Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – November 2019


If you followed Scottish wrestling throughout November, then you’ll understand my frustrations at attempting to narrow it down to a top ten. Considering it was possible to get that top ten just from the first weekend of the month was astonishing, while making my life that extra bit difficult at the same time. Nevertheless, we’ve got ten wrestlers to speak about for November 2019. Some won titles, some retained titles, some won Rumbles, some went to war. The main thing though is that they all earned points, which is obviously what they were out to do during the month!

Honourable mentions go out to Aivil, Alan Sterling, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Angel Hayze, BT Gunn, Connor Inglis, Crusher Craib, Damien, Darren Vice, Davey Blaze, Emily Hayden, Jack Morris, John Trettan, Kid Fite, Krieger, Krobar, Leyton Buzzard, Liam Thomson, Lou King Sharp, Lucha DS, Michael Chase, Ravie Davie, Sammii Jayne, Stevie James, Theo Doros, and Wolfgang.


10. Kay Lee Ray

Kay Lee Ray returns to the list, with her month kicking off as she and fellow NXT UK star Viper were victorious over Angel Hayze and Xia Brookside on night one of ICW’s Fear & Loathing XII weekend. The reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion would go on to appear for regular NXT as she sent Mia Yim crashing through a ladder at ringside in a nasty bump, revealing herself as the newest member of Team Baszler for the first ever women’s War Games Match. After defeating Xia Brookside on an episode of NXT UK and Dakota Kai on the last episode of NXT before TakeOver: War Games, both of which were non-title match, The Queen of Insanity headed to Chicago as she, Shayna Baszler, Io Shirai, and Bianca Belair were defeated by Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, and Tegan Nox in one hell of a War Games Match, despite Kai turning on Nox during the bout. Quite a brutal November for The Queen of Insanity.


9. Kez Evans

Another returning star to the list is Kez Evans, with the GPWA graduate scoring a huge victory over Russian sensation Ilja Dragunov at ICW Fear & Loathing XII, which was arguably the biggest victory of Evans’ career. Following on from this, he stepped in for Craig Anthony as he and Kieran Kelly lost I-Gen’s SWA Tag Team Championships to Dickie Divers and Timm Wylie at Aw Oot! in a Fatal Four Way Match, followed by another win as he defeated big Ross Hauser at the fifth anniversary of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum. The month for Kez Evans ended on a sour note as he formed The Super Purge with Krobar and Stevie James in a losing effort to Ravie Davie, Cousin Zander, and The Sam Barbour Experience when Wrestling Experience Scotland returned to Dennistoun.


8. Robert Wishart/Robbie Solar

Call him Robert Wishart, call him Robbie Solar, but for now, you can call him number eight on Wrestlers of the Month. The Best You’ve Ever Seen was a participant in the Mayhem Rumble Match, failing to earn a future opportunity at the new Source Wrestling Champio Grant McIvor, but he would return to winning ways in Source the following day as he defeated Taylor Vite in Lennoxtown. He and Scottish Luchadors pal Lucha DS failed to win the SWA Tag Team Championships as Dickie Divers and Timm Wylie were crowned the new champions, but Wishart would go on to dethrone Joe Hendry of his Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship at The Walker Brawl in a match also involving Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Lewis Girvan. His open challenge at the final Caithness Pro Wrestling show, titled Retribution, would be answered by Mr E to end November in winning fashion for Robert Wishart.


7. Grant McIvor

Is Grant McIvor still doing the wrestling? As his November would tell us, yes. The Gazelle would team with Mark Coffey and fellow Power Forward allies Craig Anthony and Scott McManus (while they were all still masked assailants) as the quarter defeated Andy Wild and More Than Hype on the night one pre-show for ICW Fear & Loathing XII, with the masked men being unveiled the following night. McIvor went on to win the Source Wrestling Championship from Alexander Darwin MacAllan at the Mayhem Rumble, a title he would retain over both ADM and Luke Matthews the next night at Apex 3, before being one of 30 entrants in the 2019 Lions Den Match for the Scottish Wrestling Alliance in unsuccessful fashion. A non-title win over “The Exile” Luke Aldridge at Source Wrestling’s most recent Origins event allowed Grant McIvor to end his month successfully.


6. Jason Reed

It’s once again time to make Wrestlers of the Month great again with Jason Reed being back once more to collect more points. The One For The Future picked up a victory over Alexander Dean at Discovery Wrestling’s Jam House of Horrors event, before going on to enter a 10 man Rumble Match on the Fear & Loathing XII that saw Luca de Pazzi qualify for the 9th Annual Square Go! Match. After defeating Craig Stephens, Reed would fall at the feet of James Scott in the finals of a four-man tournament as The King of the North was crowned the inaugural Pro Wrestling Spirit Heavyweight Champion. Two debuts ended Jason’s month, as he entered the SWA Lions Den Match, and then defeated Dickie Divers down in England for Upbrawl Championship Wrestling to qualify for the Yeaaa Boiii Invitational.


5. Joe Coffey

Another returning star to the list now as Joe Coffey picks up more points, beginning his month with a double header at the start of the month as he defeated Kenny Williams to become the #1 contender for the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship, and then later that evening, he unsuccessfully challenged Stevie Boy for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship at Fear & Loathing XII in what turned out to be a match of the year contender. He returned to in-ring action in NXT UK for the first time since NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff as he defeated Tyson T-Bone, with his final match of the month being an eight man tag team match that ended in a no contest as he, Mark Coffey, Wolfgang, Ilja Dragunov, WALTER, Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, and Marcel Barthel simply couldn’t stop battering each other as the referee threw the match out.


4. Kieran Kelly

It was another busy month for Kieran Kelly, beginning with a loss to Noam Dar in a Triple Threat Match at Fear & Loathing XII (Leyton Buzzard was the third man in the equation). After this, Shotgun was unable to lift the Source Wrestling Championship as Grant McIvor dethroned Alexander Darwin MacAllan in a Fatal Four Way Match in Govan with Scott McManus as the fourth man involved, with Kelly’s participation in the inaugural Mayhem Rumble Match later that evening seeing him dumped out of the ring. Staying on the trend of championship matches, he and I-Gen partner Craig Anthony retained their PBW Tag Team Championships over Darren Vice and John Trettan in Greenock, before Kez Evans stepped in for Anthony as Kieran and Kez lost the SWA Tag Team Championships to Dickie Divers and Timm Wylie in Paisley the following week. The month ended on a good note for Kieran Kelly as he entered first in the Lions Den Rumble Match, lastly eliminating Dickie Divers to win the match that allows him a shot at any SWA championship when we head into 2020. He’s already made it clear that he’s coming for Jack Morris’ Scottish X Championship – what a match that should be!


3. Aspen Faith

We’ve already had Kay Lee Ray on the list earlier on, so now we’ve got the rest of The Filthy Generation to round it off – up first, it’s Aspen Faith. The Lost Boy suffered what could be described as an upset loss to Rob Mills at Reckless Intent Wrestling’s End of an Era event, followed by two more losses the same weekend. Firstly, he and Lewis Girvan lost a Fatal Four Way Match at Discovery Wrestling’s Jam House of Horrors as The Kings of Catch, Pure Dead Brilliant, and the team of Kid Fite and Sean McLaughlin were all defeated by The Anti-Fun Police. Secondly, he and Girvan lost their ICW Tag Team Championships to The Purge in a barbaric Kings of Insanity Match at Fear & Loathing XII that saw Aspen take a reverse Frankensteiner on a board covered in cut up cans of Monster. CZW, CZW, CZW! This led into a weekend spent at Source Wrestling that saw he, Lewis, and Sammii Jayne unite as The Kingdom of Catch as they defeated The Nine9, while he and Girvan then defeated MATT DALY and Scott McManus, collectively known as The Working Men’s Club, the following night. Aspen’s final match of the month saw The Lost Boy return to SWA as a participant in the Lions Den Match, ending up being tossed out of the ring. He’ll win a Rumble one of these days.


2. Lewis Girvan

Number two for this month is Lewis Girvan. The Renegade teamed with Kings of Catch pal Aspen Faith for all but one of his matches in November, kicking things off as they lost a Fatal Four Way Match at the Jam House of Horrors to The Anti-Fun Police, before then dropping their ICW Tag Team Championships to The Purge in a Kings of Insanity Match. The following week, Girvan, Faith, and Sammii Jayne defeated Dickie Divers, Jack Morris, and the in-ring returning Sara Marie-Taylor at Source Wrestling’s Mayhem Rumble event, with a tag team victory over The Working Men’s Club coming the next day at Apex 3. Lewis rounded off his November by bringing back The King’s Road Warrior for one night only at Respect Pro Wrestling’s Walker Brawl event, failing to lift the Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship from Joe Hendry as Robert Wishart became the new champion.


1. Stevie Boy

The wrestler of the month for November 2019 is Stevie Boy. The Pharoah of Filth retained his ICW World Heavyweight Championship over Joe Coffey at Fear & Loathing XII in a wonderful match between the pair, followed by a retention of his PBW Heavyweight Championship over Davey Blaze in Summerston. After this, Stevie reunited with his old Just Uz partner BT Gunn as they defeated the Fight Club pairing of Kid Fite and Liam Thomson at Pro Wrestling Innovation’s recent event this past Friday night, with Stevie then retaining his PBW Heavyweight Championship over Liam the next evening in Dumbarton to end his month.

With one month left in 2019, the Wrestlers of the Month list could very well change. With the top three being a close call right now, between Andy Wild at 43 points, Kieran Kelly at 34 points, and Leyton Buzzard at 32 points, it’s almost certain that either of these men will be the 2019 Wrestler of the Year, and rightfully so. There’s also the 12 Scots of Chrismas to take into consideration too, which this year will take into consideration the rankings from the full year as opposed to just January-November. There may not be that many changes on the points table in terms of the top 12, but it’s always worth a go, so stick around on December 25th for that to kick off, then December 31st for the final Wrestlers of the Month list of the year and the decade, and finally, be here on January 1st for the full league table to be posted in some more detail. Exciting times!

Point Standings as of December 1st 2019
1. Andy Wild (43 points)
2. Kieran Kelly (34 points)
3. Leyton Buzzard (32 points)
4. Jackie Polo, Joe Hendry, and Lionheart (28 points)
5. Lewis Girvan and RUDO Lightning (27 points)
6. Stevie Boy (26 points)
7. Aspen Faith, BT Gunn, and Joe Coffey (25 points)
8. Jason Reed and Sammii Jayne (21 points)
9. Ashley Vega (20 points)
10. Angel Hayze and Damien (18 points)
11. Emily Hayden (13 points)
12. Krieger, Lucha DS, and Zach Dynamite (9 points)
13. Aivil, Austin Osiris, Jayla Dark, Lou King Sharp, and The Sam Barbour Experience (8 points)
14. Liam Thomson, Sammie Jo, and Viper (7 points)
15. Johnny Lions (6 points)
16. Dickie Divers, Jack Morris, Kay Lee Ray, and Ravie Davie (5 points)
17. Chris Renfrew, Grant McIvor, and Ian Skinner (4 points)
18. Jack Jester, Kez Evans, Michael Chase, and Robert Wishart/Robbie Solar (3 points)
19. Davey Blaze, Daz Black, Ken Kaiden, Paxxo, Ryan Riley, and Umar Mohammed (2 points)
20. Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Connor Inglis, Jonathan Richards, Krobar, and Stevie James (1 point)

Credit for promo pics used goes to David J. Wilson, One Fall Media, Warrior Fight Photography, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

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