Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestlution XIII’ Part Two

Part One


And we’re back for part two of World Wide Wrestling League’s ‘Wrestlution XIII’ event, the first half had plenty spills and thrills. W3L loaded the second half with three championship matches, two of which featured final appearances from long standing roster members.

We started with a recap of the story leading to the first match of the half, which leads nicely into a street fight.

W3L Women’s Championship – Street Fight – Emily Hayden defeated Jayla Dark by submission to win the W3L Women’s Championship

Both wrestlers enter in jean shorts and t-shirts, always appreciated when street gear is worn for a street fight. Emily Hayden tried to take the early advantage but Dark wrestled her down with some quick roll ups. Once it got to the outside Hayden took over before rolling Dark in for a cross face that was countered into a pinfall for two. Hayden introduced the chair to Dark’s back before whipping her into a wall, it only fired Dark up who launched Hayden into the ring post and blasted her with a chair shot to the back. They both produced lightsabers from under the ring, yes I wrote that correctly, and proceeded to duel, Hayden lost her quickly and I suspect Dark used the power of the force to gain an unfair advantage.

Hayden ducked a vicious chair swing directed to her head but couldn’t avoid having the chair kicked into her face. Hayden wriggled out of a Death Valley Driver aimed for two set up chairs and suplexed Dark through the construction onto the wooden floor.

They crawled back into the ring and traded forearms before Dark knocked down Hayden with a headbutt, Hayden stopped an Ewokker Dropper attempt and dropped Dark with Fireman’s Carry Slam onto a chair but could only get two. Hayden locked in another crossface but used the chair to crank under the chin of Dark for the submission victory.

An excellent match, plenty of energy and story. Fun moments with the lightsabers, both showed a savage side which you’d want from a street fight. Dark left with a lightsaber in hand, I think that’s the last image Jayla Dark would want for her final match on Scottish soil.

Hayden begins her second W3L Women’s Championship reign is fantastic fashion.

W3L Wrestling Showdown ChampionshipMarioKevin Williams defeated Luke Aldridge by submission to win the W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship.

A slow start with Aldridge cutting off Williams’ attempts to gain some momentum, setting a more methodical pace punishing Williams with uppercuts and bodyslams along with quick pinfalls. Aldridge uncovered a turnbuckle pad but was rolled up, the referee was too busy putting the turnbuckle pad back on to make the count. Williams countered a kick attempt but was met with a rolling forearm for another two count. Williams popped Aldridge up for a gutbuster which started Williams’ comeback combo leading to a discus clothesline that could only get two. More back and forth, Williams threw in The Megadriver but it couldn’t keep Aldridge down for three. Aldridge looked to tweak his knee following a top rope double axe handle, Williams pounced with the Figure Four Leglock to unlock ‘Winning W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship’ to his achievement haul.

A very solid match, it built up throughout, plenty of good action. I liked how the one mistake from Aldridge let to his downfall.

Before the main event we got a recap of how we got to the triple threat match.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat – Mike Musso defeated Johnny Lions and Craig Stephens by pinfall to win the W3L Heavyweight Championship.

Craig Stephens rolled out of the ring as soon as the bell rang. Not wanting anything to do with Musso and Lions. Lions and Musso jockied to gain advantage but the interjection from Stephens had them both chasing him down to hand out a beating. Musso and Lions formed an early alliance to punish Stephens. It wasn’t long before Musso and Lions were trading forearms. Stephens returned but Lions evaded attacks before using a headscissor. Musso flew back in with a crossbody to both opponents from the top rope. Lions was thrown out as Musso took charge. Stephens powerbombed Musso out of the corner but Lions interrupted the pinfall, only to be clotheslined out of the ring by Stephens. Musso landed a top rope elbow drop for another close two count. Lions hit Musso and Stephens with a drop kick from the top rope and started to power up but was cut off by a couple knee lifts from Musso. The chaos continued as Musso and Stephens brawled on the outside. Stephens planted Musso with a running powerslam onto the wooden floor.

As Stephens tried to drag the lifeless body of Musso into the ring, Lions hit a Lion Cutter on the ring apron but couldn’t get him into the ring quick enough for a successful pin. Stephens grabbed Lions for a double arm DDT but Lions grabbed the bottom rope to break the count.

Lions stopped Stephens’ top rope attempt with a Lion Cutter from the second rope. Musso dragged Lions out of the ring and hit the Blunt Force Trauma on Lions, whose head hit the ring apron before sliding back into the ring and hitting another Blunt Force Trauma DDT onto Stephens for the win.

Wild and chaotic. It ramped up to the conclusion. Musso is continuing this very slow descend into darkness, unless I’m reading way too into it. He used a rematch clause that was from last year, pushed his way into a chance to main event Wrestlution, slapped Johnny Lions seemingly out of nowhere and finally took advantage of Lion’s knocking out Stephens to throw him out and put an exclamation point onto the defeat of Stephens and walked out with the W3L Heavyweight Championship on Johnny Lions’ final night in W3L. There could be something very interesting coming with Musso’s sixth reign as W3L Heavyweight Champion…

A fun 55 minutes, the Street Fight was fantastic, the Wrestling Showdown match was decent and the main event was all over the place but an enjoyable watch overall.

Part Two is available on YouTube now, check it out:

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