Five Early Picks To Win The ICW 9th Annual Square Go! Match


Earlier tonight, Insane Championship Wrestling revealed that next year’s Square Go!, which will be the ninth instalment, will take place on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 at Glasgow’s SWG3 venue. At the time of writing, there’s three events to get past before we get to the over the tap event (GONZO #2 on December 1st, Fight Club tapings on December 15th, and then more Fight Club tapings on January 19th), so I’m sure this list will be different as we get closer to February 2nd. Despite that though, here are five early picks to win the 9th Annual Square Go! Match!

Andy Wild

Andy Wild was one of the favourites to win this year’s Square Go! Match, seeing as he was battling back against Mark Dallas and The Dallas Mavericks at the time. Now though, The Dad Bod God has just come off the back of a huge victory over Mark Coffey in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at Fear & Loathing XII, and is now set to face old rival Noam Dar on December 15th. Regardless of the outcome in that match, you’d have to imagine The Stovie Superman will once again be one of the favourites to lift the Square Go! briefcase. Throwing folk over the ropes with those belly to belly suplexes will be a thing of beauty.

Leyton Buzzard

You can never go wrong with an underdog story in a Rumble-style match, although can you even refer to Leyton Buzzard as an underdog anymore? Maybe you could’ve last year, but I’m not entirely sure anymore. Time and time again, The Captain has proven his doubters wrong, thanks in part to a star-making performance at Shug’s Hoose Party 6 weekend as he defeated both Joe Hendry and James Storm. An unsuccessful challenge at Liam Thomson’s Zero-G Championship may have set him back slightly, but Leyton will no doubt be the fan favourite to win the Square Go! at the start of February.

Kez Evans

Kez Evans defeated Ilja Dragunov at Fear & Loathing XII, a match everyone (myself included) predicted would be won by Dragunov. If that’s not a reason to have The Dastardly One in the running for a Square Go! victory, then I don’t know what is. In addition, it’s entirely possible that Evans will be heading into the match as the new Zero-G Champion if he’s able to dethrone Liam Thomson one week today. Big things are happening for Kez Evans.

Mark Coffey

In ICW, Mark Coffey is no slouch, having previously been a three-time Zero-G Champion and a three-time Tag Team Champions alongside Polo Promotions running partner Jackie Polo. However, he’s yet to win the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. As I type that, it’s now popped into my head that current champ Stevie Boy has defeated two out of three members of Gallus since returning from injury. He pinned Wolfgang on the night of his return, and he most recently retained the title against Joe Coffey a few weeks ago. So, The Power Forward could be the one to end Stevie’s winning streak against Gallus, while also becoming an ICW Triple Crown Champion.

Noam Dar

Following Fear & Loathing XII, it was announced that Noam Dar was once again a full-time member of the ICW roster, with his first match back as an official ICW wrestler being on December 15th against Andy Wild. When The Scottish Supernova was revealed to be coming back, he made it clear that he was on a mission to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Winning the Square Go! is usually a good way of accomplishing that – I believe only RUDO Lightning this year failed the cash-in. Could the former 205 Live star be on his way to capturing the ICW World Heavyweight Championship when we enter a new decade?

Who’s your pick to win the next Square Go! Match?

Tickets to the show go on sale on Friday morning from the usual outlets, however, mailing list subscribers will get access on Wednesday morning. You can sign up to the mailing list by following the link here.

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