The Rev’s Review | Fair City Wrestling ‘Live In Perth’ October 2019

By Jim Campbell


Well what a successful night it’s been at The Tulloch Institute in Perth. From early Doors at 6:30pm it looked like it was going to be quite a good crowd, by the time 7pm came, I was pleased to say it was a sell-out maybe two or three seats left.

The first match of the night was The Alpha Male and Umar Mohammed against Euan G Mackie and Craig Stephens. This match was a cracker from the beginning, very high velocity wrestling, both teams displayed some fantastic mat work and great showmanship and really got the crowd behind them. This ended with Umar getting a cloud of mist sprayed into his eyes and got pinned for the 1-2-3 by Euan.

Second match with Ken Kaiden versus Aspen Faith was again a crowd pleaser. High profile Aspen, one half of ICW Tag Team Champions the Kings of Catch from The Filthy Generation, started strong and had a really strong opponent in Ken. This was again had every thing in it that you would expect from a company that have been running there shows for years not one that just debuted. A great match with Ken getting the better of Aspen, that’s one I would love to see again.

Third match would be a six-man elimination match, the winner would get a bye through the first round of the Junior Heavyweight Championship tournament that was announced earlier in the night by the commissioner, Kevin Williams. In this match Johnny Thunder, Tommy Cross, Spike Tierney, John Kerr, Cav and Perth’s very own Olly Silverstone would battle it out for that bye into the second round of the tournament. At the end of this six man brawl, with some really nice wrestling, Olly and Cav were the last two standing when Cav used a foreign object in his arm padding to knock out Olly and get the 1-2-3.

After a short interval, second half of the show so saw Luke Aldridge against Ian Ambrose. Ian being the babyface and Luke, well, he was not liked by the Perth crowd whatsoever. Both wrestlers are very talented and had a great wrestling match inside and outside the ring. This was turning into one of the best shows, definitely the best debut shows, I’d ever seen.

So it was time for the main event. Hometown hero Sammii Jayne, Fierce Females’ Scottish Champion, against Angel Hayze and Rayhne. This match had everything. It showcased women’s wrestling and had fantastic crowd participation when the kids beat Rayhne around the ring with their plastic clappers. Some of the wrestling the woman put on was unbelievable, the Suicide Dives off the ring onto the outside where there was no padding was nothing but spectacular. All three girls put 100% into it and I would just like to say well done to all of them it was a fantastic main event. The only way this night could have finished as with our hometown hero Sammii Jayne winning her first match in Perth for what I can remember.

At the end of the night I had a chance to catch up with the ring announcer himself, The Wizard. I asked him what he thought this meant to the people in Perth, he said that “hopefully meaning some consistent shows in Perth as the last one was possibly about a year ago”. I asked him if the shows would be monthly or every two months like it has suggested to be in December, he said that it “would be up to Kevin and John Young as they are are the brains behind the machine and depending if that would be sustainable in Perth”. Asking about the talent that was on show tonight, for a debut show anywhere, that was fantastic, I said. He then told me “yes, as a wrestling fan [he] would put all five matches in any card anywhere in the country today”.

Thank you for your comments.

Yes, people might see that Kevin Williams and John Young have put on shows before but it takes a lot for someone to put your own name on a brand new product in, basically, a brand new city and hope that it works. Both have worked very hard and they have produced a debut show that would stand-alone anywhere in this country.

I have been to a few shows in Scotland and and that has been one of the best I’ve seen and I do hope that Fair City Wrestling goes on and on and up and up.

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