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It was the third Barramania and while some parts were executed perfectly other parts of the show left me baffled as to what I had just seen. As always the in ring action was first class from this great company unfortunately I was not there live and watched the show the following day via ICW Ondemand. The one small problem with this was it seemed one of the cameras had a glitch for the first two matches and there was an annoying flicker that had to be endured but it didn’t take away from the action.

Zero G Chamiponship
7 Man Championship Scramble
Kenny Williams defeated BT Gunn, Zack Gibson, Charlie Sterling, Ravie Davie, Matt Cross and Flash Morgan Webster

Firstly I thought everyone in the match put on a great performance, I loved the ending when BT Gunn had Kenny locked in a Cross Face and Kenny refused to…

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ICW Barramania 3 Review by Snapmare Necks

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Who is ICW’s next big babyface?

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With Grado and Joe Coffey now heels, and Trent Seven surely bound for WWE in the near future and Drew Galloway in NXT, who is going to be ICW’s next big babyface?

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Weans World (by Gary Henderson)

“See – when I was young, you used to go to the carnival in the city centre, and those were your big days out. Like that’s what you remembered growing up as these amazing experiences”- I overheard Ross Watson, PBW owner talking to a trainee as a strong crowd filtered out of the Dobbie Hall – “I want these kids to all look back and remember when the wrestling came to their town and they got to see guys like Grado and Wolfgang”. It was a pretty pertinent point. It’s dead easy to get caught up in social media and be left thinking that wrestling in this country is all adult themed, #britwres twitter, ‘workrate’ matches and all the inner politics and squabbling that comes with it. But while the violent and technical masterclasses in your ICWs and Progresses of the world are vogue – the bread and butter of…

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