The Aldridge Opinion – Chasing Victory

It had been a while since I had ventured up north. The last time I was there was last year and during my Lucian Maynard Smith days, as W3L ventured up north for its annual Northern Tour. I competed against Nathan Reynolds a lot during that tour, failing to pick up a win against the … Continue reading The Aldridge Opinion – Chasing Victory


Viper | Robert Patrick F*cking Dahlstrom

Robert Patrick F*cking Dahlstrom


I was happy to see when Viper was announced for the Mae Young Classic. She’s really talented and even though it’s over, I still gotta finish the rest of it haha. Not enough hours in the day!

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The Aldridge Opinion – Genesis

It has been a transitional while or so recently, as not long ago I brought Lucian Maynard Smith to a close and introduced the wrestling world to Luke Aldridge. Last month, you could say that I carried out some ‘test runs’ with Luke Aldridge, competing against Stephen Hughes at the last Source Wrestling Showcase and … Continue reading The Aldridge Opinion – Genesis

Have You Followed The North Star?

February 11th 2017 marked the start of a new era for WrestleZone. From the Montrose Town Hall, a star was born. Live in Montrose 2017 was the beginning of The Vintage Era. The biggest question on every WrestleZone fan's mind is, "Should I follow The North Star"? Yes. Yes you should. After heading on to … Continue reading Have You Followed The North Star?

The Katie Hopkins of BritWres

Trying to come up with a name for this without aiming it at the person was difficult, until I came across those words from our very own Billy. So, wrestling Twitter has been blowing up today after some rather disgusting tweets. The person won't be named because that's giving him more attention, but you'll know … Continue reading The Katie Hopkins of BritWres

Press Start: Volume Two

Hi guys and gals, it’s your Super Wrestling Entertainment System Kevin Williams here again with another review of another retro game. I want to start with thanking everyone that gave Volume one a read and for the feedback received. When OSWtv asked me to do this I was a bit taken back and dare I … Continue reading Press Start: Volume Two

Lucha Lexicon: High 5

Just in the last few months I reached a nice personal landmark with my wrestling career as Lucha DS. The landmark was hitting the 100 matches mark with a really tough match against Saqib Ali at a really fun Premier British Wrestling show in Glasgow. I didn’t say to many people that the 100 mark … Continue reading Lucha Lexicon: High 5