The Rev’s Review | Fair City Wrestling ‘3: Tulloch Turmoil’

By Jim Campbell


Hi there everybody. Fair City Wrestling’s first show of 2020, Tulloch Turmoil, for the third time in a row this young promotion had a sell-out crowd and, as usual, the night started off with Steve Wizard announcing all the dates it’s for this year’s wrestling in Perth then introducing the commissioner Kevin Williams to let the crowd know what was happening in 2020. Kevin introduce the new FCW Heavyweight Championship which had a lovely red strap and the Perth logo in the middle.

The commissioner explained that that it would be an over the top rope battle royal on the show in the month of June. The commissioner promise the crowd the best wrestlers in Scotland will be wrestling for this belt. Which I think myself would be amazing, attracting wrestlers like Andy Wild, BT Gunn, Kid Fite, Red Lighting and, the always fan favourite, Grado. The commissioner also mentioned that they were belts missing, asking the crowd what they thought it was. Of course the Women’s Championship and the Tag Team Championships. The commissioner also announced that there would be a tag team tournament on the December show and announced that one of the best up and coming tag teams in Scotland at the moment The Nine9 would be competing. With Jack Morris already wrestling at Fair City looking about the crowd, I spotted Dickie Divers watching from the back, the other member of The Nine9, this will be fantastic for the company. Hopefully, with Aspen Faith, and now Lewis Girvan, wrestling with Fair City and Lou King Sharp also wrestling at Fair City it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that The Fite Network may also enter the fold. On to the matches

We started off with the first semi-final for the Junior Heavyweight Championship between Spike Tierney and Alex Cavanagh. Of course Cav started as underhandedness from the beginning by attacking Spike from behind and picking him up in a sort of Samoan Drop then started a brutal attack on the Dundonian luchador. The attack continued with Cav showing no real respect to the Tayside Menace. When this was happening the crowd got behind Spike. For a minute Spike tried to fight back with blows to the stomach and chops to the chest with both guys coming off the ropes, eventually taking each other down to the mat with Cav getting Spike into an arm bar which Spike got out of. Of course when Cav doesn’t get his on way he resorts to some underhanded tactics, like putting a foreign object in his elbow pads which may cause some extra damage to his opponent. Luckily this was spotted by the referee and Spike took full advantage of this and used his finisher to pin him 1 2 3. Spike is the first finalist in the Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

So the second match of the night was a tag team match. Euan G Mackie and Aspen Faith would take on Lou King Sharp and tag team partner Mike Musso. Two very good tag teams but what could these two work together as a coherent tag team? As before, Lou King Sharp had the crowd going from the beginning. with his crazy antics. With Mike Musso feeling hard done by on the last show, getting beaten by Euan in an underhanded way, he was out for revenge. Unfortunately, this was not to be. Euan tried to keep his distance for a majority of the match as ‘The Lost Boy’ Aspen started against Musso with Mike going for rope to rope shoulder charges and Aspen taking the hit and standing his ground until Musso, the man of muscle, hit Aspen hard and Faith hit the canvas. Musso scooped Aspen up and slammed him down for a quick cover but there was plenty of fight in Lost Boy. Lou was tagged in and started with his usual high tempo wresting corner to corner with the echo’s of “dafty, dafty” still coming for the crowd which Lou King Sharp had started before he entered the ring. Euan was tagged in and was getting roughed up by Sharp, but everyone wanted to see what would happen if Mike got his hands on Euan. It wasn’t long, but when Mike wasn’t paying attention the slippery Euan got on Mike’s back and tried to execute a sleeper hold on him but didn’t get enough on it. Both Lou and Aspen were tagged in which left Euan free to get up to his old Dick Dastardly tricks, which, if you follow WWE, is an Asuka special, the infamous mist in the eyes. Again Mike will not like this at all, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… well we’ll see what happens.

With one finalist already through to the Junior Heavyweight Championship final in June it was time to find out who would go through to the next semi-final, would it be Tommy Cross or was it to be Johnny Thunder?

These are too young up-and-coming wrestlers that I’ve maybe seen once or twice before and, to be truthful, are improving every time I see them. The chants of “Johnny Thunder give us a wave” from some of Johnny’s fans and with Tommy Cross coming out shouting that the belt is his. It just seemed like it was going to be an uptempo encounter with kicks to the head, chops and quite a lot of out of the ring action with Johnny taking some nasty kicks to the side of the head and a German Suplex which nearly caught his head on the bottom of the corner padding. I was concerned for a moment with how they landed. But these boys, even at this young age, were professional through and through. From the last time I’d seen both of them individually they have improved a lot but unfortunately for Johnny it wasn’t his day. It was definitely Tommy time. But with what I’ve seen tonight. If Tommy comes up against Spike, my money would be on the masked marvel.

The next match was, in my opinion, the best match of the night Luke Aldridge versus Taylor Bryden versus the debuting Lewis Girvan (partner to Aspen Faith, in several promotions the very successful Kings of Catch). I remember Lewis in singles action in ICW several years ago. When he became the Catch Weight Champion, he was magnificent and I don’t understand why he hasn’t been picked up by NXT UK. It looked like Luke and Taylor had some sort of arrangement to dominate Lewis in this encounter but, ever the professional, Lewis wrestled both competitors inside and outside the ring with help from some of the kids, who gave some really nice chops to both Luke and Taylor as they went up and down the aisles in the Tulloch Institute. Inside the ring Taylor and Luke, the two heels, showed us how well they could work together. The Perth crowd first got behind Aldridge, chanting his name… until the name changed to ostrich which got under Luke’s skin. Taylor physicality was there for everyone to see but Lewis’ technical ability and personality was on the forefront of this match and you could see the Perth crowd was right behind him all the time.

It was time for the interval where some of the adults and the kids got their photos taken with Lewis Girvan.

After the interval we saw Saqib Ali and Prince Asad versus The Alpha Male and new partner Zack Leon. Zack sporting a new black hair colour and a Royal Stewart tartan kilt paying homage to The Alpha Male, who wears a black kilt when he enters the wrestling ring. Of course, as always, Zack presented a nice black scarf to go with The Alpha Male’s wrestling attire. So this time around there was no Asian Sensation with The Alpha Male, with a change of partner could this be a change of fortune for The Alpha Male? Asad came out and was maybe being a little confused to where he was by talking trash about Dundee and Dundee United Football Clubs in the city of Perth… we all had a wee laugh to ourselves. With Asad wearing a cricket top the young boys in the crowd give him pelters. This match didn’t seem to take long at all. Zack got dominated from the beginning of the match with his opponents deceiving the referee on several occasions when there was a tag made and was not given. Zack got more and more of everything until The Alpha Male got into the ring. The powerhouse dominated and got the win for the team.

The last match of the night was a women’s tag team match. After winning another Championship belt this week. Sammii Jayne returned to her hometown of Perth with a new tag team partner, Rosie Nyte. Like in the first shows three way, one of her opponents would be Rayhne who the Perth fans love to hate. Her tag team partner, in her debut at FCW, would be Sara Marie-Taylor. The last two outings for Sammii at Fair City Wrestling have been victories and, at this point in time, I’m sure she’s probably one of the best independent Scottish female wrestlers. Again this match started like their last match with Rayhne not being forthcoming to enter the ring to wrestle. Both heels had the crowd on their backs from the start and all the way through, their interaction with the kids was amazing as was the team of Sammii and Rosie. I liked some of Rosie’s moves, like the helicopter flip almost like a spinning Frankensteiner. Both Rosie and Sammii took their opposites around the ringside and was helped by the audience to slap and chop away at them, then returned to the ring where Sammii did what Sammii does best and got the win.

I’m really looking forward to Fair City Wrestling’s next show in April. If you haven’t experienced this year, please try to get along. This is going to be an amazing year for Fair City Wrestling and again I would like to thank Kevin and John, and all the wrestlers and helpers at Fair City it’s such a really good experience. Thank you.

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