Review: WrestleZone ‘Live At The WrestleZone Training Academy’ March 2020

By Daniel Tremlett


To start the show, The Foundation of the Future come out and they brag about beating The Rejected, they say that they are the future and Dynamite declared he has already been the greatest WZ Tri-Counties Champion, next he will win the Regal Rumble and main event Aberdeen Anarchy.

This worked well to both set up Zach Dynamite as a contender for the Regal Rumble and Foundation of the Future overall as a tag entity by beating the former champions.

Scotty Swift versus Caleb Valhalla w/Alan Sterling

Slow start with an extended test of strength as Swift tries to go power against with the big man Valhalla, it doesn’t work out for him and eventually the action spills to the outside early, which almost resulted in a double count out. Alan Sterling at ringside kept obsessively talking about the Coronavirus and carried a pack of wet wipes with him at all times, he even smeared Swift’s face with one at point when Swift ended up draped on the middle rope.

A funny exchanged ensued both started exchanging eye pokes and both men were temporarily blinded and staggering around the ring, the referee even nearly got clocked a few times as the men blindly swung trying to find each other.

The back and forth match came to an end came after Sterling offered Valhalla his captain’s hat, but he put it on Caleb’s head so firmly it covered his eyes rendering him blind which caused Valhalla to walk into a chokeslam by Swift allowing Swift to pick up the win. As Swift left ringside following the win he protested that he doesn’t like winning in that way, he wanted to beat Valhalla fairly. He also warned Valhalla that Sterling is holding him back from reaching his potential and that he should leave Sterling if he wants to make real progress.

Rating 6/10

A good comedy heavy bout, which served to give Scotty some momentum going into the Regal Rumble. The interactions between Valhalla and Sterling are getting interesting as Sterling’s attempt to mentor to Valhalla has been a resounding failure. The ending played directly into the next match which I liked and the continuity really helps the dynamics and keep things moving along.

Loser Enters The Regal Rumble At Number One – Mikkey Vago versus Alan Sterling w/Caleb Vahalla

Before the match Sterling wiped down the ropes and the ring mat with the wet wipes, the referee warned him he would make the ring more slippery, Sterling ignored the advice and did it anyway.

Sterling and Valhalla now switch places with Alan Sterling taking on Mikkey Vago of The Rejected. Sterling stalled early to argue with Martyn Clunes regarding the stipulation for this match, he viewed himself as the favourite to win the Regal Rumble naturally and argued he should be the number one pick to win the Rumble. After some clarification that the loser will be the first entrant in the match things get started.

Sterling insisted that Vago should not touch him as Sterling is paranoid about catching the Coronavirus, so for the first few minutes Vago dodges Sterling, forcing him to run the ropes and perform many dodges and leapfrogs, before finally tripping Sterling for an early pin attempt. Sterling many times refused to engage Vago so he could retrieve a wet wipe to clean his hands and face.

Eventually Sterling’s pre-match clean up caught him out as he slipped on a portion of the ring that he wiped down, allowing Vago to gain the upper hand. Valhalla naturally ran interference to help out Sterling at various points. But it also seemed that Swift may have gotten inside Valhalla’s head with his advice as after being frustrated by Sterling constantly stopping the match to request face wipes Valhalla walked away from ringside leaving Sterling on his own. As a result Sterling froze in his tracks as he was about to hit Vago in the corner when Vago loudly declared he has the Coronavirus and a panicked Sterling immediately demanded a wet wipe, he then saw Valhalla had left him and Vago hit his finisher for the win.

Rating 8/10

What makes this match so great is it built on everything Sterling and Valhalla did in the opening match, even Sterling’s antics with the wet wipes, came back to bite him as wiping down the ring led to his downfall, both literally and figuratively also his obsession with hygiene caused Valhalla to walk out. Also while Valhalla more than held his own earlier, Sterling immediately fell apart once left to his own devices.

Where the big man’s loyalties had yet to be seen, but I would be surprised if this partnership comes to and end at the Regal Rumble, either through Sterling’s shenanigans or by Valhalla deciding to go it on his own. Also worth remembering that Sterling still holds the Tri-Counties title, which I believe could develop into Valhalla’s first major feud.

After a short interval Martyn Clunes talks about a funny incident which saw Blue Thunder nearly get arrested, apparently a member of the public called the police after seeing a masked man near the van out front of the WZ training academy. Apparently Clunes and other WZ staff had to go outside briefly and vouch for Blue Thunder to the police so he didn’t get arrested. I really hope someone had the wherewithal to get photos because this sounds hilarious.

Mr P versus Brian Tucker

Tucker out second and he immediately began berating the crowd for giving up on him, he spent a good portion of the match ducking to the outside and trying to lure Mr P to the outside, succeeding at one point he attempted to get the win by count out early. Tucker at one point removed this belt attempting to use it as weapon, Mr P later got hold of the belt and chased Tucker to the outside. Tucker then tried and failed to leave through the exit but was unable to unlock the door, which allowed Mr P to bring him back into the ring. Mr P tied up Tucker in the ropes to land some solid kicks and get momentum on his side, eventually Tucker escaped through the entrance and apparently left the building which meant Mr P won by count out.

Rating 6/10

Mr P as usual brought it and worked his ass off, he’s one of the most underrated guys on the WZ roster and always gets a great reaction. However, I think the real story here is the continuing trend of Tucker running out on matches, which will mostly tie back to the ongoing feud with Shawn Johnson, that feud is still red hot and I expect it to resume at the Regal Rumble.

Crusher Craib w/Connor Inglis versus Zach Dynamite w/Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley

Dynamite made use of his speed and mobility early to dodge Craib’s attacks and land strikes, but it only served to enrage Crusher to quickly takes control and began to land heavy heavy strikes. Bradley Evans got on the apron to distract the referee allowing Dynamite to work his way into a better position. He landed numerous kicks in quick succession to drop Crusher briefly for a near fall. After Riley got in cheap shot clothesline on Crusher on the outside, Connor got involved and gave Crusher some breathing room. The match goes back in to the ring Crusher landed a huge sit out power bomb for a close near fall. Dynamite distracted the referee and Riley and Evans attacked, running in with a belt shot to Crusher which got another near fall. Connor tried to help but he was outnumbered and got chased off to the back after being beaten down by both members of the Foundation of the Future.

The end came when Dynamite dodged a corner splash and pulled the referee into the path of the attack, Riley and Evans then landed a combination spinebuster and inverted DDT combo which allowed Dynamite to get the win. Connor returned to ringside as Crusher came round and helped him to fend off Riley, Evans and Dynamite. Connor wanted to celebrate the two fighting them off but Crusher turned around and flattened Evans with two huge powerbombs as payback. Crusher and Connor stood tall with the belts while Dynamite and Riley retreated backstage to close out the show, leaving the fallen Evans in the ring.

Rating 8/10

Dynamite brought it in this match and so did Crusher, Dynamite did an excellent job of making everyone buy into the fact that he could best Crusher and, by hook or by crook, he got it done. This win sets the tables very nicely giving WZ two strong options going forward with Dynamite either making in the main event scene or leading Foundation of the Future in a title challenge against Connor and Crusher now that has a win over one of the Tag Team Champions. This win serves both purposes equally well.


Wrestlezone’s first outing at the training academy was a resounding success, each match was very well laid out and furthered individual feuds, while also placing key performers into position for the build up to the Regal Rumble on March 21st. There is much to think on here this venue makes a great regular addition to the WZ calendar.


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