Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Seven Deadly Sins 2019’

World Wide Wrestling League presented their 2019 Seven Deadly Sins tournament over two shows at the end of April/start of May. The tournament determines a number one contender for Wrestlution and has seen such winners as first winner Wolfgang, Mikey Whiplash and last years winner Johnny Lions.

It consists of the following;

  • a battle royal  with the winner receiving a bye in the first round
  • three first round matches
  • two semi finals fought under submission rules
  • one last man standing final

We’ll start off with Stage 1, taking place in Buckhaven on April 20th 2019.

Joe Fordyce gave as a run down of the participants;

  • Luke Aldridge
  • Taylor Bryden
  • Dickie Divers
  • Umar Mohammed
  • Mike Musso
  • Craig Stephens
  • Liam Thomson

Stage 1 Battle Royal – Dickie Divers defeated Luke Aldridge, Taylor Bryden, Liam Thomson, Umar Mohammed, Mike Musso and Craig Stephens to receive a bye.

Slow brawl to start with Liam Thomson eliminating Luke Aldridge, Thomson soon followed courtesy of Umar Mohammed before he himself being thrown out thanks to Mike Musso and Taylor Bryden. Musso dropped the top rope for the running Craig Stephens to bumble over while Divers dispatched Taylor Bryden to leave it down to two.

Craig Stephens returned to the ring to kick Mike Musso to allow Dickie Divers to throw Musso over the top rope and win.

A quick battle royal to get things started. Nothing fancy but it layered some story between Musso and Stephens, who had a pre-existing rivalry, and the continuation of Taylor Bryden and Dickie Divers with Divers once again having the last laugh.

W3L Seven Deadly Sins – First Round – Taylor Bryden defeated Luke Aldridge by pinfall to advance.

W3L Wrestling Showdown Champion Luke Aldridge faced the former champion in the first round match. Bryden focused his early attacks on the hand and arm of Aldridge. Aldridge tried to take some short cuts but found himself in multiple pinning situations. Aldridge took over from a sunset flip counter with closed fist punches and back rakes before clamping down with a head vice to crank the neck of Bryden. Bryden fought back but Aldridge soon barreled through Bryden and laid in more punches and stomps. Aldridge missed a corner splash for Bryden to get in some kicks, a struggle then saw Bryden get another kick combo ending with an enziguri that saw Aldridge corkscrew in the air but it couldn’t put away The Big Lad. Aldridge went for a rip cord DDT, the DD6, but Bryden lifted up Aldridge for a spinning sit out fireman’s carry for the win.

Solid match, fans were behind Bryden throughout while Aldridge was good at just punishing his opponent. Good finish.

W3L Seven Deadly Sins – First Round – Liam Thomson defeated Umar Mohammed by pinfall to advance.

Thomson started with some tie ups with Mohammed quickly finding his way to the ropes more often than not. Mohammed escaped the ring, before returning and taking shortcuts at any turn with hair pulls to grab an advantage. Thomson schooled Mohammed with headlock takeovers, grounding his younger opponent. Mohammed once again opted to stall outside the ring before Thomson chased him down. Mohammed went onto the attack when Thomson slid into the ring but a corner forearm and bulldog didn’t get the job done. Mohammed tried to slow down Thomson with a chinlock. Thomson missed a second rope elbow drop but Mohammed couldn’t take advantage. A brawl outside the ring saw Thomson whipped into the ring post. Thomson made it back into the ring a split second before the 10 count. Mohammed smelled blood and went back onto the attack but Thomson rallied with a big flying clothesline and corner dropkick but Mohammed was saved by the ropes. Tandoori Takedown (side effect), couldn’t put Thomson away with the follow up elbow drop either. A second attempt missed and Thomson cradled Mohammed to advance.

Umar Mohammed now has wrestling footwear, so that is already a huge improvement from Action Academy. His offense is a little soft and placed with no attack when running the ropes but that will get better with experience. The match was a little slow, Mohammed’s offense wasn’t great, just over a year in wrestling so can make allowances for a rough performance. Thomson was silky smooth as usual.

W3L Seven Deadly Sins – First Round – Craig Stephens defeated Mike Musso by count out to advance.

A straight out brawl to start with, Musso suplexed Stephens onto the wooden floor, brawling onto the stage where Musso bodyslammed Stephens onto the stage before throwing himself off the stage onto Stephens below with a body press. Stephens low blowed Musso before attempting to ram Musso’s head into the ring post. Musso countered and low blowed Stephens to repay the favour. Cactus Elbow from Musso onto Stephen’s on the outside. Stephens pulled Musso off the apron and rammed him into the ring post head first.

Stephens returned to the ring and the referee started the count. Musso attempted to re-enter but was kicked in the face. The referee continued the count and counted Musso out.

Stephens put the boots to Musso after the bell to add insult to injury.

Heated start, but that ending with the referee continuing his 10 count after it should’ve been broken with Stephens interrupting was rightly booed.

An inoffensive battle royal followed by two super solid singles matches then an end segment, lots to digest as we headed into the second stage. Dickie Divers, Taylor Bryden, Liam Thomson and Craig Stephens all advanced into the submission portion of the tournament with plenty underlying feuds with Musso surely after some revenge along with Divers and Bryden possibly doing battle once more.

The second stage took place on May 10th as South Side Community Centre in Edinburgh.

W3L Seven Deadly Sins – Semi Final – Submission Match – Craig Stephens defeated Liam Thomson by TKO to advance.

We went straight into the next match with two Edinburgh natives facing off in the first semi final. The crowd were loud for some wrestling as Stephens avoided Thomson in the early going. Some grappling to kick off with with Thomson overpowering Stephens with a shoulder barge followed with a lovely second rope dropkick. Stephens used the referee as a shield, eye poke, and Stephens took advantage and they brawled outside of the ring. Stephens stuck a knee in the back of Thomson while cranking with a chinlock before moving on to an abdominal stretch. Thomson reversed it but was soon hip tossed by Stephens. Stephens tried a colossal clutch to try and get the submission but scrapped that. Thomson picked up the pace and back body dropped Stephens with his legs crashing into the ropes. Stephens hit a suplex and rolled back and locked in a Boston Crab by Thomson reached the ropes. A figure four from Stephens was countered and Thomson locked in a crossface but once again the ropes saved the day. Stephens escaped the ring and hit Thomson in the face with a chair, locking in a Camel Clutch and getting the win when Thomson’s arm dropped three times.

Plenty submission attempts throughout with neither really looking to have a game plan, just submissions wherever. Stephens looked good in this match with Thomson always providing entertainment. Stephens once again provided a spoiler with the chair.

W3L Seven Deadly Sins – Semi Final – Submission Match – Taylor Bryden defeated Dickie Divers by submission to advance.

Divers got a sneak attack in early on but then stalled outside the ring when Bryden fought back. Bryden chased Divers back into the ring but Divers was soon slamming Bryden about. Divers tried to ram Bryden into the exposed turnbuckle but was stopped, Divers threw Bryden with a German Suplex and went into a Camel Clutch. Bryden struggled out but was lifted into a backbreaker stretch. The two continued to fight back and forth with neither gaining the upper hand. Bryden locked in an armbar but Divers reached the ropes. Bryden tried a rebound clothesline but was met with a low blow from Divers who then locked in the figure four leg lock. Bryden rolled over into the deathlock but Divers rolled back into the figure four but it was broken by a rope break. Divers returned to the well but was pushed off into the exposed turnbuckle. Bryden locked in a Coquina Clutch for an instant tap out.

Another solid match. Pretty even bout with both looking well matched.

Before the final we got promo from Craig Stephens, not much to report. Bullet points and heavy breathing. Recap highlights of his journey to the final. We got the same for Taylor Bryden, a little more personality in his promo.

W3L Seven Deadly Sins – Final – Last Man Standing Match – Craig Stephens defeated Taylor Bryden by knockout to win Seven Deadly Sins.

Quick start with both looking for a big move to end it as soon as possible. Brawl to the outside and out of camera shot before returning. Stephens opted for a low blow once again to take advantage, bringing back the chair from earlier and smashing it into the gut of Bryden then the back. Bryden ducked another swing and Stephens bounced the chair off the rope into his face. Kicks and an enziguri couldn’t keep Stephens down, Stephens hoisted Bryden with a powerslam and headed out of the ring for another chair. Rebound clothesline knocked down Stephens. Stephens threw a chair to Bryden’s head, laying him out with another chair shot to the back of Bryden. Stephens set up two chairs but found himself drop toe-holded (is that the word?) onto the set up. Stephens fought out of a fireman’s carry and lifted Bryden into a running powerslam through the two chairs for the 10 count.

Stephens hit another running powerslam onto Bryden to add an exclamation point to proceedings.

A very tame last man standing match to close the tournament. Stephens was dominant throughout. I find Stephens very unnatural in the ring. Like, I can see him clearly watching where he lands, his movement is almost robotic, a “place foot here” kind of performance. From the get go I don’t think the winner was in any doubt. If you take Musso out it’s more than likely you’ll either win or find yourself losing because of Musso. No Musso, no problems with winning the tournament.

Before the video ended, Mike Musso popped up to let Craig Stephens know that he’ll be taking his rematch clause up on Wrestlution before giving us some Musso Maths on Stephens chances. Musso proposed a match with Stephens, a last man standing match at Summer Spectacular, if Stephens wins then Musso will give up his rematch clause.

Not a bad show overall, I don’t think there are any matches I would press to revisit with any urgency. Craig Stephens was the focus of the events with his performances, though rigid, being the standout from the two shows.

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