Westie’s Prediction Sheet: Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fear & Loathing XII Night Two’

By Louise Westie


Night One Predictions

Insane Championship Wrestling have started to announce their matches for this years Fear & Loathing event taking place over the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd at SWG3 in Glasgow for the first time. I haven’t went into too much detail with this one as by the time this goes up, it’ll be Fear & Loathing weekend.

Here are my predictions and theories for night two of the weekender.

VIP Early Entry Exclusive Match – Square Go Qualifier

For VIP early entry Tticket holders at Fear & Loathing XII – night two will witness a ten man rumble match, with the winner earning a spot in the Ninth Annual Square Go match! Among those already confirmed for this match are Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Jason Reed, The Sam Barbour Experience and Levi Justice. I’m gonna run through the candidates one by one:

  1. Alexander Darwin MacAllan“The Clyde River Killer” and he is called this for a reason. This is one of the wrestlers who I think should be used more and is really underestimated. He was last seen at this years Square Go. The man cuts one hell of a promo as a heel. ADM was also the priest in Jokey/Aivil’s exorcism and was also the tag partner of Rowan Frey when they had a tag team match against Kings of Catch. He is also the longest reigning Source Wrestling Champion for 400+ days.
  2. Jason Reed – This young man is on a mission to make ICW great again and with Coach Trip (also a manager of champions at his side) he will go far, but with more than SBX in the ring to worry, and eight other men wanting to pick the bones off each other, will he get distracted by his loathing of SBX and get fed to the hungry lions in the ring.
  3. The Sam Barbour Experience – Sam has been making big leaps this year since Shug’s weekender and was recently blindsided by Jason Reed and Coach Trip at Gonzo and is itching to make sure that he makes the Square Go and not Reed.
  4. Levi Justice – This young man is one of the trainees from GPWA. I’ve seen some of his matches and this would be a great debut for him.
  5. Kyle Khaos – Making his ICW return is Kyle Khaos, hailing from the Venomverse. The last time he was in ICW, he was one of the nephews of Red Lightning and one third of the Rich Kids of Instagram alongside Austin Osiris and Aaron Echo. I’ve watched this man at GPWA shows and he’s great at what he does. I’ve always wanted to see him back in the ring.
  6. Xero – I’ve never seen Xero wrestle in person, I’ve watched a couple of his matches online and I think he’s gonna fit right into the insanity of ICW.
  7. Daz Black – I’ve never seen Daz Black in wrestling action, but the reviews I have seen and heard about him are phenomenal from fans and wrestlers alike and that he is a future superstar and one to watch.
  8. Lucha DS – Lucha DS is one half of the masked team Lucha Scotland and is a very well known high flying Lucha Libre masked wrestler.
  9. Lucas De’ Pazzi – Paxxo made his return at Gonzo with a fresh new attitude, this time as a heel, defeating Ian Skinner.
  10. Now number ten is gonna be a surprise entrant. Who it is will be anyone’s guess, there’s a whole load of hungry young lions out there from wrestling schools all over the UK and Ireland. So who knows who is gonna pop up from behind the curtain.

Kenny Williams vs Jordan Devlin – MOVED TO NIGHT ONE!!!!

The “Lucky Yin.” Takes on “The Irish Ace.” Jordan Devlin. In NXT UK these two have faced each other at least three times in two years. Devlin holds three wins over Williams.

The last time these two had a match in ICW was two years ago at the ICW Eleven! event, where Kenny picked up the win. At Gonzo, Kenny was taking on Jordan’s OTT tag partner Scotty Davis, after the match, Kenny had a few choice words to say and that rattled Devlin, who’d had enough of Kenny’s antics.

WinnerJordan Devlin

Iestyn Rees vs Scotty Davis

The “Quintessential Athlete” Iestyn Rees takes on the returning Scotty Davis. Since Shug’s weekender, Iestyn Rees has been on a roll, tearing into Kieran Kelly at ICW Gang Warfare, recently at France 2000 he defeated Andy Wild. It’s nice that Iestyn is getting a singles run. After his amazing debut at Gonzo, but unfortunately losing to Kenny Williams, Scotty Davis will be looking to let off some steam on The Alpha Male.

Davis also a Progress Natural Progression winner and current Progress Tag Team Champion alongside Jordan Devlin, who both have vendettas against Iestyn’s tag team partner-in-crime Kenny Williams.

This is the first time that Rees and Davis will have faced off in an ICW ring.

Winner – Iestyn Rees. I think there may be some interface on both sides of this match.

Two Out Of Three Falls – Mark Coffey vs Andy Wild

The leader of the “Power Forward” Mark Coffey takes on the leader of the Wild Boys, Andy Wild, in a two out of three falls match. Night one of Fear and Loathing, these two alphas will face off in a eight man tag with the Power Forward and More Than Hype in their corners.

Winner – I’m gonna say Andy. But if the Power Forward get involved, could we see them finally get unmasked?

Triple Threat – Kieran Kelly vs Noam Dar vs Leyton Buzzard

This could very well be the show stealer.

Last time Noam was at Fear & Loathing, he was part of Team ICW featuring Wolfgang and BT Gunn taking on British Strong Style (Tyler Bate, Trent Seven and Pete Dunne). The NXT UK cruiserweight has apparently shown signs of going heel in this match and is going to show these boys a thing or two.

For the back half of 2018, and 2019, Buzzard and Kelly have been bitter rivals with their feuds between The Dallas Mavericks, Mikey Whiplash and Andy Wild. These two up and comers have tagged together in the past and have put aside their differences, can they do it at Fear & Loathing?

It looks like Noam is going to be the heel going into the match and if the words and promos these three have been having on social media is anything to go by, this is going to get heavy.

Winner – Too close to call as these three lads are cruiserweight athletes.

ICW Tag Team Championship Number One Contendership – The Nine9 (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers) vs The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger)

Whoever wins is guaranteed a tag title shot at next years Square Go.

At Shug’s, The Nine9 just missed out on the tag titles by their fingertips by The Kings of Catch, so they are looking to even the score that they’ve to settle. Plus this will be Jack’s first Fear and Loathing event. Currently The Fite Network have currently been on their singles run with Fito taking on Robinson and Lou King Sharp away wrestling in China with Krieger determined to prove himself, these two are looking to pick up where they left off.

Divers is currently feeding off that massive win against Krieger and is looking forward to the number one contenders match with his Nine9 partner Jack Morris against former Toal Family member Lou King Sharp and Fite Network’s Krieger. At France 2000, during the ten man tag, The Fite Network and Nine9 took off brawling backstage.

Winners – I’m going to say The Fite Network.

ICW Woman’s World Championship – Kasey Owens vs Aivil

This is the ultimate match.

These two have had at least 8 matches in 15 months since July 2018 at ICW: Drunk and Drunker. Currently these two are 4-4 wins each. Aivil defeated “The Young Lioness.”, Angel Hayze in the woman’s tournament and “The White Witch” Isla Dawn at the first ever Gonzo to become the number one contender. Kasey has been the woman’s champion since the Fight Club taping before Shug’s weekender in a three way with Aivil and Kay Lee Ray. Due to other commitments, Kasey hasn’t defended her title since Shug’s weekender. Now, at France 2000, The Wee Man has added a stipulation to the woman’s match: if and when Kasey retains her title, she will never again get a shot at the Women’s Championship for as long as Kasey is champion.

Madam Commissioner Carmel has let that stipulation stand and has also decreed that IF and that is a big IF or should The Wee Man interfere in this woman’s title match, he will be stripped of his managers license and he will be fired from ICW!

Winner – I think it’ll be Aivil. If she doesn’t win or there’s interference from The Wee Man or The POD, I think there will be a riot from the ICW Mafia!

But just because The Wee Man can’t intervene, that doesn’t mean that The Wee Man can’t get someone ELSE to do his bidding…

Ilja Dragunov vs Kez Evans

This is gonna be mental as a returning Ilja Dragunov takes on the dastardly Kez Evans. Kez didn’t have a match at Fear & Loathing last year, but was on call for Mark Dallas as security and a member of The Dallas Mavericks. He complained that he wasn’t getting a Zero-G title match opportunity or a match at Fear and Loathing, Kez wanted a marquee match and Commissioner Carmel has given him it – Ilja Dragunov.

Ilja was last seen at the Square Go taking on Joe Coffey for the Zero-G title. Last time he was at ICW, Dragunov said that he wants to wrestle with warriors and he’s getting just that and he does not respect wrestlers that don’t go to the limits. He may have met his match here.

WinnerKez Evans.

ICW Tag Team Championships – Kings of Insanity – The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar)

Two years ago ICW held its first ever King of Insanity match, a match determined to prove who is the most insane. The combatants in this match where Chris Renfrew, Mikey Whiplash, Jimmy Havoc, and Stevie Boy, who went on to win after being burst open within five minutes of the match starting.

Last year it was the turn of the women, with the Woman’s Championship on the line, Kay Lee Ray tapped out the then reigning Women’s Champion Viper, to earn the title and the first ever Queen of Insanity. This year is the year of the tag teams and who better to do this than our reigning champions The Kings of Catch versus the baddest wolf pack in the den – The Purge. These two gangs have had rivalry on and off for the past two-three years now and feud started up again recently when Rudo Lightening seemed to have aligned himself with Bad Company to take on the Filthy Generation’s leader Stevie Boy, resulting in all out gang warfare between the two teams. The Kings of Catch have been the ICW tag champs for almost 250 days so they’ll probably be looking to celebrate.

The Purge, and Bad Company, are the first ever Kings of Hawners. Recently, with Wolfgang involved with Liam and BT out on injury and wrestling Sami Callihan, they have decided to cash in on their chosen title shot. At Gonzo, Stevie James took on Lewis and at France 2000, during the ten man tag, with Wolfgang and Liam brawling over the kitchen sink and The Nine9 and The Fite Network taking off, leaving The Purge and The Kings of Catch in the ring, things got chaotic, with The Purge getting the win, making them the second tag team to get a pinfall over the champions.

Winners – I’m gonna say The Purge. They’ve worked so hard and so far for this. It would be nice to see them with some ICW gold to take to their clubhouse but, could the Kingdom of Insane Filth be complete if The Kings of Catch not only walk out of Fear & Loathing as the ICW tag champs, AND the Tag Team of Insanity, joining the King and Queen of Insanity Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray, making it “The Kingdom of Insane Filth Era.”

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Stevie Boy vs Joe Coffey

This is not a fight, this will be a war!

The comparisons between these two are that they are so alike in different ways; both Kings, The King of Filth versus The King of The Iron Jungle. They were both former tag champions with their relatives and had feuds with their relatives resulting in a loss, Stevie Boy with his cousin Davey Boy and Joe Coffey with his brother Mark Coffey, and they won/lost Zero-G belts off their former relatives at Fear and Loathing events. Both men are also former Zero-G champions, both men are two time former heavyweight champions.

These two were due a match ages ago back, when I think it was Trent Seven was champ, and Joe was the Square Go winner (something to that effect, I think it was on tour), but due to injury Stevie Boy was unable to compete. But Joe is determined to be a treble heavyweight champion.

This rivalry has started up recently at Fight Club, when after Stevie Boy’s match with Andy Wild, when Joe took out Stevie Boy and Red Lightning. And that he was going to leave a mark on both men. But was beaten by all four members of The Filthy Generation.

This feud escalated to Gonzo where Joe Coffey turned up unannounced and took out the champion, intervening in his match with Ravie Davie and had some choice words to say about not being booked before putting his hands on the boss and storming out of The Asylum. This lead to Joe being fired from ICW and pulled from all shows – including Fear & Loathing. But that didn’t stop the Iron God from gatecrashing the One Fall Sessions where Stevie Boy was a guest and Joe got escorted out by ICW

At France 2000, when Mark Dallas opened the show he explained that due to the events that had happened recently, Joe was no longer under the employment of ICW and that Stevie Boy had tweaked his knee and would not let him compete. But Stevie called out The Iron King who turned up at the end of the show and was surrounded by FPWA and GPWA/ICW staff. Mark Dallas has insisted that they sign a waver (like what they did for King of Insanity, and Joe Hendry and Lionheart) will be sent out to each of them and they will sign them and it will be out of his hands.

Now Stevie Boy has a massive target on his back and literally ANYONE could be coming for his belt and he will do anything to keep his belt. Joe Coffey on the other hand, I know that Joe is very competitive and he hates losing and he doesn’t take that very well as winning is in his blood and he’s a born and bred winner. The lengths he is willing to go to become champion again is extreme and will literally do anything. These two have not faced each other in ICW in four years since the 1st of November 2015 at the ICW Road To Fear & Loathing Tour – Get My Rocks Off in Birmingham, where The Iron King picked up the win. Since then, both men have made massive journeys on their quests for gold.

Winner – Stevie Boy. Only because I think he’s going to get a longer run, I think there will be a twist in this because Stevie Boy have to leave due to injury during his first reign as champ and DCT won his title and the loser had to leave town. DCT’s first act as champ, was that he tore up their loser leaves town contract and he promised that when Stevie was ready they would have one more match and our “fella
in yella” is due back in time for Fear and Loathing…

As for Joe Coffey, two years ago when Joe lost his heavyweight title to BT Gunn at Fear & Loathing, he left ICW for a brief period of time. If Joe loses this time, now with WWE/NXT and other wrestling commitments such as Discovery Wrestling and other promotions, where will that leave him on the ICW ladder?

There are still standing tickets remaining for ICW’s biggest show of the year- Fear and Loathing XII Weekender Nights 1 and 2 available here.

Be sure to get your tickets for the next Gonzo show in December 1st at the GPWA here.

Links are a available on the ICW Official Facebook Page and Twitter account @InsaneChampWres

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