Review: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment ‘Hart & Soul’

I’ve delved into the Scottish Wrestling Entertainment archives to go back to 2013. Prince George was born, The Rock was WWE Champion ending the CM Punk title reign at 434 days to set up a twice in a lifetime match against Royal Rumble winner, future star of Bumblebee, John Cena.

This was a time I was at the height of my SWE loving days, heading down to Dundee to see some wrasslin’ every few months. I had tickets for this event but couldn’t make it down to the show. Missing a chance to get a photo with Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

Held at The Bonar Hall in Dundee, a nice small venue that has held Hell for Lycra events in the past. We had ‘Ravishing’ Randy Valentine on commentary with Stevie Simmons and Alex Fowlis.

Sean Midnight defeated Scotty Riccio by pinfall.

A big reaction for Scotty Riccio as he entered to take on Sean Midnight, who is deaf, this was advertised as his last match before heading to Japan, America and the Philippines. Quick exchange between Midnight and Riccio to kick off, both fan favourites in the venue.

A little stuttering in parts, A lot of ground work, with Midnight having a power advantage over the smaller Riccio using a scoop slam and fist drop. Riccio battled back with a 10 count punch and leg drop but couldn’t put Midnight away. Riccio countered a vertical suplex into a DDT. Riccio tried to pick up the pace with a monkey flip. Midnight caught Riccio from a crossbody, lifted Riccio onto his shoulders and planted him with a TKO to win.

A fun match to kick off the show, a little rough around the edges but an enjoyable encounter.

SWE Future Division Championship – Jason Costello defeated Gabriel Angelfyre by pinfall to retain the SWE Future Division Championship.

The Jackal wasn’t popular in The Bonar Hall as the boos rained down on the SWE Future Division Champion which Costello looked to be basking in. Costello tried to get the jump on Angelfyre but Angelfyre soon took the upper hand with Costello begging off, suckering the challenger in to make a mistake. Costello took over, putting the boots to Angelfyre but finding himself powerslammed by Angelfyre for a two count. Costello went back onto the offensive, choking Angelfyre on the ropes and hitting a nice suplex. Angelfyre threw out a last gasp front lung blower whilst the two traded forearms on their knees. Both mean traded moves, Angelfyre launched himself with a moonsault but it could only garner a two count. Angelfyre blocked a clothesline into a cross armbreaker but Costello reached the ropes. Costello tried a victory roll but the referee spotted him grabbing the ropes. At first you don’t succeed, Costello rolled up Angelfyre with a handful of tights to retain.

More boos rained as Costello escaped with his title. Entertaining match, I do enjoy watching Jason Costello wrestling, he’s just a despicable bad guy with no redeeming features.

Next up Chris Duke interrupted Callum McMinn, sending him away and introduced Mr News to the ring.

Mr News says he has five minutes thanks to a social media campaign, he apologised that what he’s about to say will go over some new fans heads. He goes on to say that he was burned out after Hell for Lycra X and was happy to walk away. He goes on to say that he was fired at an Uprising event, only finding out after a fan told him in a pub. He mentions Bravehart, or David Low, and his mic cuts out before he can delve any further. After a second microphone cuts out Bravehart makes his way to the ring.

Bravehart told News that he just gave him the five minutes to get him in the middle of the ring to fire him face to face in front of 500 people at The Bonar Hall. He then sent The Syndicate to get rid of Mr News. Pheonix and Williams batter News, LJT and Stallyon finally make the save to run off The Syndicate.

The attack and save set up the next match.

The Syndicate (Kevin Williams & Chaz Phoenix) defeated Martyn Stallyon & LJT by pinfall.

The Syndicate spent the early going wearing down LJT, cutting off the ring. LJT created space with an X-Factor to crawl over and tag in Martyn Stallyon. Stallyon cleared house, hitting a double DDT on both members of The Syndicate who then felt the wrath of a springboard double clothesline. Double suicide dive from LJT and Stallyon, bringing Kevin Williams back in for a Hart Attack. Interference allowed Williams to pick up LJT for a buckle bomb and Black Hole Slam but couldn’t capitalise. Stallyon missed a top rope splash which saw him dragged into a piledriver and the three count.

Loud boos from the crowd, in part through their attack on Mr News before the match. Stallyon and LJT looked very impressive in this one.

Before the next match Chris Duke interrupted Callum McMinn once again to take over announcing duties. From what I gather from the rules set out. The prize was an application form for the Hart University. Not a spot in the program, just an application. So high low middle stakes?

Winner Receives An Application To Hart University – Ladder Match – Sammii Jayne defeated Debbie Sharpe and Viper

Sharpe and Jayne tried to team up to take out Viper to start but they were swatted away with relative ease. Viper quickly attempts to bring the ladder in but a double baseball slide from Sharpe and Jayne knocks Viper. Viper and Sharpe brawled on the outside and are soon joined with Sammii Jayne jumping off the top onto both. Viper was the first to scale the ladder with her opponents not far behind, with both pulling down Viper from near the top. Jayne and Sharpe fight to the top and are soon flying thanks to Viper pushing over the ladder both having hard landings. Viper regains control, crushing Sharpe against the ladder in the corner. Viper laid both Jayne and Sharpe on the ladder but missed a big splash, finding herself landing on the ladder. Sharpe wins a tug of war with Jayne and set up the ladder in the corner, far away from the prize. She dives off with a crossbody on Sammii. Just as it looks like Debbie Sharpe is about to win, Ian Ambrose came out and attacks Sharpe. Viper attacked Ian Ambrose which allowed Sammii Jayne to climb up the ladder and grab the application.

This match was reason I wanted to watch this event again, from what I remember before re-watching was this was an absolute stellar match and I wasn’t disappointed. It had its moments and all three put their bodies into some positions which made me cringe in agony. It wasn’t a marathon but for what they fitted in in the time they had it was a fantastic match. Shame that the prize was a bit meh.

The Z List (Euan G Mackie, Jam O’Malley & Dr Effen/Mr Awesome) defeated Christopher Saynt, Tom Fulton & Scott Renwick by pinfall.

Chris Saynt announced as Britian’s only bruiserweight. While he’s mouthing off to his partners, Dr Effen transforms into Mr Awesome and mauls at Saynt, takes out Fulton and Renwick then clotheslines Mackie and O’Malley in a frenzy. Awesome dived over the top rope the crowd of wrestler below. As they all make their way to their feet, Mackie sneaks to the top rope and flew down onto the crowd below. Mackie rolls Saynt into the ring and lands the Arse of Glory for the two count. In the interim, Mr Awesome was cable tied to the ring post to control him. Saynt tags out and we get some tag team moves from Renwick and Fulton but countered by a double crotch grab from O’Malley to position both for a double dropkick from Mackie. Saynt soon returned and found himself being splashed in the corner by O’Malley then a Shiny Hiney from Mackie then a corner splash from Scott Renwick… for some reason, I assume because Saynt was being particularly annoying. Fulton interrupted the count and tagged in to hit an atomic drop on Mackie then an inverted atomic drop. Renwick tagged in to hit his version of the Three Amigos onto Mackie but was met with the boots of Mackie following an attempted corner rush. Mackie hit a top rope dropkick to the knee of Renwick. Saynt tagged in but Mr Awesome had broke his restraints and tagged himself in to clean house. O’Malley hit The Jam Slam (with assistant crotch drop from Mackie) onto Renwick. Awesome speared Saynt then tried to pin him but Saynt was too close to the ropes, a big boot from Mr Awesome finished off the match.

Saynt attacked Renwick after the match but was met by a parade of finishers ending with the Back To The Future springboard stunner from Tom Fulton.

This was weird. Fun… but weird. A lot of crotch stuff and silliness.

After all that funny stuff, it was followed by Bravehart introducing Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. Bravehart got the “What?” treatment and “Mr News” chants. Bret got a big reaction from the crowd, he talked about coming to Dundee in 1981 to wrestle. Talked about the fans in Scotland being great. Lots of clapping and whooping. Cheers for coming, wave, leave.

SWE Heavyweight Championship – Four Way – Damien O’Connor defeated Ian Ambrose, Johnny Lions and Claymore by pinfall to retain the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

A short haired, short bearded Damian O’Connor entered first with the SWE Heavyweight Championship. O’Connor and Claymore cleared the ring, just as it looked like they were going to face off Johnny Lions entered with a flying dropkick to knock both out of the ring. Lions and Ambrose traded off moves with many “vintage” Johnny Lions moments. O’Connor re-entered the equation, brawling with Ambrose and Lions before being knocked down by a flying Claymore soaring through the ropes. O’Connor had all three opponents in the corner of the outside barrier and proceeded to cannonball senton through the pile.

O’Connor and Claymore once again faced off as they teamed up to take out the interrupting Lions and Ambrose before slogging at each other with forearms and uppercuts. Lions and Ambrose returned with a double dropkick to knock the two beasts into each other and taking them out momentarily. Ambrose began work on the leg of Lions to try and get the ankle lock. Lions countered with a slingshot into the corner to set up a German Suplex but Claymore grabbed Lions and both he and Ambrose went flying.

A triple headlock with all four followed but Lions slipped out, a fantastic combo from Lions as he stunnered O’Conner, DDT’d Claymore and leg dropped Ambrose at the same time. The parade of finishers followed a superkick from Claymore onto Lions, Codebreaker from Ambrose onto Claymore then an Ulster Plantation from O’Connor onto Ambrose. Ambrose kicked out and O’Connor locked in a sleeper hold. Lions hit the B(est)L(egdrop)E(vah) to interrupt the hold, Claymore hosted a superkick party to take out Lions and Ambrose but ate a Bann River Boot from O’Connor, Ambrose met the same fate to leave The Beast of Belfast to remain as SWE Heavyweight Champion.

An action packed main event with rarely a dull moment. A really great match to end the show.

A fun filled two hours of wrestling, taking it as it was I was thoroughly entertained. The ladder match is still brilliant and was easily the match of the night but each match had something that I enjoyed either from an in-ring standpoint or just as a character thing. The Bret Hart appearance was fairly pointless other than getting butts in seats and I would’ve like for him to be a bit more involved, even if it was a general manager or commissioner for the evening. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it’s easy to pick holes in a show that’s six years old but overall an enjoyable show to watch.

Watch for yourself on YouTube:

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