The Bedlam Report | Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ December 2019 Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam


Su cuy’gar vode (thats, roughly translated “Hello everyone” in Mandalorian… yes I caught the fever). Well it’s our last ICW of the year and what a year it has been. We have seen some highs and lows but I went into this expecting the usual solid Christmas special of a Fight Club and I wasn’t disappointed.

It was one of those days were, even though it was freezing and the constant threat of rain, it didn’t dampen the fans spirits, it was a nice party like atmosphere. I find the December shows tend to be very… it’s like a big Christmas night out for us all, the atmosphere is different and everyone’s more relaxed than usual.

So on with the show:

Leyton Buzzard vs Keiran Kelly – Y’know there’s a wee game some people like playing in the queue and it’s a fun game. It’s whats going to be the first match, first half main event, second half start and big main event and when I saw this match I thought this has to start it. These are two young guns (well more a shotgun and a flintlock pistol) who know each other well from other ICW matches and elsewhere and although we have seen it before it’s still great to watch. It’s two young wrestlers with a hunger and a fire in their bellies and Keiran Kelly was unfortunate not to get the win, but Leyton Buzzard ship sails on majestically to a Zero G title shot.

Davey Blaze vs Ravie Davie – This match didn’t happen and was more of a mugging. See matches that end up like this, I’d love to know how often they are intentionally booked like this and how often they are done like this due to time constraints or injury or some other reason. Ravie Davie did the old bait and switch with Zander and had his minions come to help, it’s like a neddy version of AEW’s Dark Order. I sense the battle of the Davey/Davie’s isn’t over and could prove to be one of the major feuds this coming year.

Jason Reed vs Scott McManus – Now this was a solid match and Jason Reed is indeed a great talent, but there was one thing that did disturb me about this match, but I’ll leave it till the end comments. It’s hard to imagine that Coach Trip was a character created for Jackie Polos “this is your life” segment he did for Lionheart (Coach was supposed to be Lionheart’s first wrestling coach) yet after all these years he’s still a major part of ICW. Though Jason Reed won, I felt it odd not to give Scott the win, but more on that when I get to the next match featuring one of the members of Power Forward.

Aivil & Angel Hayze vs Little Miss Roxxy & Kasey – Kasey was a replacement for Isla Dawn and, I admit, I let out a groan of oh no this match will be all about Kasey and Aivil and the others will be forgotten. I was proven wrong as it was a great match and I was surprised at the end. I mean Kasey didn’t exactly turn face and nether did The Wee Man, they just had a separation which was a refreshing change. Of course Aivil was the big star of the match itself, and to think she has still to do a promo of any kind (not that she needs to actions in this case really do speak louder than words).

Kenny Williams vs Grant McIvor – Have any of the members of Power Forward, in a match (interference doesn’t count) actually won a match in ICW either before, after or during Power Forwards run? Genuine question because I can’t think of any. Kenny is at his best as a cocky sure of himself heel who thinks he’s the centre of everyone’s world and the match served to remind us just how good he is. It also showed that he seems to have finally ditched the Marty McFly look entirely (though to be fair he was phasing it out for a while, was just unusual that he is wearing trunks again).

Stevie Boy vs Alexander Dean – Considering this was supposed to be non-title I’m surprised Stevie won as traditionally most non title matches these days in wrestling tend to be a way of getting a potential challenger a win without the champ losing the title so they can use to to goad the champ into making it a title shot next time, it was a great match that is sure and having Alexander Dean as a mostly regular member of the roster is a welcome addition.

Kez Evans vs Lewis Girvan – A bit of a random matchup but to be fair a good one, Kez stealing yet another win. Kez is growing on me, he is a heel we all love to hate and damn does he know it. Lewis also took the opportunity to remind us all how awesome a singles guy he is too, this was a match I just sat back and enjoyed for what it was.

Krieger vs Stevie James – Well, the star of the show was Lou King Sharp, that leap from the balcony, while been done before, was epic. Krieger has always impressed me and Stevie James is a decent singles wrestler when called upon, at times the match did feel like a tag team street fight with the amount of brawling done by Krobar and LKS but in saying that, it wasn’t a bad thing. If anything showed not only The Fite Network’s hunger to win but The Purge were shown as determined champions eager to show they deserve to be where they are now.

Leyton Buzzard vs Liam Thomson – When I saw Leyton take up the challenge I feared he’d blow the chance he had just earned that night, thankfully I was wrong. The Pirate Captain of the good ship Masked Brawl (ok I made the name up myself but kinda fits) plundered the Zero-G title from Liam Thomson in a performance that took many peoples breath away. You got the feeling the kick to the balls that won it for Leyton was done not so much to cheat but more a case of he threw everything else he had, it was great storytelling in the ring, Liam has always been good at this but Leyton was able to match the wily veteran. I can’t wait to see what they do with Leyton and the belt, you know Keiran Kelly won’t wait long to ask for a shot that’s for sure.

Noam Dar vs Andy Wild – Okay, longtime readers can imagine how I felt about this one. It’s hard to believe, for newer fans, that Andy Wild and Noam Dar were of similar build and style, in saying that, the fact Andy Wild isn’t that size anymore made this match less of a retread of their classic matches and, if I am honest, Noam Dar’s better matches are against bigger slower guys where he has to use his speed and agility to beat them. Though his double punch, double slap, uppercut still looks like it could barely hurt a fly but on the whole Noam seemed more into the match. Andy Wild, for his part, worked as well as he has done in years, though I get the feeling at this point he’s one of the upper tier guys but is missing something to get him there. I dunno what it is, it’s like ICW see him as a credible main event level guy but not credible enough to put the title on if that makes sense. The promo Dar cut at the end where he listed all his nicknames, I was genuinely thinking “oh for gods sake man, pick one or two… maybe three and go with it” (mind you this is the guy who, for some unexplained reason, had a custom ring jacket with a scorpion on the back and tights with Cinderella man on it) but there was some element of truth, if he hadn’t left for WWE he probably would of had a title run, in fact I thought as early as 2012 he would have gotten one. I can see Stevie winning though.

*Warning major rant following*

I have a genuine concern about something. Jason Reed is a great talent, great worker, can play to a crowd and can play a good heel. However, I am worried about some aspects of his gimmick, namely the whole “we are the people” thing, I assume Jason Reed genuinely is a Rangers fan (either that or he’s better at portraying a gimmick than I first thought) and I have no issue with that, it is using a phrase that has sectarian connotations to it (and no. don’t try and argue that its not, in my work in security I have stewarded many Rangers home and away games and Old Firm games and worked pubs on Old Firm day, some elements of the fans use it in a sectarian way) and I know people will say “but look at Joe Coffey and Gallus” and while their behaviour is reminiscent of Celtic hooligans, I feel Jason’s gimmick is a bit more on the nose and you may have some people cheering and saying “we are the people” not because they actually support Jason but just as an excuse to chant it. Bear in mind it’s a mixed crowd and some people (myself included) go to ICW to get away from all that crap. I want Jason Reed to be known for being a great wrestler… not for a gimmick which, in my opinion, could overshadow things and please before anyone says I’m over reacting and it’s “just wrestling” there’s some things that shouldn’t be gimmicks, it’s my opinion and that’s that. Mind you I am intrigued as to Jason Reeds original gimmick idea “Make Wrestling Great Again”.

Major rant over, back to my random thoughts and views on the night:

Sha Samuels looked like he was auditioning for a Santa’s Slay sequel, equal parts funny yet oddly scary but I do think The Kinky Party are near the end of their run and I think the crowd surfing is getting a bit overkill now. I get the feeling someone is going to get injured and. lets face it, it’s Sha, how many times has he been dropped or nearly been dropped?

Am I right in saying Noam Dar basically is just like any other NXT UK contracted guy now? In terms of, he can be at ICW providing there’s not schedule conflict? I don’t like the guy but his timing is good as he’s a new, yet familiar, hand near the top of the card, he is someone they can slot into the upper card and it would be instantly accepted with no fuss, yes this could be good for ICW and something they sorely needed.

I find shows like this (in The Garage, 99% of the matches having all regular wrestlers) sometimes better than their bigger shows which can be bogged down with guests and weighed down by expectation, I remember the first Barramania was… good but not amazing then The Garage show after it was arguably the best show of the year, I suppose there’s less pressure at these shows.

Wow, I realised the Bedlam Report has been going strong for the last year and a half, scary how time flies. I know there are readers out there who do not like the Report because of the negative comments I put in but I’m not doing it to be bad or bring guys down or anything, I’m really not. It’s just the amount of times over the years I’d read reports and reviews by various writers and, if I’m honest, I would be wondering if they were watching the same events, everything would be brilliant, not a bad word to say about anything which is why I started it up. Sometimes you need to know where things are going wrong as much as you need to know what’s going right, it helps a promotion grow.

I hope you enjoyed my report, as always please remember, it’s just my opinion.

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