Learning The Ropes (by Gary Henderson)

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Five Picks to Win the Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Championships

On June 30th at The Ironworks in Inverness, Rock N Wrestle will host The Great Highland Bash with the promise to crown the inaugural Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Champions. We have over 4 months to wait for this and, with no clue as to who will be involved in this match, we're going to … Continue reading Five Picks to Win the Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Championships

Blackridge Wrestling – Out of Nowhere

A little bit like an RKO it seems that Blackridge Wrestling came out of nowhere and to be truthful it kinda felt like that too. Blackridge Wrestling was created initially for one reason, and that was to hold a charity event for Cancer Research UK to raise some funds for something very close to my … Continue reading Blackridge Wrestling – Out of Nowhere

Sharp Focus: PBW Academy Prospects

You tune into Monday Night Raw's Cruiserweight action any given week, and you might hear Micheal Cole talking about Noam Dar. You might hear him talk about how, at 23, Dar was the youngest member of the critically successful Cruiserweight Classic last summer. He might then go on to tell you how Dar has almost … Continue reading Sharp Focus: PBW Academy Prospects

Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling Fight Night Live! Coming September 2017

OSWtv and Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling began affliating back in 2015, with the RFPW being featured on the OSWtv website as an avenue to watch some e-fed wrestling. On September 2017, the e-fed becomes real life. Trowbridge Civic Centre, September 17th, the first ever RFPW Fight Night Live! takes place. Names announced already include Davey … Continue reading Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling Fight Night Live! Coming September 2017

Shania Sierra: Model/Wrestler

Before wrestling there was modeling, which I did professionally and still do sometimes when I have the time to do so. Growing up I struggled really badly with self-confidence and who I actually was, so telling me that I would be a full time professional model by the age of 18 would have just been … Continue reading Shania Sierra: Model/Wrestler

Why We Love Discovery  Wrestling…By The Fans!

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British wrestling is going through some sort of a boom period and has grabbed the attention of the world and it really is a great time to be a British wrestling fan. Not only do we have some of the best talents from all over the world coming to our shores to compete but we have some amazing British wrestlers that are some of the best wrestlers in the world.

The following that British wrestling has is phenomenal and the fans are very loyal to British wrestling, we decided to speak to some of the fans of some of the British wrestling promotions to find out what being a fan of their favourite promotions like Discovery Wrestling in Edinburgh, means to them.
We spoke to Charlie Banks, Derek Gifford and Craig Gordon about why they are fans of Discovery Wrestling and what they love about it.

So, what first drew…

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