Full Results: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment/World Wide Wrestling League ‘Showcase Invasion’

The following results are from Scottish Wrestling Entertainment and World Wide Wrestling League’s ‘Showcase Invasion’ event at Manhattan Works in Dundee, Scotland on August 24th, 2019:


Umar Mohammed defeated Zack Leon by pinfall.

Brian Christie defeated The Tormentor by pinfall.

Guaranteed Title Match – 20 Person Inter-Promotional Rumble – Jay Robin defeated Sean Roberts, Jace Jackson, Olly Silverstone, Brian Christie, Lydia Falls, Atomico, Randomico, Botchico, Euan Mackie, Umar Mohammed, Rory Shaw, Johnny Thunder, Nate Stevensson, Vladimir, Niko, Rob Spectre, The Tormentor, Craig Stephens and The Alpha Male to win a guaranteed title opportunity.

Spike Tierney defeated Taylor Bryden by pinfall.

SWE Showcase Championship – John Kerr defeated Tommy Cross to retain the SWE Showcase Championship.

After the match, Nate Stevensson attacked John Kerr. Kevin Williams intervened and booked Stevensson versus Kerr for the SWE Showcase Championship at Hell for Lycra XVI.


Our thanks to Scottish Wrestling Entertainment for the results from the event.

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