Full Results: Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ January 2020

The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling’s ‘Fight Club’ event at The Garage in Glasgow, Scotland on January 19th, 2020:


Michael May defeated Kieran Kelly by pinfall.

The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) defeated The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) by pinfall.

Liam Thomson defeated Jason Reed w/Coach by pinfall.

Death Match – Krobar w/Stevie James defeated Lou King Sharp w/Krieger by pinfall.

ICW Zero-G Championship – Leyton Buzzard defeated TK Cooper by pinfall to retain the ICW Zero-G Championship.

Six Man Scrap- Elimination Order Determines Square Go Number – Luca de’ Pazzi [30] defeated Andy Wild [20], Kez Evans [15], Alexander Dean [10], Kid Fite [5] and BT Gunn [1]

Kasey defeated Angel Hayze by submission.

Stevie Boy versus Ravie Davie turned into The Bucky Boys versus The Govan Team.

The Bucky Boys (Stevie Boy & Davey Blaze) w/The Wee Man defeated The Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Zander McGuire) by pinfall.


Our thanks to @Grantissimo and Louise Westie for the results from the event.

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