The Bedlam Report | Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ January 2020 Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam


Happy New Year my most loyal readers, 2020 is a new year but the same old Doctor but I’m here and ready, I hope you are all as excited as me for another year of wrestling.

And please continue all the feedback, positive and negative, it’s always good to know what people like and dislike about the reports and if I have ever said anything truly offensive I do apologise. Bear in mind this is an opinion article, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, right? But as ever comments on Facebook and messages to my Twitter are more than welcome.

Let’s get started shall we?

Michael May vs Kieran Kelly – Keiran Kelly is a great talent and from what I seen Michael May has a good presence in the ring but, and I genuinely hate to say this as I do really think Keiran Kelly is one of the best young talents ICW has, there were parts of the match that seemed clumsy and obviously so. I do respect them as performers but this wasn’t Kierans best match, I would like to see more of Michael though.

Nine9 vs Kings of Catch – A good match that I suspect was cut short due to a ring malfunction, something you don’t see that often these days (used to happen a lot in the old days, for some reason usually during Mikey Whiplash matches, think the guy must of been jinxed ’cause when I saw him once in PWE the ring had to be repaired after his match) but the ring crew were very efficient in getting it back to working order after. As for the match itself it was a great example of tag team wrestling and you couldn’t tell which way it was going to go. I am a huge fan of both teams though part of me is hoping to see the Nine9 get the tag belts.

Liam Thomson vs Jason Reed – This had a lot of surprises in it, when I looked at the card for this event I thought for sure this would be the first match and was sure Jason Reed would win but was wrong on both counts with the birthday boy Liam picking up the win, even with VAR interference. Some people noted Jason Reed doing some poses made infamous lately by Rangers players, personally that isn’t a big deal to me, some people say Noam Dar’s wrist kiss is something to do with a footballer whose name escapes me so if he can use footballers gestures then Jason can too. Plus it fits his gimmick better (it’s not like the SFA are gonna try get Jason Reed banned or anything). Also I noticed something that I will save for my comments below but it was a solid match

Krobar vs Lou King Sharp – This was a crazy match and was great way to build up for the tag titles match at the Square Go. Both wrestlers were top of their game with this but every match needs a loser and unfortunately that was Lou King Sharp and boy Krobar destroyed him with that table spot, this is gonna be a great tag title match.

Leyton Buzzard vs TK Cooper – Well what a bloody great match that was, both wrestlers on top form. I like Leyton’s attitude to winning, so hard to believe this is the same guy who used to be Joe Hendry’s lacky and TK Cooper is damn impressive and is a man sure to go far in wrestling. He has the look and the charisma, he is someone I hope we see a lot more of. Not a fan of the prospect of Liam Thomson versus Leyton at the Square Go, mind you nothing personal, just imagined if anyone was gonna be his first big event opponent it would of been Kieran Kelly (or they saving that for later?).

Luca de Pazzi vs Andy Wild vs Kez Evans vs Alexander Dean vs Kid Fite vs BT Gunn – Before this match I though that it was either going to be Andy Wild or Alexander Dean winning as Kez Evans and BT Gunn have history and were sure to take each other out, as would Kid Fite and Luca de Pazzi after the last Fight Club but was completely surprised but I am intrigued by this de Pazzi push, (though what are they gonna do if Massimo comes back as they both use Nessun Dorma as themes). I will also admit that I am getting more and more impressed by Kez Evans who is turning into a solid heel, almost like a young Red Lightning in the ring. We already knew what Andy Wild, Kid Fite and BT Gunn are capable of and Alexander Dean is proving to be a solid performer for ICW too. The idea of the match was actually quite smart, instead of just deciding the number 30 entrant we decided other numbers and basically the longer you stay in the match the better number you get, creating some interesting dynamics like the Kez and Alexander team up, they knew that if it got down to just them then the worst either is gonna get is number 20, yes I loved this concept.

Kasey vs Angel Hayze – After the emotional roller-coaster of the last match whomever would come out next would have a hard act to follow and out of the two, Angel was the one who really impressed here, it was a good match in general just the fans were a little emotionally drained from the last match.

The Bucky Boys vs The Young Team – Ever since I saw Govan Team/Young Team I thought that them versus The Bucky Boys would have been a fun feud and it was great to see not only the Buckys team up but Wee Man return as their manager. Pity it wasn’t the original theme they came out to but otherwise was perfect and was a great match. The prospect of Davey being part of Stevie’s stable is a mouthwatering prospect. One thing I will say, I genuinely and truly feel very sorry for Cousin Zander, he is every much the Marty Jannetty of The Young Team. I wonder if he will do a Kenny Williams and break out from Davie’s shadow.

Jason Reed’s match was interesting, as I noted there wasn’t as much over use of the phrase “We Are The People” (if anything it was only a few fans chanting it at that) instead Coach Trip would simply say “We are the..” and let the crowd chant back “the people”. Now, while I am and never will be a fan of WATP being used as a wrestler’s catchphrase this way of doing it didn’t feel as… hostile. I wonder if there were other complaints about it other than mine about it. To be honest I’m still not happy with it being used at all but it wasn’t as in your face as last time. I know it’s easy to say “but it has people talking and thus has to be a good thing”, not always big talking points have harmed careers and companies, Muhammad Hassan, Fingerpoke of Doom, the Gobbledy Gooker, Sandman’s crucifixion, notorious and infamous incidents and gimmicks in wrestling we still talk about today. If all publicity was good publicity there wouldn’t be a site called Wrestlecrap, I do admit it was good to see there were people chanting Jason Reed’s name.

I believe I mentioned a while back how awesome an Isla Dawn and Aivil feud would be. Looks like we are getting it now and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Equally good to see is Angel Hayze doing well and putting in some great performances and more female talent being showcased at the upcoming Square Go, it’s good to see ICW giving more female performers a chance.

Once again, I know I do go on about it but ringside security, which used to be very good at this, was once again worryingly lacking when it came to moving the barriers for certain spots. It’s not like it was always like this, I’d accept it if that was the case but in recent times it has gotten bad, fans and wrestlers getting hurt, I’m just concerned about safety that’s all.

I will be honest I am looking forward to the Square Go this year more, the supporting matches involving titles all have genuine chance of switching (though I dunno if they would put it on Noam Dar with his NXT UK contract but there is that chance). It’s not as clear cut who will win the actual Square Go itself.

Hope you enjoyed my thought and opinions.

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