Preview: Insane Championship Wrestling ‘I Ain’t Yer Pal, Dickface!’ (16/06/19)

60347220_2250759961666217_4060224995148693504_nWith the inaugural King of Hawners tournament now in the rearview mirror, the ICW roster now have their eyes set firmly on Shug’s Hoose Party 6 next month. We’ve still got some Fight Club tapings before then though, with the first of those taking place this coming Sunday. Judging by the card that’s been announced, this looks set to be one of the best Fight Club tapings to date!

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Winner Takes All Match for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship and the UEWA Heavyweight Championship
Lionheart (ICW) vs Alexander Dean (UEWA)

Ever since capturing the World Heavyweight Championship from Jackie Polo at the end of 2018, Lionheart made it immediately clear that he only wanted to defend the title against talent that he deemed world-class competitors. We’ve seen Shigehiro Irie, Jody Fleisch, and Rampage Brown to name a few challenge Lionheart for his most prized possession but now, we’ve got a man who is willing to put something of his own on the line too. It’s one Alexander Dean, who is more than happy to place his UEWA Heavyweight Championship up for grabs in a Winner Takes All Match. Formerly known on the Scottish wrestling scene as Sean South, the massive Irishman competed in promotions such as British Championship Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, and even ICW. After taking a break for a few years though, Alexander Dean is back on the rise, being a major player in Phoenix Wrestling as a member of The Resurgence. Judging by what I’ve been hearing, he’s one to keep your eyes on for the time being. A win here would not only make Dean one of the biggest names in the UK, but it would drastically change the night two main event of Shug’s Hoose Party where Lionheart is scheduled to defend against Wolfgang.


Aivil vs Kasey w/The Wee Man

Before their Women’s Championship main event alongside champion Kay Lee Ray on July 6th, Aivil and Kasey are set to square off this Sunday in what is looking like quite the contest. Anyone who’s been following ICW over the last few months will remember the rivalry these two had towards the end of 2018, culminating with Aivil earning a victory in an I Quit Match at France ’99. Since then, The Twisted Priestess has risen to the top of the ICW women’s division, including picking up a victory over NXT UK’s Viper which led to an unsuccessful challenge at Kay Lee Ray’s championship. Meanwhile, Kasey has made her intentions crystal clear following her actions at the 8th Annual Square Go! as she interrupted the championship bout between KLR and Toni Storm, stating that she wants to be the one to take the gold from The Queen of Insanity. It’s the perfect opportunity for both women to pick up some #MOMENTUM before their title match which, as we all know, is the most important thing for a wrestler these days.

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Joe Hendry vs Andy Wild

The battle between The Dallas Mavericks and the resisting ICW roster members continues at the weekend as another battle between Joe Hendry and Andy Wild has been signed. Ever since The Stovie Superman made his full-time return to ICW last spring, it’s fair to say he and Mark Dallas didn’t get on too well. Even though it was Dallas who brought Wild back to the company in the first place, ICW’s head honcho has since turned against the former Zero-G Champion, as well as anyone else who fights back against his new views for what he wants ICW to be (including Mikey Whiplash, Aaron Echo, and Kieran Kelly). This has meant we’ve seen two bouts between Wild and Joe Hendry, with both men picking up a victory to leave the score at 1-1. Both of those bouts were spectacular contests, and this one will likely be no different. The only difference will perhaps be that Leyton Buzzard may try and cost his former mentor the match ahead of their own bout at Shug’s Hoose Party. Who would’ve thought we would be seeing The Prodigy helping out The Dad Bod God?

Screenshot (149)

BT Gunn vs Kez Evans

Although the match was originally scheduled for Shug’s, the bout between BT Gunn and Kez Evans has now been pulled forward to this Sunday. These two men used to be the best of friends, with The Oddity taking Kez under his wing after The Top-Tier Talent became a member of the main roster last year. Things took a turn at last year’s Shug’s Hoose Party though, as Evans turned his back on Gunn after the former Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion had defeated the current WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER. As of writing, the score is currently tied, with Kez getting a huge victory on night two of that weekend while BT got a revenge victory the following month. Since those matches, the rivalry hasn’t died down at all, with Gunn calling in his Bad Company brethren while Evans has since aligned himself with The Dallas Mavericks. Speaking of those two groups, they collided in the quarterfinals of the King of Hawners tournament, a tournament that BT and The Purge went on to win. Can Gunn continue the impressive roll he’s been on as of late, or can Kez Evans solidify himself as one of ICW’s best?

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Paul Robinson vs Lou King Sharp

Battle of the Big Men 2: Electric Boogaloo has been signed for the Garage as Paul Robinson returns to his favourite city in the world to battle the equally short and equally feisty Lou King Sharp. The last time we saw Paul in an ICW ring was this past February, where he took Joe Coffey to the limit but was ultimately unsuccessful in his quest to take the Zero-G Championship. In the four months that have passed, he’s captured the Knights of Chaos Championships alongside Beano, lost the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships back to The Aussie Open in one hell of a TLC Match, and sent Jimmy Havoc packing from PROGRESS in one of the bloodiest Death Matches I’ve ever seen. He’s had quite a good year so far, but so has Lou King Sharp. It was revealed just a few days ago that The Blood Tourist will be sticking true to his moniker by heading out to China to start the next chapter of his career with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, a company that has close links to AEW. As a result, this will be his final ICW match for the foreseeable future. Judging by what Lou had to say in the build to this match, he isn’t coming to ICW to say his goodbyes. He’s coming for the fight of his life. Expect this one to get messy folks.


Grado vs Ravie Davie

Before he takes on RUDO Lightning on night two of Shug’s Hoose Party, Ravie Davie has the task of facing Grado this Sunday. On this past Thursday’s episode of ICW Worldwide, The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square vented his frustrations towards RUDO, saying that this year’s Square Go! winner has had it in for him ever since Davie arrived on the scene in Scottish wrestling as one of the original graduates from the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum. It’s without a doubt the biggest match in Davie’s career so far – it’s not every day you get the opportunity to punch your trainer in the face over and over again. He does however have a huge obstacle ahead of him before the July 28th showdown. Grado is the person you think of whenever you think of Scottish wrestling but ever since he returned to ICW last July, he hasn’t done all that much. He’s had run-ins with the likes of Jackie Polo, Jeff Jarrett, and James Storm, all to no avail for The Chubby Wee Chancer. Even though Ravie Davie isn’t as big a name as those three obviously, he’s still a starting point for Grado to get his ICW career back on track.

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The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

Due to an injury suffered at the hands of Jody Fleisch, it means he and tag partner Jonny Storm will be unable to face The Kings of Catch on Sunday, a match that would’ve more than likely stolen the show had it happened. But with The Phoenix and The Wonderkid now out of the picture, Aspen Faith took it upon himself to issue an open challenge on behalf of he and Lewis Girvan. Now, the last time The Kings of Catch laid out an open challenge, they suffered a loss to Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins in an outstanding Chairs Match last October. However, that was also the match where the crowd chanted “future champions” towards Scotland’s favourite sons, and that’s really when their path to becoming ICW Tag Team Champions began. This time around, their open challenge has been accepted by Dickie Divers and Jack Morris, collectively known as (let’s say it together) The NINE-NINE! The last time these two teams faced off was only back in April so it’s a recent one but considering how that match went, I don’t think there’s going to be anyone refusing a rematch. It was an incredible contest that saw Jack Morris execute a shooting star press to the outside – who else in Scottish wrestling does shooting star presses, let alone shooting star presses to ringside?


Kid Fite vs Liam Thomson

Kid Fite and Liam Thomson are two men who are no stranger to one another – after all, they teamed together for a number of years as Fight Club, recently reuniting in Pro Wrestling Elite to challenge The Purge for the PWE Tag Team Championships. In ICW though, they’re standing on opposite sides of the ring although they do share the same dislike for Mark Dallas. Fite, the only wrestler to have appeared on every single Fear & Loathing event, has shown his true colours in the last few months, first giving up his spot in the Square Go! Match (meaning Lou King Sharp entered instead) and then refusing to enter the King of Hawners tournament. He feels as if he’s been mistreated by Dallas in recent years and to be fair, he’s not half wrong. In that time, he’s come to blows with Liam Thomson, which actually resulted in an impromptu match at the Hydro last December with Liam retrieving that particular sink. It’s been almost a year since The King of Sink Style returned to in-ring action after taking a year out due to injury – what a match to celebrate that time back inside the ring!


Kieran Kelly w/Aaron Echo vs Jonny Storm

In what will surely be an outstanding contest, King of Hawners finalist Kieran Kelly is coming back to the Garage to face British wrestling legend Jonny Storm. Shotgun will of course have fellow Hawners finalist Aaron Echo by his side for this match, with the two having formed an alliance of sorts in recent months alongside Andy Wild that led them to the finals of Scotland’s inaugural trios tournament. In singles competition however, Kelly is not to be taken lightly as one simple mistake can change the match completely in favour of young Kieran. That may not be a problem here though as the former Scottish X Champion comes up against a man who knows everything there is to know about professional wrestling. Having been on the go since 1996, Jonny Storm has become one of the most appreciated names in recent British wrestling history. Despite not being a British wrestler in the era of your Rollerball Rocco’s and your Big Daddy’s, he came along at a time where BritWres wasn’t exactly the most popular thing in the UK. Seeing as he’s still going strong 23 years later, it’s time for The Wonderkid to come head to head with one of this era’s finest prospects.


Not only do we have these amazing matches lined up, but we’re also set for a live concert courtesy of The Warden. We’ve walked with Elias, we’ve strolled with Leyton, and now it’s time to wander with The Warden!

Tickets are still available from, with single night tickets priced £18 for a standing ticket and £20.81 for a seated ticket in rows B and C. Season tickets are also available, which will also grant you access to the Fight Club tapings on July 6th and August 25th!

Announced Matches
Winner Takes All Match for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship and the UEWA Heavyweight Championship – Lionheart (ICW) vs Alexander Dean (UEWA)
Aivil vs Kasey w/The Wee Man
Joe Hendry vs Andy Wild
BT Gunn vs Kez Evans
Paul Robinson vs Lou King Sharp
Grado vs Ravie Davie
The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
Kid Fite vs Liam Thomson
Kieran Kelly w/Aaron Echo vs Jonny Storm

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