Where Are They Now: Respect Pro Wrestling ‘Live In Lochwinnoch’ (10/03/18)


Looking back at previous events in professional wrestling can lead to either good or bad memories, depending on what you like. Nevertheless, it gives you something to remember. Whatever happens on that fateful night will remain in the history books forever. On Saturday evening, Respect Pro Wrestling host their third anniversary event, which marks their first time heading to the Walker Memorial Hall in Lochwinnoch. The card that’s been put together for the night looks like it’ll be an absolute cracker, with a Four Way Match for the Heavyweight Championship, a Kilbirnie Street Fight for the Tag Team Championships, and several Respect Pro debuts, including Paul Tracey and Ayesha Raymond. Before we get to that show however, it’s time to take a look at a previous Respect Pro event, going back to March 10th 2018 for their event at the Lochwinnoch Community Annexe. In a change from the usual Where Are They Now format, we’re going to take at every single wrestler who competed on the show, as opposed to the ones who no longer compete for Respect Pro Wrestling. So, let’s not waste any more time!


After failing to become the #1 contender for the Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship, by May of 2019, The One Man War Machine was once again competing under the Alex Cavanagh name as he returned to Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, unsuccessfully challenging for Scotty Riccio’s SWE Heavyweight Championship on two separate occasions, the second of which saw Riccio drop the title to Darren Blair. Over in the newly-established Fair City Wrestling, Cav would receive a bye to the semifinals of their Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament after beating Olly Silverstone, Johnny Thunder, Tommy Cross, Spike Tierney, and John Kerr on the company’s debut show.

Christopher Saynt

Christopher Saynt has become one of the regular roster members of Respect Pro Wrestling, typically found alongside his Sensational Scenebirds pals Darrell Costello and Emily Hayden. In May 2018 though, Saynt would have a unique match to say the least with current Impact Wrestling star Joey Ryan at a United Pro Wrestling event in Aberdeen, while also coming to blows with his former House of Saynt stablemate Theo Doros in Discovery Wrestling. After unsuccessfully challenging Joe Coffey for the Y Division Championship last September, Saynt and Costello would advance to the finals of the Respect Pro Tag Team Championships tournament after defeating the team of Ian Skinner and Danny Edwards. The pair wouldn’t be able to become the first teams after losing out to BMD in a Four Way Elimination Match also involving The Violence Institute and Team AbFab, but that wouldn’t stop them pursuing the gold, which turned out to be a great strategy on their part as they ended up dethroning Bobby Roberts and JD Bravo at August’s Midsummer Mayhem event. Now, Christopher Saynt has two huge matches ahead of him, firstly defending the tag titles against BMD in a Kilbirnie Street Fight, and then facing Theo Doros in the duo’s final showdown in Discovery as they collide at the Christmas Disco on December 1st.

Connor Rose

Connor Rose doesn’t typically venture outside of Caithness Pro Wrestling, where he’s now a household name. He was unable to make it to the finals of last year’s Pride of the Islands tournament last July after being defeated by King Robert Wishart, with all the losses mounting up to Rose’s eventual participation in the new Contagion group alongside Corvyn Cameron and Reaver at the tail end of 2018. The Dangerous One lived up to that nickname in his new group, with the trio interfering in an Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match at Northern Fights this past May, ambushing Lucha DS, Lad Chapman, and Glen Dunbar in the process. With Corvyn Cameron now standing as the champion, Contagion are standing tall over the CPW roster ahead of the company’s last show on November 30th before new things begin for them in 2020.

David Devlin

David Devlin was able to become the #1 contender to the Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship at this show, a title opportunity he never actually received until the following August, failing to win the title from Lewis Girvan as Aspen Faith became the new champion. Elsewhere though, he went on have plenty of success in Reckless Intent Wrestling, first winning the 2018 Battle of West Lothian tournament, and then capturing the Tag Team Championships alongside Kieran Kelly following a fallout between Devlin and High Society partner Luke Aldridge. The new tandem held the gold for three months before dropping the titles to The Age of Orion in December, with The Demolition Man since going on to have unsuccessful attempts at both the Reckless Intent UK Championship and the Source Wrestling Championship. Devlin is currently sitting on the injured shelf at the time of writing as far as I’m aware, after picking up a knee injury during a Triple Threat Match with Jack Morris and Massimo on September 7th. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything too serious, and we should expect to see David Devlin back in action when he receives the all-clear from the doctors.

Dylan Angel

The high flying Dylan Angel was another one of the unsuccessful participants in the Heavyweight Championship #1 contenders Fatal Four Way Match, but he bounced back two months later by making a debut for WrestleZone, losing out to Nathan North at their annual Proving Grounds show. He made numerous appearances for home promotion Premier British Wrestling to mixed success, losing to the likes of Jack Jester, Andy Wild, and BT Gunn, while also featuring on the first two shows for Pro Wrestling Innovation throughout 2019. In the new promotion, Angel first defeated both BT Gunn and Liam Thomson in a Triple Threat Match at the debut event this past May, and then defeated Davey Blaze at the second show in September. Two jaunts to British Championship Wrestling saw him lose to The Fite Network’s Kid Fite and Krieger on two separate occasions, firstly alongside John Trettan, and then alongside Darren Vice the second time around. More recently, he and Aces N Angels partner Ace Anderson had an unsuccessful attempt at the Respect Pro Tag Team Championships at the end of September as they were defeated by The Sensational Scenebirds, a title shot they earned by teaming with Mike Musso the previous evening to defeat the Scenebirds and Craig Stephens.

Eric Arkham

These days, Eric Arkham is now calling himself Corvyn Cameron, which came off the back of a loss at Caithness Pro Wrestling’s 2018 Northern Fights event. After he and future Contagion pal Connor Rose were defeated by Glen Dunbar and Lad Chapman in the main event that evening, Arkham (as he was then known) snapped, and broke Rose’s ankle with a steel chair. Contagion would be formed at WAR, CPW’s final event of 2018, with Cameron and Rose being joined by Reaver, with Corvyn becoming the #1 contender for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship a few months later by defeating Scott McManus, Lad Chapman, Russell Adamson, and Reaver to earn the title shot. That title shot would be used on the same August evening, lifting the title by defeating Lucha DS after the referee administered a fast count to give birth to the Thurso Screwjob.


Jokey, Aivil, whatever it is you want to call her, you can’t deny the great career The Twisted Priestess has gone on to have since making her way from Italy over to Scotland. She captured the Italian Championship Wrestling Women’s Championship from Irene at their Vendetta show in April 2018, before going on to end her little rivalry in Respect Pro Wrestling against Sammie Jo as she defeated her two falls to one in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match that August. From one rivalry to another though, as Jokey (under the Aivil alias) would enter a new fued with Kasey in Insane Championship Wrestling. The pair traded wins back and forth heading into the new year, while the Italian native also had unsuccessful attempts at a few titles, failing to win the Fierce Females Internet Championship from Debbie Keitel on two occasions, the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship from Sammii Jayne in the 2019 Disco Derby Match, and the Scottish Women’s Championship from Jayla Dark. In ICW, Kasey would have the better of Aivil on a number of occasions, winning the Women’s World Championship from Kay Lee Ray in a match that also included Aivil. However, after defeating both Angel Hayze and Isla Dawn as part of a four-woman tournament, Aivil would finally lift the ICW Women’s World Championship by defeating The Mother of Chaos on night two of Fear & Loathing XII at the start of the month.

King Robert Wishart/Robbie Solar

Whether you prefer the technical prowess of (King) Robert Wishart or the high flying craziness of Robbie Solar, you simply have to enjoy it. The man behind the two personas has had a fair bit of success under both aliases, winning both the SWA Tag Team Championships alongside his Scottish Luchadors partner Lucha DS and the 2018 Pride of the Islands Tournament for Caithness Pro Wrestling, firstly defeating Connor Rose, and then both Lad Chapman and Lucha DS in a Triple Threat Match in the finals. In addition, The Best You’ve Ever Seen would also go on to have spectacular performances opposite the likes of Ian Skinner, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, and Matt Fox. He and DS would lose their titles to The Titans last October, with the masked sensation going on to challenge for the SWA Scottish X Championship a few months later. In September, Wishart would qualify for a Four Way Heavyweight Championship match at The Walker Brawl on Saturday evening after he defeated Scott McManus, joining Lewis Girvan, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, and defending champion Joe Hendry in the main event of the show come Saturday evening.

KOE (Kai Williams-King & King Killa)

I’m not entirely sure how true this is, but according to Cagematch, this show was just the second time Kai Williams-King and King Killa had teamed together as KOE. As graduates of the Source Wrestling School, the pair have racked up victory after victory, defeating teams including The Underdogs, The Kings of Catch, and British wrestling’s finest The Hunter Brothers, while also declaring themselves the ‘Sourse’ Tag Team Champions last summer. Alongside Shaun Walker, two became three, with the now three-man version of KOE being defeated by both The Big Bad Bawdy Daddies and Irish standouts More Than Hype, with Williams-King and Killa then going on to debut for Scottish Wrestling Alliance this past Friday evening as they had a failed attempt at challenging for the SWA Tag Team Championships, with Dickie Divers and Timm Wylie being crowned the new champs.

Lewis Girvan

Perhaps the most successful person in this article is Lewis Girvan. The Renegade went on to have incredible match after incredible match in both singles and multi-man action, capturing the vacant Celtic Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in June, while also making it to the semifinals of the inaugural Source Wrestling Championship Tournament before falling to eventual tournament runner-up Mike Bird. The absolute bangers continued to flow out of Girvan as he took The Hunter Brothers, The Sam Barbour Experience to the limit, and also went on to lift both the WrestleZone and the Insane Championship Wrestling Tag Team Championships alongside his Kings of Catch ally Aspen Faith. Although they’re almost always teaming these days, the duo found themselves on opposing sides of the ring in Respect Pro Wrestling as they were in a war over the Heavyweight Championship, with Lewis becoming a two-time champion this past March by beating The Lost Boy in a Submissions Match. 2019 has proven to be a grand year for the Filthy Generation member, with outstanding performances in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match, a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match, and the 2019 Kings of Insanity Match showing that Girvan can thrive in weapon-based environments just as well as he can when the rules are in full effect. Even though he and Aspen may not be holding either set of the aforementioned Tag Team Championships anymore, they remain recognised as one of the UK’s best pairings.

Lucha DS

Following on from his tag team victory over KOE on this show, Lucha DS and Scottish Luchadors comrade Robbie Solar would capture the Scottish Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Championships from Polo Promotions the same month, and also went on to have a sensational encounter with France’s Senza Volto on a United Pro Wrestling event at the start of June. DS would end up being unsuccessful in winning the 2018 Pride of the Islands tournament over in Caithness Pro Wrestling after falling to Robert Wishart in the finals, but he did manage to win the King of Cruisers Match in Premier British Wrestling, a match that also included AEW’s Kip Sabian and NXT UK’s Amir Jordan. The masked wonder began 2019 on a high, winning the CPW Rumble Match with the Undisputed CPW Heavyweight Championship also on the line to make him the new champion. An international trip saw the Lucha Scotland member debut in Germany for Power of Wrestling, while more recently, he debuted for Insane Championship Wrestling on the pre-show for Fear & Loathing XII, failing to win a 9th Annual Square Go! Qualifier Rumble Match, which was won by Luca de Pazzi.

Mark J. Wilson

Mark J. Wilson is one of many graduates to come out of the Source Wrestling School. Although he doesn’t wrestle as much as some of the other names to come out of the school (once again, according to Cagematch at least), he still puts in a great showing each and every time he steps through the ropes. His Cagematch profile states that he’s picked up two victories since this victory over Christopher Saynt, the first being alongside Cody Crawford as they defeated KOE at an Origins show this past March, while he then teamed with Jayla Dark as the pair defeated The Headbanders the following month on a Respect Pro Wrestling show. In September, Wilson made his debut for Target Wrestling as he lost a Triple Threat Match to Owen Michaels, with Shady Nattrass filling out the field in that one.

Mikey Whiplash

The exact day after he failed to win the Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship from Lewis Girvan, Mikey Whiplash would begin his Deathmatch Invitational in ICW, which saw him wrestle Aspen Faith, Jimmy Havoc, Drew Parker, and Clint Margera in barbaric encounters. This Invitational was ahead of his ICW World Heavyweight Championship match with BT Gunn at Barramania 4 (which was also a Deathmatch), the same match that saw Stevie Boy cash in the 2018 Square Go! briefcase to lift the strap. Following this, The Necromancer went on a war against Mark Dallas, who was attempting to remove the hardcore vibes that ICW had. This resulted in Whiplash competing in Traditional Wrestling Rules Matches on a handful of occasions, which was by no means a bad thing seeing as he’s also a terrific technical wrestler. Back to the hardcore style though, as Mikey would win TNT Extreme Wrestling’s first DOA Deathmatch Tournament this past January, beating Jimmy Havoc in the finals in a Light Tubes Extreme Deathmatch. How those guys can do that to their bodies, and enjoy it so much is beyond me. He’s since gone on to win both the TNT Extreme Division Championship (from BT Gunn) and the SWA Highland Championship (from Jack Jester), in between running and promotion both Source Wrestling and Fierce Females. That there Mikey Whiplash is one hell of a busy lad.

Sammie Jo

Last but not least, we’ve got “Sparkling” Sammie Jo. Sammie competed in both all-women’s matches and Intergender Matches, facing the likes of Jayla Dark, Veda Scott, and Kieran Kelly, with MATT DALY proposing to her in the middle of a match they had at a Source Wrestling show a little over a year ago. Her rivalry in Fierce Females with Emily Hayden reached a climax in June, as Sammie defeated her in an I Do Match at Exorcise Your Rite to earn a shot at Debbie Keitel’s Internet Championship, while also sending Emily packing from Fierce Females. Although she was eventually unsuccessful in taking the title from The Whole Shebang at Avenging Angels in Liverpool, Sammie showed everyone exactly why she deserves to be competing much more regularly.

In full results from the show, taking place on March 10th, 2018 at the Lochwinnoch Community Annexe, Lochwinnoch;

Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership – Fatal Four Way Match: David Devlin def. Cav, Dylan Angel, and King Robert Wishart
Mark J. Wilson def. Christopher Saynt
Connor Rose vs Eric Arkham ended in a No Contest
Lucha Scotland (Lucha DS & Robbie Solar) def. KOE (Kai Williams-King & King Killa)
Sammie Jo def. Jokey
Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship: Lewis Girvan (c) def. Mikey Whiplash to retain

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