Kevin Williams & Nathan Reynolds) defeated Fortune 500 (Felix Fortune & Hugo Harris) by submission to win the SWE Tag Team Championships.

Nate Stevenson defeated Johnny Thunder by pinfall.

Fast Track Briefcase – No Holds Barred – Darren Blair defeated Grue by pinfall to retain the Fast Track Briefcase.

SWE Heavyweight Championship – Scotty Riccio defeated Alex Cavanagh by pinfall to retain the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

Tommy Cross defeated John Kerr by pinfall.

SWE Future Division Championship – Ken Kaiden defeated Zack Leon by pinfall to retain the SWE Future Division Championship.


Our thanks to SWE Army for the results from the event.