The Bedlam Report | ICW The Ninth Annual Square Go! Analysis

By Doctor Bedlam


Greetings my loyal readers.

Well once again here we are at SWG3, where once again the security were friendly and helpful and the company was excellent, this year there was more of a buzz, there seemed to be a lot of uncertainty about not only who would win the Square Go itself but the title matches too (something that was sorely missing last year), so the excitement was intoxicating.

Of course in the build up it was announced that Sha Samuels wouldn’t be competing due to an injury and I hope he recovers soon, his larger than life performances in the ring will be missed.

The announcement of Shug’s this year being only one night this year is interesting, sure it had to be due to it being on the same weekend as NXT UK (though I will miss it being a weekender as it was ICW’s big summer party). I do wonder what was behind having Shug’s the same weekend of NXT as it could cause conflicts of interest and scheduling even with the elimination of Saturday night, there’s lots of questions unanswered but it does seem a bit odd to me.

I’d also like to thank all the comments I received (positive and negative) once again as I always enjoy feedback.

So without further ado let us get on with the show.

Kay Lee Ray & Angel Hayze vs The Woke Queens – Well, what an arrival by the Woke Queens, they came and woke the boat of ICW and won the crowd. Kay Lee Ray was great as ever and Angel put on a performance worthy of the big occasion, I really enjoyed this match and hope we see more of the Woke Queens, either as a team or separate, I can we all can agree they will be very welcome.

Liam Thomson vs Leyton Buzzard – Solid match from both parties, though I wouldn’t have had Liam win the Zero-G title as I like the heelish antics of Leyton and could have went far with the title. But the match itself was engaging, it wasn’t clear who would win and was one of the best matches of the night, really drew in the crowd I felt.

Aivil vs Isla Dawn – This was Aivils first title defence and she faced a worthy opponent in Isla Dawn (or as she was called in Jim Cornette’s podcast “Ishla” Dawn). I can only hope this is the start of a feud as it was a solid start to it, apart from the obvious light and dark contrast of the gimmicks but the fact they work well together could make for some interesting matches. If I’m honest, I’d love to see some gimmick matches involving them, it’s certainly looking good for the future of the ICW Women’s Division.

The Fite Network vs The Purge – Interesting ending I must say, I think Krobar has learned a valuable lesson, fire doors don’t open from the outside. This was a great match and really had us on the edge of our seats and I really enjoyed it. As befitting a match with these teams and the build up to it, this was a hardcore match (as evidenced by The Purge wearing jeans, I always found that daft in WWE when they’d have a “street fight” some, and only some, guys would wrestle in jeans). I will admit to being surprised by the ending as much as it was nice to see The Purge, the first success stories of the Asylum, to win the titles I do feel that The Fite Network are a more entertaining side and can have exciting matches with many other teams.

Noam Dar vs Stevie Boy – Now the regular readers of this report will no doubt imagine I was not exactly happy with this, actually I bloody hated how this ended both the fact that Noam Dar won and the fact hes NXT UK contracted and how it may impact his title defences plus I really, really wanted Stevie to have a really good long run with the belt. I only hope he tries to win it back instead of disappearing down the card like so many other former champions have in ICW. I know a lot of people were in awe of Noam and were excited to see him win, I for one was not, the wrist kissing supernova just doesn’t excite me, maybe if he turned full heel like his early days I may be interested, it was otherwise a good match, just not happy about the ending.

The Square Go -YES!!! KEZ EVANS WINS!!!! THANK YOU KEZ!!!! This guy has been quietly playing a blinder for some time in ICW, yes yes boo hiss he’s a heel, but a bloody good one in the mould of Red Lightning and it was a refreshing change to see someone unexpected win. My fear was (more so after Noam Dar won the title considering their history) it would be an obvious choice like an Andy Wild. Now Andy is a great wrestler, and will get his chance at the title, but what we need in ICW is something new and that is the man in black and orange, once again thank you Kez. There were other notable performances too, I think Jason Reed learned a valuable lesson at this Square Go, listen to your manager, he did well when Coach told him not to get in between BT Gunn and Sami Callihan but not listening to Coach was his undoing when he waited for the returning Trent Seven to get fully in as opposed to attacking him on the way in, lesson hopefully learned. Speaking of Trent, it was a nice and welcome surprise to see the man from Moustache Mountain back in an ICW ring. Lewis Girvan kept up his battle royal tradition of crotch shots at every opportunity. I was confused by the whole BT getting injured by Sami only to come back, and be eliminated by him again seemed strange. The Kings of the North as a full trio did their best to control the ring and were dong well for a while but kinda disappointed More Than Hype didn’t get a chance to do their hi-jinks in the match too. Thatcher Wright didn’t stand a chance, poor guy. Looks like the Kings of Catch could be teasing a split, interesting to see who turns heel on who and I really can’t wait for Zander to turn on Ravie Davie, other stand outs were, Rickey Shane Page, Grado and Davey Boy.

This pairing of Mark Coffey and Kenny Williams, not feeling it at all, it just looks like they have just been thrown together, that and the fact they are hardly there due to NXT UK commitments makes me wonder why they are doing this in the first place. It’s not like ICW has not got a good selection of teams, Nine9, Kings of the North, More Than Hype, The Purge, The Kinky Party (I hate the team and Sha is injured but they are still a team) Fleisch and Storm, these are just some of the teams that have been in ICW in the past year so I’m just not feeling it, sorry.

Okay what the hell is it with ICW not explaining stuff (at least in the shows themselves)? I mean JAXN (aka Jackie Polo) and DCT both came out to crazy pops, not a word was spoken by either, no promos. Now I understand DCT’s motivations, returning home and confronting the man who brutalised him and took the title off him, but JAXN? Sorry, that needed more explanation IN THE SHOW!!! If they are gonna come out and just fight without speaking, crazy idea, put them in the Square Go. JAXN enters, soon after DCT does and eliminates JAXN, just saying it might have been a better use of them if there was no promos intended to be given.

All in all it was a largely amazing show and a joy to watch, just not keen on Noam Dar as champion. In my total honest opinion, I just feel it would have been better to have Stevie retain. I only hope Noam’s NXT UK commitments don’t hamper his ICW title run.

I hope you enjoyed my report, as always please remember, it’s just my opinion.

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