An Interview With Mark Coffey | Snapmare Necks


“I just don’t agree with people who try and separate themselves from the locker room. Its almost in an attempt to make yourself seem more important. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. We all share the one locker room. We’re all one”

Mark Coffey

A lot of making an impression on people is in how you carry yourself. On many occasions in wrestling someone with a bit of swagger can catch the eye of fans long before a more polished in-ring talent without that swagger would be able to. Mark Coffey has managed to seamlessly mesh the two things together from the first time I seen him wrestle and with only 7 years graft under his belt he seems to have naturally become one of the leaders of the locker room. A firm believer in unity amongst his peers, he marries that desire for unity…

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Wolfgang – The WWE Superstar (Interview Part 2)


For a man who was “Never looking for the WWE” to put it in his own words, life must be a bit surreal for Wolfgang at the minute. He undoubtedly emerged from the WWE UK Championship Tournament with his profile higher than ever. Impressing with some eye catching performance, but there’s a feeling that of the people involved in the tournament, he is the one who’s work during the tournament itself done the most to make people at WWE sit up and take notice. A remarkable journey considering it’s one that started in the bath, but one that the big man seems to be taking in his stride going forward.

“There was 4 guys (Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) lined up to go over and do all this promotional stuff after the tournament and by…

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Wolfgang – Built Fae Girders (Interview Part One)


As hard it might be to imagine anything other than the imposing, deceptively floaty big unit of a man who we now know as “Wolfgang”, the big bad Wolf was once a young pup. A young pup who spent his youngest days growing up on an estate called “Haghill” in the East End of Glasgow. A place my missus also happens to hail from, and has described as “rough as fuck” in the past. Rough it may be, but it was the place that Barry Young’s love affair with Pro Wrestling had its beginnings. “It started when I was about 6 or 7 growing up in Haghill” he explained. A place notorious for its “young team” and a breeding ground for many a childhood scrap. Something Wolfgang himself never took a great amount of interest in. “Like the majority of wrestling fans, it was the first thing I remember seeing was…

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GPWA Asylum Invitational Review | Snapmare Necks


Its two weeks since it happened so admittedly some of the details might be a bit sketchy but it was important to get this reviewed simply because of how important the tournament itself was. 16 up and coming talents from the three top wrestling schools in the west of Scotland. It was for my money anyway, something any wrestling fan in this country should have an interest in. Having a glimpse into the future of the product you enjoy now. Getting to know talented folk before they end up breaking yer heart abandoning ye for the WWE like Noam did. Whilst I’m gonnae talk about all 16 matches in some sort of detail one thing I took away from the whole event is that an event full of “trainees” never yielded one bad match. These folk from different school who had never really worked with each other besides a few…

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Writing Opportunities Available

At OSWtv we try and cover every Scottish wrestling promotion, we regularly have reviews and previews for Discovery Wrestling, Rock N Wrestle, Reckless Intent Wrestling and WrestleZone. We're greedy and want to cover all promotions with reports, write ups, reviews, all fancy words for the same thing. Some companies we have barely anything about on … Continue reading Writing Opportunities Available