Full Results: Respect Pro Wrestling ‘The Walker Brawl’ 2019

The following results are from Respect Pro Wrestling’s event at the Walker Memorial Hall in Kilbirnie, Scotland on November 23rd, 2019:


Stone Malone & Sean Martin defeated Jason Hyde & BIG Bennie by pinfall.

Hyde chokeslammed BIG Bennie after the match.

James Scott defeated Dave Conrad by submission.

Glen Dunbar defeated Paul Tracey by pinfall.

Emily Hayden defeated Ayesha Raymond by pinfall.

Lou King Sharp vs Saqib Ali ended in a no contest.

Frank X. Cross interfered to assist Saqib Ali, Krieger and Matt Shaw made the save.

Krieger w/Matt Shaw defeated Frank X. Cross by pinfall.

RPW Tag Team Championships – Special Referee: Scott Renwick – BMD (JD Bravo & Bobby Roberts) defeated The Sensational Scenebirds (Christopher Saynt & Darrell Costello) by pinfall to win the RPW Tag Team Championships.

RPW Heavyweight Championship – Four Way – Robert Wishart defeated Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Lewis Girvan and Joe Hendry by pinfall to win the RPW Heavyweight Championship.


Our thanks to JD Bravo, Emily Hayden, Saqib Ali, Marion McGinn and Robert Wishart on Facebook for the results from the event.

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