Wrestler Spotlight: Crater

Photo credit David J. Wilson

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at the monstrous Crater, the monstrous beast who is set to return to Glasgow for the third Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash!

Alias – Crater, Cyanide, Alex Cyanide, Cyanide Walmsley

Nicknames – “The Toxic Terror”, “The Poison”

Debut – 2006

Companies Wrestled For  –

  • All Star Wrestling
  • Alpha Omega Wrestling
  • Britannia Wrestling Promotions
  • Dutch Pro Wrestling
  • Fight Forever Wrestling
  • Frontier Wrestling Alliance
  • Full Tilt Wrestling
  • FutureShock Wrestling
  • German Wrestling Promotion
  • Global Force Wrestling
  • Grand Pro Wrestling
  • Grapple Wrestling
  • Great Bear Promotions
  • House of Pain Wrestling
  • HXC Wrestling
  • Infinite Promotions
  • International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
  • Mr Cat’s Wrestling
  • New European Championship Wrestling
  • New Generation Wrestling
  • Nordisch Fight Club
  • Northern Wrestling League
  • PAID Promotions
  • Power Trip Wrestling
  • Preston City Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling 4U
  • Real Deal Wrestling
  • Ring of Pakistan
  • Rings of Europe
  • South West Wrestling
  • Target Wrestling
  • Tidal Championship Wrestling
  • True Grit Wrestling
  • Ultimate Kombat Wrestling Association
  • WA1 Wrestling
  • World Association of Wrestling
  • World of Sport Wrestling
  • X Wrestling Alliance

Titles & Accomplishments – 

  • 1x Alpha Omega Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Robbie Solar
  • 1x Brittania Wrestling Promotions World Catchweight Champion
  • 2x Brittania Wrestling Promotions Tag Team Champion w/DJ King (1 time) and w/Bam Bam Norton (1 time)
  • 2x FutureShock Wrestling Champion
  • 1x and first ever FutureShock Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Jack Toxic
  • 1x Grand Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Mr Cat’s Wrestling Warrington Champion
  • 1x New European Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2x New European Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Champion w/The Red Scorpion (1 time) and w/Demolition Davies (1 time)
  • 1x and first ever New Generation Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
  • 2012 FutureShock Wrestling Trophy Tournament Winner
  • 2017 New European Championship Wrestling Snakepit Winner

Signature Moves –

  • Chokebomb
  • Gas Chamber Splash (Body Avalanche)
  • Contaminator Splash (Big Splash)
  • Acid Landing (Michinoku Driver II)

Alliances –

  • The Freak Show w/Bam Bam Norton
  • The Lethal Dose w/Jack Toxic
  • Solar Power w/Robbie Solar
  • Toxic Waste w/Ste Mann
  • The Domino Death Squad w/Jack Domino & Jack Toxic
  • The Council w/Mike Fitzgerald, Danny Evans & Dean MacManus
  • The Hate League w/Dylan Roberts, Soner Dursun & Danxig
  • The Ring of Horror w/Marc Massa, Baron Bohka & The Nordic Warrior
  • The Elite w/Adam James Bullivant, Darren Mason, Mark Criteria & Sam Baxter
  • Alan Alan Alan’s Allstars w/Alan Alan Alan Tasker, Jack Toxic, Mike Holmes, Kev Noir & The Juggernaut
  • The Brand w/Craig Danzig, DJ King, D-Mac, Luke Danzig & Sebastian D. Winterz
  • w/The Red Scorpion
  • w/Demolition Davies
  • w/Mark Dallas

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