Wrestler Spotlight: Zander McGuire

Photo credit Emma Dockrell Photography

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at the man who was quite possibly the most hated person in all of Govan following events earlier on this year, Zander McGuire.

Alias – Zander McGuire, Cousin Zander

Nicknames – “The Pride of Govan”

Debut – 2017

Companies Wrestled For  –

  • Empire Wrestling
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Elite
  • Reckless Intent Wrestling
  • Scottish Wrestling Alliance
  • Source Wrestling
  • Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
  • Wrestling Experience Scotland

Titles & Accomplishments – 

  • 1x Upbrawl Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Ravie Davie

Signature Moves –

  • Spinebuster
  • Kennedar Driver (Samoan Drop/Blockbuster Combo w/Ravie Davie)
  • Holmfauldheaders (Double Headbutt w/Ravie Davie)
  • Vital Spark (Lungblower/Reverse Codebreaker Combo w/Ravie Davie)
  • Pop-Up Spinebuster w/Ravie Davie

Alliances – 

  • The Govan Team w/Ravie Davie
  • The Handsome Bams Club w/Ravie Davie & The Sam Barbour Experience
  • w/Leyton Buzzard & Ragnar

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