SWN Monthly Poll Results – January 2020

It’s a new year, yes it is, with our first SWN Monthly Poll already throwing up some interesting results.

New year means updates as we will now reveal the top 3 for each category as every votes counts when it will be counted towards the 2020 Top 52.

It was a very close month with plenty of ties which shows how strong January was considering there were only five events.

Thank you for voting.

Full Results – January 2020

Wrestler of the Month

  1. Lou King Sharp (22%)
  2. Robert Wishart (17%)
  3. Alan Sterling (15%)

Tag Team of the Month

  1. The Bucky Boys (Stevie Boy & Davey Blaze) (40%)
  2. The Nine9 (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers) (23%)
  3. Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Boy Xavier) & The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley) (13%)

Show of the Month

  1. Source Wrestling ‘Origins 5’ & WrestleZone ‘Summerhill Showdown’ (23%)
  2. Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ (20%)
  3. Fierce Females ‘Disgusting Animals’ & Pro Wrestling Innovation ‘Live In Larkhall’ (18%)

Match of the Month

  1. Lou King Sharp vs Krobar – ICW ‘Fight Club’ (33%)
  2. Grant McIvor vs Alex Webb – Source Wrestling ‘Origins 5’ (28%)
  3. Kid Fite vs Alex Parker – PWI ‘Live In Larkhall’ (17%)

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