SWN Fan Art Corner #6

Welcome to this months Scottish Wrestling Network Fan Art Corner.

Once again another great month of Scottish Wrestling action has occurred and more fantastic fan art has been made.

We try and get the best and most diverse pieces we can find and this month was no exception, we even have a piece seen on a recent episode of NXTUK. Thank you to @ashleyfcerguson for letting us use this.

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In fact thank you to everyone who either sent in their artwork or gave us permission to use their work. It’s always exciting and inspiring to see new pieces. And if your feeling as inspired as we are by these pieces and wish to send in your artwork for next months edition feel free to do so. You can get us at:

Twitter – @TEmbroiderer
Instagram – @themaskedembroiderer

Or use the hashtags


It would also be much appreciated if you could spread the word. We want to see even more next month.

Just before we go we’d like to add that we hope you enjoyed our last SWN Fan Art Corner with our interview with @the_mac_maniac go and check his work out if you haven’t already. It’s excellent. We will have another very special one of these in the near future with a talented artist and just so happens to be a ‘king of catch’ wrestling. I wonder who that could be? Keep a lookout for it.

Hope you enjoy and thanks again.

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