New ICW Women’s World Champion set to be crowned on April 5th

Photo credit Insane Championship Wrestling

Following the announcement that Aivil would have to relinquish the ICW Women’s World Championship due to injury on March 1st, Insane Championship Wrestling have been quick to set up a mini tournament to crown a new champion starting this Sunday at Fight Club from The Garage in Glasgow.

The first match will be the pre-booked contest between former three time ICW Women’s World Champion Kasey against the debuting Molly Spartan with the championship challenge stipulation added.

On March 22nd, when Insane Championship Wrestling returns to Newcastle, Angel Hayze will face NXT UK’s Isla Dawn for the right to face either Kasey or Molly on April 5th at The Garage in Glasgow to crown the new ICW Women’s World Champion.

Aivil is also due to make a statement on March 1st about her championship reign coming to an abrupt end, tickets are still available here.

We could see only the seventh ICW Women’s World Champion on April 5th or the Mother of Chaos, Kasey, could become the first ever four time ICW Women’s World Champion in Insane Championship Wrestling. We will find out on April 5th.

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