#SHP6: Who Will Be The Last Man Standing?

last man standing

On Sunday, July 28th, Insane Championship Wrestling are heading for the O2 Academy in Glasgow for the second night of Shug’s Hoose Party 6. One of the more high-profile matches from the evening will see Kez Evans clash with his former mentor BT Gunn, but this won’t just be any other match. Originally set as a Dog Collar Match, this will now be a Last Man Standing Match, meaning that the only way to win will be to incapacitate your opponent so that he can’t stand on his own two feet before the referee’s count of ten. This one is quite personal given the relationship between them that formed through the training of Kez, with this match being one whole year in the making.

While BT Gunn has been a mainstay in ICW since the early days, Kez Evans didn’t come on to the scene until he debuted in February 2016 as a graduate of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum. The dastardly Kez made an immediate impact upon his arrival on the Scottish wrestling scene, and actually made his ICW debut the following month in a dark match prior to a Fight Club taping alongside CS Rose as they lost to the original Purge team of Krobar and Joseph Vane. The months would go by, and Kez would be seen on more and more shows up and down Scotland – whether it was Source Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, or his home of Wrestling Experience Scotland, he was eager to leave it all in the ring if it meant entertaining the fans.

However, that was the Kez Evans of old, nothing like how he is these days.

He would become a more permanent member of the ICW roster in 2018, first making an appearance in the 7th annual Square Go! Match, and would then also be seen alongside BT Gunn throughout the summer after Gunn had dropped both the World Heavyweight and Zero-G Championships. Following The Oddity’s victory over the big powerhouse WALTER on night one of Shug’s Hoose Party 5, that’s when we saw the real Kez Evans unleashed, as he low blowed his now-former partner, and spiked him into the mat with a cradle piledriver known as the Kez Dispenser. A pinfall win over Gunn on night two would mark arguably the biggest victory of Kez Evans’ career.

BT Gunn would get his win back the following month as he defeated Kez at a Fight Club taping, but there was no stopping The Self-Proclaimed Top Tier Talent. He quickly aligned himself with Mark Dallas and the rest of The Dallas Mavericks, becoming a force to be reckoned with as a result. In his new role, he was tangling with names higher up the card, the likes of Kay Lee Ray, Mikey Whiplash, and Aaron Echo, while also being featured on ICW’s third show inside the Hydro (in a non-wrestling role, but a role nonetheless). More and more people were speaking about Kez by the time 2019 rolled to a close.

While the rivalry between Evans and Gunn appeared to be over as the new year began, that wasn’t quite the case. Tensions once again reached a boiling point during February’s Square Go! Match as Kez eliminated BT from the match within about a minute of The Oddity entering, getting rid of one of the biggest threats almost immediately. Although he would leave the ringside area upon his elimination, Gunn would come back out later on in the match, and toss Evans over the ropes, signifying that things were far from over between them.

After Gunn and The Purge, collectively known as Bad Company, defeated Kez and his Dallas Mavericks brethren Joe Hendry and Ravie Davie in the quarterfinals of May’s King of Hawners tournament, Kez demanded his Shug’s Hoose Party match against BT be moved forward to June’s Fight Club tapings. That wish would be granted by Mark Dallas, and it seemingly worked out in favour of the up and comer, as he scored another victory over the former Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Despite that, a rematch was scheduled for night two of Shug’s Hoose Party 6, with the original stipulation being a Dog Collar Match. Things were soon changed to make it a Last Man Standing Match though, meaning both BT Gunn and Kez Evans will need to beat the other down so much that they can’t stand up before a count of 10.

So, the only question that remains is who’s willing to go that extra mile in order to win the fight, and possibly even the war?

Credit for the pictures used goes to Warrior Fight Photography (promo pics) and David J Wilson (action pics).

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