Five Picks For ICW GONZO


Following the huge success that was the first GONZO event, Insane Championship Wrestling are back for a second run of the event, which takes place on Sunday, December 1st at the Asylum in Glasgow. For those who don’t know, GONZO puts a showcase on both the Zero-G Championship (which main evented GONZO #1) as well as the future stars of British wrestling, which is why we saw Irish stars Scotty Davis and Michael May plus PBW Academy standouts Dean Ford, Darren Vice, and Ian Skinner all making their debuts this past Saturday for the first instalment of GONZO.

Judging by the graphic that’s been released for the second show, it appears as though both Davis and May will be back in Glasgow, alongside ICW regulars Kieran Kelly, Leyton Buzzard, Kez Evans, and Andy Wild. GONZO isn’t just for the next generation you see – while they are the primary focus, ICW did add a few bigger names to their debut edition with the likes of Stevie Boy, Liam Thomson, and Jordan Devlin on the bill.

The main question right now is who else could make their ICW debut as part of GONZO? Well read on ahead dear reader, as I’ve sorted out five picks who I think would make a great fit to come into ICW under the GONZO brand!

For the purposes of this Five Picks list, I’ve gone for two males, two females, and one tag team. All’s fair (sort of) in love and lists.


It’s a criminal offence that Xero is yet to make an appearance in an ICW ring. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t seen too much of his in-ring work but based off his promos alone, he’d be a grand fit in a promotion as big as ICW. A Source Wrestling School graduate, The InHuman is slowly starting to make his way about, with a debut for Big Massive Wrestling tomorrow night in Stirling along with recent ventures to England for both Preston City Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling. Surely, it’s only a matter of time before Xero follows in the footsteps of former Violence Institute brethren Alexander Darwin MacAllan by gracing the ICW faithful with his presence.

Joe Nelson

Excuse my Anti-Fun Police bias here, but Joe Nelson needs to come to Scotland sooner rather than later. I think I’m slightly older than the lad, and the things he can do sicken me (in a good way, that is… if it’s possible to be sickened in a good way). 2019 has already proven to be a decent year for the occasional AFP member, with the HOPE Wrestling Young Guns Championship, the Tidal Championship Wrestling Championship, and the Breed Pro Wrestling New Breed Championship all coming his way, plus he wrestled in a cave for Breed Pro. A real cave. No, it really happened. Believe me. In fact, you don’t need to believe me – just go on wrestling Twitter and you’ll see, plus they’re posting it on their Patreon at 7pm. I’ll be honest, he seems like the sort of talent who would be brought in by the likes of Discovery Wrestling, but perhaps Mark Dallas and co will jump the gun, and get him up here first.

Debbie Keitel

I’m not entirely sure what being ‘woke’ means, but Debbie Keitel sure is a big fan of it. Ever since she made her Fierce Females debut last year, I’ve become a fan of The Whole Shebang, as I’m sure many others have too. She has this natural charisma around her that follows her from venue to venue, something that perhaps makes her a bit too cocky at the best of times. Although, is it being cocky if she more than backs up her words when she steps into the ring? I guess not. Keitel is the current Fierce Females Internet Champion and Pro Wrestling: EVE Tag Team Champion (alongside Woke Queens pal Valkyrie), and has made quite a handful of debuts in 2019 already, including Discovery Wrestling. Will Insane Championship Wrestling be added to that list, or is it just another case of wishful thinking? Possibly the latter, but ICW do have a bit of a fetish for Irish talent this year it seems.

Ashley Vega

The women’s wrestling scene in Scotland right now is in a fantastic state. From Sammii Jayne to Aivil to Emily Hayden, it’s a great time for the ladies to be showcased in a major way. When it comes to the rising female talents though, it’s usually the same names you see cropping up – Angel Hayze, Ashley Vega, Anastasia, and Rosie Nyte. Angel and Anastasia have both debuted for ICW this year so for the sake of this article, I’ve chosen Ashley Vega (no hard feelings, Rosie). Like the others I’ve just mentioned there, Ashley has been making her way around the UK this year, debuting for Fierce Females, Discovery Wrestling, and Tidal Championship Wrestling, amongst others. Just this month, she had a match against American indie star Veda Scott at Discovery’s big Year Five show that received rave reviews from those in attendance. The future can only go up for Ashley Vega, so let’s see if she follows in the footsteps of Angel Hayze and Anastasia by joining the Insane Fight Club.

Club Tropicana

Captain Sexsea. Aidan. Together, they are Ireland’s greatest exports, Club Tropicana. Seriously though, I came across these lads a few weeks ago, and what a hoot they are to watch. Mainly based in Over The Top Wrestling and Phoenix Wrestling in their native country, the tandem have recently started making their way around England, adding Breed Pro Wrestling, NORTH Wrestling, and Riptide Wrestling to their CV. Making their way to the ring to the sound of Rick James’ ‘Give It To Me Baby’ (an absolute banger of a tune, by the way) and wearing some fetching pink and blue attires, the pair are 10000% going to be a massive deal sooner rather than later. Bring the lads up to Scotland, and we can all have a grand ol’ time.

Who would you like to see brought in as part of ICW GONZO?

Tickets are on sale right now, available from both Ticketmaster and Tickets Scotland!

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