Starter For 10 #42 | Pete Phoenix

img_2592Welcome to Starter For 10. We ask professional wrestlers 10 questions so that you can find out a bit more about your favourite real life superheroes.

On this edition, former DPW Light Heavyweight Champion, ‘Mr Universe’ Pete Phoenix answers our questions.

What drew you into professional wrestling?

I saw wrestling the first time at a friends house. We played the game and he showed me a video of The Undertaker appearing from a burning casket and clearing the ring where twenty people was standing. Then I was hooked.
It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The big moves, larger than life characters and the biggest thing for me, the story telling.

Who were your favourite wrestlers growing up and who are your favourites now?

The Undertaker was my favourite and still is to this day. Others have grown on me during my years as a fan and a wrestler. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, the list goes on. But also a lot of the newer talents from NXT have really caught my attention like Aleister Black, Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream and Tommaso Ciampa.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

Since the first day I saw pro wrestling I wanted to do it. But I was 14 at the time and no training was available in my area. So I started at home (like you of course should not do) by watching training videos on YouTube. And when I turned 17 training, I came to Copenhagen and I started as the first trainee in Copenhagen Championship Wrestling. Where I still am located to this day.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling, as a fan and as a wrestler?

Such a tough question. A lot of wrestlers did. I think The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels did most as a fan. As a wrestler I would say Triple H did. I use a lot of his knee stuff in my own arsenal.

Who has been your favourite opponent(s) and do you have a favourite match?

Some of my favourite opponents. All the Scandinavian guys, Nitro Green, Carlos Zamora, Sebastian Day, Ender Kara, CPH Hangman, Raven and, from Scotland, Lou King Sharp.

One of my best matches have to be the four way elimination match to crown the first CCW Champion (watch here).

What has been your career highlight(s) so far?

Winning belts is always fun but for me it’s about the moments. One of the best ones was the ending of the four way championship match. But also standing in front of 400+ people in DK and wrestling was big for me. Oh yeah and getting my hair cut in the ring (watch here).

Who would be your dream opponent, past or present?

I mean to face off against The Undertaker would be a dream. But to be more realistic, Randy Orton or Triple H would be amazing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Five years time, still wrestling still trying to make it if I have not already. Also hopefully also being more out wrestling in other countries.

Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook: Pete Phoenix
Twitter: @PetePhoenixCCW

And finally, why do you do what you do?

Why do I do what I do? Because I f*cking love it.

Thank you to Pete for answering our questions.


Photo credit Pete Phoenix on Facebook.

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