Full Results: Scottish Wrestling Entertainment ‘Uprising’ November 2019

The following results are from Scottish Wrestling Entertainment’s ‘Uprising’ event Coldside Parish Church in Dundee, Scotland on November 30th, 2019:


During Dead Cell’s entrance, Nathan Reynolds attacked Kevin Williams from behind and laid him out. Before leaving, Reynolds rolled Williams into the ring and invited their opponents to pin Williams, which Hugo Harris did.

SWE Tag Team Championships – Four Way Elimination – Fortune 500 (Felix Fortune & Hugo Harris) defeated Euan G Mackie’s School of Rejected Luchadores (Botchico & Dynamico), The Original Alphas (Craig Stephens & Alpha Male) and Dead Cell (Kevin Williams & Nathan Reynolds) to win the SWE Tag Team Championships.

After the match, Bravehart came out for his Heel Reel, but was interrupted and attacked by Nathan Reynolds. Reynolds then challenged Williams to a no disqualification match next month.

Jace Jackson rushed the ringside area being chased by a number of other wrestlers in pursuit of his 24/7 SWE Hardcore Championship. Jackson tried to fend his assailants off. Just as the other wrestlers were getting the upper hand on Jackson, Ian Ambrose came out to make the save. Once Ambrose and Jackson cleared house, Ambrose made it clear that he is after the SWE Hardcore Championship himself.

Zack Leon defeated Alex Cavanagh by disqualification.

Leon feigned a chair shot behind the referee’s back. The referee turned around and caught Cav with the chair in hand and disqualified him.

SWE Empress Division Championship Tournament – Quarter Final – Emily Hayden defeated Ayesha Raymond by pinfall to advance.

SWE Future Division Championship – Euan G Mackie defeated Ken Kaiden by disqualification when Zack Leon interfered. Ken Kaiden retained the SWE Future Division Championship.

After the match Leon said if he can’t have the SWE Future Division Championship then nobody can. Leon challenged Kaiden to a submission match next month.

The Riot Chris James defeated Brian Christie by pinfall.

The Riot continued to attack Christie after the match but Christie managed to fend Riot off.

Scotty Riccio and his bodyguard Rory Shaw came to the ring. Scotty said that he unfairly lost the SWE Heavyweight Championship last month and demanded a rematch. Darren Blair entered flanked by The Cleansing, JD Wilde and Tommy Cross, whom surrounded the ring. Riccio punched his bodyguard Shaw below the belt, threw him to the feet of Blair and ran away.

SWE Heavyweight Championship – Darren Blair defeated Rory Shaw by pinfall to retain the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Shaw suffered a beat down by all three members of The Cleansing. Johnny Thunder and Spike Tierney tried to make the save but were also beaten down. JD took the mic and said that The Cleansing are going purge the SWE of all sinners.


Our thanks to Scottish Wrestling Entertainment for the results from the event.

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