Preview: Fair City Wrestling ‘3: Tulloch Turmoil’

Fair City Wrestling return on February 7th at the Tulloch Institute in Perth for their third event, Tulloch Turmoil. After two successful shows in the fair city that has set the foundations for crowning the first FCW Junior Heavyweight Champion. Commissioner Kevin Williams recently revealed the FCW Heavyweight Championship on Facebook which continues the throwback retro championship design that the Junior Heavyweight Championship has but with a stunning red strap. We may, or may not, get an announcement of the intentions of the title in the coming weeks.

Six big matches have been confirmed that include more debuts and a mouth watering main event. Let’s take a look what has been confirmed for the show.

Triple Threat – Lewis Girvan vs Luke Aldridge vs Taylor Bryden

‘The exILE’ Luke Aldridge makes his FCW return after suspension for assaulting Ian Ambrose after their match at FCW’s debut event. He comes in against Taylor Bryden and, one of the best wrestlers in the country, Lewis Girvan who makes his debut. This is very interesting mix in styles, the speed of Bryden, brute strength and brawling of Aldridge along with the technique and hybrid of everything that is Girvan makes this one a match that will have plenty going on. This is the kind of match that it will just take one mistake for the whole match to change in one wrestler’s favour.

FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Quarter Final – Johnny Thunder vs Tommy Cross

Johnny Thunder and Tommy Cross hope to make their way into the semi finals of the Junior Heavyweight Championship tournament, with the winner facing Ken Kaiden in the semi final. Cross and Thunder tangled in the six man scramble back in October, interestingly enough he was eliminated thanks to Cav and Tommy Cross. These two are no strangers to each other having come through the ranks around the same time in Dundee. This could be a dark horse for match of the night. From what I’ve seen of Tommy Cross, he might be the one to watch in this tournament but that’s only if he can make it past Johnny Thunder.

FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Semi Final – Cav vs Spike Tierney

The first semi final in the Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament will also take place on February 7th when Cav, fresh from his BYE into the semi finals took the previous show off whilst Spike Tierney battled and defeated one of our favourites in the tournament Olly Silverstone. Cav isn’t your atypical Junior Heavyweight, preferring to ground and pound at an opponent so he will be after swatting down the masked flyer as quickly as possible before Spike can gain any traction to get some space to hit an Abra-Kebabra. This might not be a pretty one if Cav takes control of the pace and it’ll be a long and painful night for Spike Tierney.

The Alpha Male & Zack Leon vs Prince Asad & Saqib Ali

In the first of three big tag team matches scheduled, Perth’s own The Alpha Male teams up with Zack Leon to face a team that is Pure Gangsta, Prince Asad and Saqib Ali. The Alpha Male’s journey in Fair City Wrestling has been a rocky one with his tag team adventures with Umar Mohammed providing mixed results, he steps in with a new partner so this could either be a disaster or the start of something beautiful, they could be called Alpha Glam and be the pinnacle of an FCW tag division that doesn’t quite exist yet. They go against an established team that’s wrestled around the country, have held tag team gold multiple times in the past and have a habit of finding ways to win, not often in the cleanest manner. It’ll be an interesting battle, Leon will be desperate to get one in the win column and when he has The Alpha Male behind him, he may have a very good shot at it.

Euan G Mackie & Aspen Faith vs Lou King Sharp & Mike Musso

In a match I’ve dubbed the “FCW have dived into Billy’s brain and booked a match” match, four incredibly entertaining and charismatic individuals split into two teams to do some wrestling. Aspen Faith and Euan G Mackie may just turn out to be the most dastardly, wise-cracking, nonchalantly nasty, teams in the country whilst the team they face has ‘The Blood Tourist’ Lou King Sharp, the world wide travelled star, having caused near riots in China and bleeding all over the world, along with Mike Musso, the established veteran who has seen just about everything and is very aware of the shenanigans of Euan G Mackie especially. As the kids would say, this one will be “lit”. Coupled with the absolute entertainment that will no doubt occur, don’t forget that Sharp and Faith are both have penchant for death matches so this may spill out all over the place. Sharp and Faith are coming off of victories from the last FCW show, Mackie has a bone to pick with Musso, though Mackie was the victor back in December he had to suffer a string of moves from his opponents after the match including Musso having a go. Lots of little stories that can be thread through this one coming in that will no doubt be touched upon. A fantastic match that I will be looking forward to checking out if/when FCW releases the show on the interwebs.

Main Event – Rosie Nyte & Sammii Jayne vs Sara Marie-Taylor & Rayhne

The confirmed main event sees a couple debuts, a return and the undefeated all in one tag team contest. The undefeated ‘Main Event Empress’ Sammii Jayne looks to continue that momentum when she teams with the debuting Rosie Nyte. Nyte is one of many talents in Scotland right now that have been under the learning tree of Sammii Jayne along with training at the famed PBW Academy that has seen the likes of Kay Lee Ray, Noam Dar and Kenny Williams come through their doors. For those that may be unfamiliar with Rosie Nyte, she is fast and feisty and no stranger to championships as she is the current Almost Pro Women’s Champion in Shield Pro Wrestling. Across the ring will stand the returning ‘Granite Brusier’, ‘The Global Warning’, ‘The Mist-ress of Mayhem’ (okay that one was a stretch) Rayhne who hopes to continue a ‘Rayhne of terror’ (thanking you) in FCW as she teams with the original siren, Sara Marie-Taylor who herself will be debuting in Fair City Wrestling on February 7th. Taylor has travelled all over the country with a wealth of experience having wrestled for over 15 years, she took a brief retirement back in 2017 but is now back, in her home town, and hungrier than ever. This will be explosive.

Tickets are available through Facebook through the event page (here) or via PayPal at get on it!

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