Full Results: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment ‘Uprising’ June 2019

The following results are from Scottish Wrestling Entertainment’s ‘Uprising’ event at the Coldside Parish Church in Dundee, Scotland on June 29th, 2019:


Fatal Four Way – Alex Cavanagh defeated Euan G Mackie, KJ Nitro and Luke Aldridge by pinfall.

Fortune 500 (Felix Fortune and Hugo Harris) defeated Euan G Mackie’s School For Rejected Luchadores (Dynamico and Randomico) by pinfall.

Darren Blair vs Zack Leon ended in a double count out.

John Kerr & Johnny Thunder defeated Tommy Cross & Nate Stevensson by disqualification.

After the match, Thunder and Cross had to be separated by officials and event staff. Cross vs Thunder in a two out of three falls match was announced for Hell For Lycra.

SWE Tag Team Championships – Dead Cell (Kevin Williams and Nathan Reynolds) defeated Scotty Riccio & The Riot Chris James by pinfall to retain the SWE Tag Team Championships.

Scotty Riccio walked out during the match.

Ken Kaiden & Holidead defeated Prince Asad & Rayhne by pinfall.


Our thanks to Scottish Wrestling Entertainment for the results from the event.

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