Five Picks To Face Wolfgang At ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 6


Following the tragic passing of Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum about a month ago, one of the biggest questions fans had for Mark Dallas and the rest of ICW management was with regards to the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. Alongside the SWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship and the UEWA European Heavyweight Championship, Lionheart still held the title at the time of his death, with a massive match against Wolfgang set for night two of Shug’s Hoose Party 6.

At the Fight Club tapings earlier on this month, Dallas revealed his plans for the future of the title. Wolfgang, as the number one contender, will still be receiving his championship match at the event against a yet to be announced opponent. The winner will be crowned the new ICW World Heavyweight Champion. But who should go on to face The Regular come July 28th?


Mikey Whiplash

Mikey Whiplash hasn’t been seen in an ICW ring since Fear & Loathing XI, where he lost to Joe Hendry. While he and Mark Dallas didn’t really ever see eye to eye, it’s plausible that Dallas has realised he’d rather have The Necromancer on his side as opposed to being against him. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have an additional Dallas Mavericks member, that’s for sure.


Joe Hendry

Obviously, this one would rely on Joe Hendry winning against Leyton Buzzard on night one (which, spoiler alert, I think he will). The Prestigious One has somehow never reached the top of the mountain within ICW, with his only title in the company being the Tag Team Championships. There’s nothing I enjoy more in wrestling than seeing the top champion of a promotion surrounded by a group of cronies. He was excellent as the Defiant World Champion with The Prestige, and I have no reason to believe why he wouldn’t be brilliant here with The Dallas Mavericks by his side.


Jackie Polo

Jackie Polo is set to face NXT star KUSHIDA on the first night of Shug’s Hoose Party 6 (yes, actual KUSHIDA, the one of New Japan fame), but there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be in contention to be Wolfgang’s opponent for the night after. Since losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Lionheart at Fear & Loathing last December, Just Justice has remained out of the title picture (unless you’re counting the Square Go! Match), and I personally can’t think of a better time to insert him back in. Plus, Polo vs Wolfgang? Ooft.


BT Gunn

With his victory in May’s King of Hawners tournament, BT Gunn has the option to cash in that victory for a championship match (unless he wants to allow Krobar and Stevie James to use it instead). The Oddity hasn’t challenged for the big one since losing the strap to Stevie Boy at Barramania 4 last year, as he instead went on a bit of a downward spiral for a few months before bouncing back from it. We know just what he and Wolfgang are capable of when they’re put in the ring together. Let’s relive the days of old with this one!


Stevie Boy

I just really want to see Stevie Boy return from injury, okay?

Who do you think should go on to face Wolfgang?

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